Gravity Falls Vlogs: Episode 34 – The Stanchurian Candidate

Stan runs for mayor. Hey, I’d still vote for him over Donald Trump.

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  1. I thought the episode was funny, but I guessed the wimpy trucker hat guy would win since the start.

  2. You didn’t do the SWAT alert Rob. πŸ™

  3. I want to commit burglezzlement! Right after I go to court for burglarsonarceny of which I may or may not be not innoguiltycent! =D

  4. Kris Stark-Holmes

    Wheat and Wheat by-products are illegal- Nightvale’s secret police.

  5. This is my “Cool story, bro” comment.

  6. “Teaching bears how to drive was from a past episode”

    But it was. It was one of the “tales of strange” Stan told you about. I believe it was the episode where Stan was forced to tell the truth with Dipper and Mabel regretting it.

    I usually hate it when a cartoon/anime tries to do a ‘meme’ joke, but this one was okay.

    Rob, have you learned nothing from South Park? Simpsons did everything before any other TV show, it doesn’t count for comparison. oh and Rob should vote Bernie Sanders if he doesn’t like most of the candidates.

  7. I was kind of hoping that somehow Soos would have ended up being mayor. I just think that would have been hilarious. He still would have shown up for his job at the Mystery Shack as normal, and then treat being mayor as a part-time gig he does on the weekend.

  8. Tad Strange is voiced by Cecil Baldwin, the host of a serial podcast radio play called Welcome to Night Vale which, like Gravity Falls, is about a small town where strange, unorthodox supernatural occurrences happen on a daily basis. It’s more focused on atmosphere than humor, although it is very funny at times, but I’d very much suggest it to anyone who likes Gravity Falls.

  9. As hinted above, Tad Strange is voiced by Cecil Baldwin from “Welcome to Night Vale”.

    The next episode is 9/7 (Labor Day), “The Last Mabelcorn”.

    The guy who won the election is Tyler Cutebiker, the cute biker.

    • You know, I always had A theory that the new mayor (Tyler Cutebiker) was Wendy’s Uncle. But I guess I was wrong about that (unless he’s from her mother’s side of the family, maybe?).

  10. The Mysterious M

    You know, I KNEW Lil Gideon was involved the very second Bud threatened Stan. Season 1 showed that Bud Gleeful has no issues or vendetta with the Pines family.

  11. I would vote for Stan over Trump.

    Honestly I thought Tad Strange would end up being the new mayor.

  12. You know what I find really funny is Tyler, who is voiced by Will Forte also voiced Abe in Clone High, who also participated in an election. So throughout the whole episode, I couldn’t help but giggle whenever I saw Tyler and was happy that he would be elected mayor.

  13. And remember kids’, don’t traffic drugs, traffic pugs. πŸ™‚

  14. Wasn’t a fan of Dungeons Dungeons and More Dungeons, like, at all. It felt off. I enjoyed this one way more.

    Mentioned this on social media a while back, but I think Bill Cipher is a red herring. Ford Pines is the real threat.

    • I feel like Ford is a red herring as well. He is an obvious choice for a traitor because of his field of work and being the newest character on the show (aside from Tad Strange). This series was planned out so far in advance, why would they introduce a character who is supposed to be shockingly revealed as the main bad guy so late?
      I think it’s more likely that it turns out that he is responsible for unleashing Bill in the first place, or that he brings everybody into danger by accident rather then intention. I agree that Bill Cipher is most likely not the main villain, but I don’t think it’s going to be Ford either.

    • I agree with you. I think D,D and more D would have been better if Dipper put down Mabel and Stan as well, because in the episode itself it was very clear that Dipper was much more in the right than Mabel and Stan. The message was meant to be 2don’t discount the geeky interests of others,” but honestly Stan and more importantly Mabel just felt like they were bullying Dipper. I thought it was ok, but I think THAT’S why it felt off. It’s no where near as bad as the Love God.

  15. Speaking as somebody who comes from a country with a complete different terrible political system, I always enjoy episodes that make fun of American elections, and have never really found them to be overdone, so i really enjoyed this episode mabye even a bit more than the last one.

    I do have to say I have rather mixed feelings about the ending, on the one hand it kind of feels like a massive status quo is god kind of moment, something that the show has until now largely managed to avoid, but on the other hand it makes sense that Stan’s criminal past would prevent him from becoming mayor, and it was a pretty funny ending.

  16. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Instead of trafficking drugs I’m gonna traffic pugs(just like grunkle Stan). Yeah just with you guys decent episode but nothing special(but I do like tad strange and I just could tell that was Cecil Baldwin as him(even though I saw a comment of it first but whatever). Next is gonna be awesome there are not only gonna be two episodes in one day but bill cyphers gonna be possessing uncle ford(which I don’t know if but ford was doing an evil laugh so I think that’s what’s gonna happen). Too bad it’s on the day before I go to school(wtf why!!!!!) so angry bout that.

    • Either that or the scene plays in someones mind like Dreamscaperers. I mean, I have no prove for this theory, but I was a bit surprised that everyone immediately assumes that the scene in the crop triangle takes places in reality when we have no real prove for that. Honestly, I would love to see another “inside someones mind”-episode, and it would make sense if Bill was messing with Ford’s mind to find information of some sort. Either way, the episode is going to be huge.

  17. Steven Universe Vlog? :/

  18. You guys should watch Hannibal (the tv series, it’s amazing)

  19. I don’t get why the dad obey Gidion since Gidion could do nothing to him
    StanFord was an ass giving and being ok with controlling his brother so easily without even thinking that that would be wrong

  20. I thought he’d talk about the tie πŸ™

  21. The whole Stanford not casting a shadow was a nice touch.

  22. I think that someone decided to take advice from the episode

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