Gravity Falls Vlogs: Episode 35 – The Last Mabelcorn

The gang finds out what a bunch of dicks unicorns are.

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  1. I noticed the inconsistencies with the metal plate as well. Maybe it doesn’t work at all and Bill just acts like it does to give Ford a false sense of security, but then why would he enter Fords dream?

    Another thing that I noticed is that no one ever stated that Bill Cipher can only possess one person at a time. When Dipper was trapped in the mindscape, he could possess two sock puppets at once, so why would a powerful demon like Bill be restricted to one body? So maybe it’s not going to be just one person who will be possessed by him. Gideon would be lame, my guess is on Soos, Wendy, and/or Pacifica.

  2. The pugs refrenced last episode with one of Stan’s numerous crimes was pug trafficking

  3. No mention of the awesome gnome dealing dru- *cough* excuse me, dealing fairy dust?

    But yeah, I loved this episode. My favorite in quite some time. Mostly because of the fantastically annoying unicorn.

  4. How do we stop Bill from possessing our minds?

    There are a number of ways. I personally have a metal plate implanted in my head.

    Haha! Good one.


  5. Actually, my quoting made me think of something. Ford said the metal plate prevented Bill from POSSESSING HIM! Getting into and reading his mind is not possession…that’s my theory anyway.

  6. I really loved this episode, but I felt it was a little disjointed. On one hand, Mabel’s plot with the unicorn was insanely hilarious, and the Dipper/Ford plot was dark and interesting. I really wish that it was possible for them to be two separate episodes because both plots I think had more to offer than time allowed. I too was disappointed when the episode cut away from fight between Mabel and the unicorns, I REALLY wanted to see that.

    The unicorn was a jerk, she made Mabel cry. NO ONE makes Mabel cry and gets away with it as far as I’m concerned. I loved the subplot with Wendy, Candy and Grenda trying to obtain the unicorn hair their own way by double crossing the butterfly trafficking/fairy dust dealing gnome and the gnome cops. Poor Mabel, she really truly wants to be a good person, and she is, (though she maybe be lacking in the humility department) and that mean unicorn made her doubt herself and think she was a bad person. and even though the unicorn was a jerk, she also had a good point when she said, “Doing good deeds to make you look good isn’t very good at all”. But then again, while her attempts may be hilariously misguided, Mabel genuinely wants to make people happy and do what’s right and believed that righting her wrongs and doing good deeds would make her worthy.

    I liked the message about morality being relative because it’s true. The world isn’t as simple as black and white morality, something Mabel learned here. Violence isn’t always the answer, but here it was effective and maybe even necessary. Maybe punching a unicorn in the face wasn’t the right thing to do, but the unicorn had it coming and Mabel NEEDED to get the unicorn hair to protect the Shack and her family from Bill Cipher. She tried to it the nice way, but when she learned that she was being scammed, not to mention the unicorn broke her heart making her believe she was a bad person Mabel was rightfully angry and she had to get it somehow.

    Anyway, I don’t think Bill will possess Gideon. For one thing it would be too obvious considering the last episode, and secondly Gideon’s already pretty evil so I’m sure if Bill wants to get to the Pines family Gideon would probably happily help him out on his own free will so it would be a waste of a possession, I think. If anything Bill’s going to target someone the Pines trust and care about like Soos or Wendy or even Stan since it’s only the Shack itself that’s protected and they’ll still be vulnerable if they leave. Not only will it pack more of an emotional punch, but it makes more sense plotwise to possess someone they trust. (Trust No One)

    And Rob, no Swatch? Mabel wore a unicorn sweater. And Doug, no codes de-ciphered?

    At the end credits with the key Schmendrick (a character from “The Last Unicorn”):

    End page reads:

    • Possessing Wendy, Soos or Stan might not work, unless the protection around the Shack only prevents him from entering a mind and that’s it. If it works as a Bill-filter, pushing him out of a host if they try to go past it, possessing somebody who has to go there everyday would make for a mighty short scheme. It’d be a funny pre-intro segment, but still.

      hmm. I wonder if that “one-time use” thing on Gideon’s possession spell means Gideon can only use it once or if it can only be used once, ever.

  7. I think the unicorn looks cute.

  8. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Doug I think they cut away from the unicorn fight because they didn’t wanna get the bronys mad(I’m pretty sure). Also rob sounds a lot like the unicorn from this episode(and the unicorn button too;) I too liked this episode and I loved how Stan at the end grabbed the money and got it because he liked money and likes scamming people a lot. I also think that the jumanji referenced game will be an episode and when I watched the scene when that came I was suprised and thought was a clever reference.

    As for dippers subplot,I liked it but would have liked to see it in a different episode. Also loved the cliffhanger ending and I think bill will probably possess Robbie next. I think so because on the wheel with all the symbols in the theme song they show Robbie’s sweater heart on the wheel so It might be robbie(and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be but it could be anyone at this moment).

    Ok that’s next episode is tourist retraction where Stan takes them on a road trip to pretty much sabotage other fake tourists traps in gravity falls,Oregon(and I think it’s real cool because Chelsea Peretti from one of my favorite fox comedy Brooklyn nine-nine will be a voice on it so that’ll be cool)!!!

    • Yeah, I’m gonna call bull on the whole “Oh, they cute the unicorn fight, because they didn’t wanna get the brony’s mad” thing. Hell, Gravity Falls isn’t the first cartoon to use a cut away joke during a big fight, hell I’m a brony in a way and even I wouldn’t get mad if the showed a full on fight, infact would have been more awesome. Frankly Gravity Falls isn’t the first show to have unicorns come off as massive tossers Regular Show did it before and that episode was even before MLP became a thing.

      • Also in FiM there are fights between ponies and some of them are assholes (there is even whole episode inspired Orwell Animal Farm). So this whole statement about pissing Brony’es are out of ass. Yes, some series fanboys are obnoxious but ignorant asshats who don’t know even what they talking about, but can’t stop beating about manchilds and fags who like this “kid show for girls” are even more obnoxious.

        Also if someone know original myth then he know that creatures called by some “Unicorns” are in fact quite hardcore. It was stupid American pop-culture who mad them girly wimpy horses with horn, even if they never were described in such way (though there is clearly fake idea of hunting unicorns even in medical.. obviously unsuccessful for its departure from original myth). In original myth reason why only innocent people could meat them was because only those wouldn’t be reaped on pieces, though those being commonly avoid contact.. because if they planed such they show in human form (as they are basically shape-shifting magical dragons).

  9. Wanna see something neat from/not from this episodes?

    Anyway, great to see Dipper’s obsession with Wendy is still there. Well, not great, but…we saw it. The story was wrapped up nicely, Dipper seemed have started moving on. It really looked like they were done with it, and then… At least he’s keeping it internalized now (except the apparent boners [“maybe if I cross my legs , nobody will notice”]) which I think is probably a smart move on his part.
    Also, “I miss Tyrone”. That’s the most precious egotism in recent memory.

  10. The comedy in this episode in my opinion was top freakin’ notch! It was a perfect mix of comedy and serious plot stuff. It’s interesting with this show how every time they answer questions, another dozen pop up!

  11. OMG THAT´S THE MOST AWESOME UNICORN EVER!I can´t stop laughing!

    • Oh, and I want to talk about how interesting was Dipper´s reaction when he saw Ford´s mind. I mean, I understand his trust issues, I would´ve done the same, but MY GOD! He was terrified! I´m sure that this thing will come back on the future.

  12. I think Bill will possess Toby.

  13. All throughout this episode, I just kept hearing Danny Sexbang’s cover of The Last Unicorn playing in my head.

  14. My thoughts: good ep, Bill Cipher is still a red herring, Ford Pines is the real threat. He’s already corrupted Dipper and now he’s totally corrupted Mabel.

  15. When i first read the title i thought that it said The last Unicorn and i thought about Danny Avidan And Ninja Brian – The Last Unicorn
    This was a quite good episode so sad that it takes long for the new episodes
    Mabel had no wright to hit the unicorn considering that they didn’t wanted humans to touch there hair
    Douse and episode need a moral

  16. Wait till you see the unicorns in Star vs the Forces of Evil do a Vlog of the sohw

  17. I would have liked to see the fight too, although I can understand why they didn’t show it, and it was pretty funny to imagine what the hell happened.

    It’s nice to see Wendy being badass again, that part of her character is generally the one I enjoy the most, far more than dipper’s not love interest anyway.

    I’m surprised you didn’t talk much about the Dipper thinking Ford was possessed by Bill scene, that was such a tense and ekind of creepy moment, especially since ‘Ford is possessed’ is a pretty popular theory online.

    I love how bill is literally doing everything he’s doing basically for the evulz, I love my complex villain motivations but sometimes ‘because he’s evil’ works just fine.

  18. I’m betting Bill will possess Old Man McGucket

  19. Corporate Commander

    This also had the best anti-drug message skit ever.

  20. Doug, they actually did make the unicorn fight scene but it was cut. You can watch it here:

  21. When you get to “Roadside Attraction”, can you mention how it appears they seem to be almost forcing Stan to have a reason to appear since Ford arrived? This is especially true of Stan/Dipper moments.

    I like how we’re seeing a subtle version of the Dipper/Mabel split. Mabel went off with her friends and Wendy to find the Unicorn. She’d invited here friends on the road trip with Stan before Dipper even knew about it. However, unlike Stan and Ford, this is a somewhat healthy and natural split. They are aging and pursuing separate interests without either feeling abandoned at this point.

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