Gravity Falls Vlogs: Episode 37 – Dipper and Mabel vs The Future

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and nobody feels fine! Check out this Gravity Falls vlog, Dipper and Mabel vs The Future.

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  1. Actually, what always bugged me personnaly is the way they insist on how Wendy is supposed to be too old for Dipper : that may be the case from a strictly design perspective, but they are actually only two years and a half-apart.
    Either you make her, like, 18 or something; or you draw Dipper more teenagey, but that big contrast between the design of the kid characters and their age is annoying me a lil bit.

    • When you are young like that a 2 1/2 year age difference is HUGE. It wouldnt be THAT big of a deal if they were in college, or even highschool to an extent, but a girl in high school dating a boy in middle school is super weird.

  2. Has there been any announcements from CN about renewing the show for another season after this one ? Season 1 had 20 episodes and season 2 is sitting at 17 episodes now which has me wondering if they’re gonna go for a big 3 part series finale and end it there. As sad as I would be to see GF end I have to admit that all of the loose ends have been resolved, outside of the Bill Cipher arc. It feels like a plausible point to end the story . From what I’ve been reading the ratings have been down a bit too which might tip the balance on CN’s part.

    • I meant to say Disney instead of Cartoon Network, sorry !

      • I MIGHT be wrong, but I think that Alex is planning to end the series here, or maybe conclude with a movie, not positive.

        Everything I’ve heard suggests that Gravity Falls was never supposed to be a serial with an indefinite end point, but rather a single, cohesive story with a beginning, middle and end. The most I’ve ever seen them mention is three seasons, and I think that’s because they’re more concerned with telling the story they want to tell and do it well than hitting some arbitrary benchmark.

        And you know what? As disappointing and heartbreaking it will be when the show goes off the air, I really respect that. If a show can stay on the air season after season and stay fresh, more power to it. But I certainly wouldn’t fault a creator that comes in, writes a set story to the best of his abilities and knows when to lay down the pen and let it end with dignity.

        Go out on a high note and always leave them wanting more.

        • I would be fine with seeing GF go out on a high note as well . Several of my favorite shows over the years stayed around a bit too long past their prime , to the point where the ideas inevitably got recycled and the characters became unlikable. It would be nice to see a show I really like end without having had any of those bad stretches.

  3. Ford told Dipper to keep the Rift a secret from everyone, including Stan and Mabel. That was their downfall. Had Mabel known about it and what was at stake, she would’ve never given it up for anything.

  4. After watching this amazing prelude to the season finale/cliffhanger I looked back at the story two episodes ago, The Last Mabelcorn. When Bill Cipher was then stopped from possessing anyone in the Mystery Shack he contemplated about the pawn he’ll have to claim on the outside. Watching the images even closer now I did indeed see Blendin Blanden, with his pretty hair. I love it when writers have a plan, stick to their continuity and know what they’re doing, Gravity Falls never disappoints.

  5. “Do a Duckman”
    Oh god, if they pulled a Panty and Stocking with the ending of the show I’d be somewhere between laughing my ass off and suuuuper pissed.

  6. Man I cannot wait to see what happens next. At least the next episode airs October 26.

  7. I thought Cipher was going to possess either Robbie V or McGucket, but Blendin makes much more sense. The next episode is on the 26th and it can’t come soon enough for me.

  8. So this apocalypse is on Ford. All the way back in ‘Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons’, when the Rift first came into play, he showed it to Dipper and told him to keep it a secret. He specifically told Dipper to not even tell his sister. Because according to Ford’s logic, not knowing anything at all about the incredibly dangerous object that could literally end the world, which happens to be in your house, somehow makes everyone safer. And while Dipper clearly didn’t feel right about keeping secrets from Mabel, he loves and respects his uncle and if this is what Ford says is right, he trusts that Ford is right. So he did what he was told and didn’t say anything about the Rift. So when the Rift ended up in her possession Mabel had never seen it before and had no idea what it was or that it was vitally important that it be kept safe. We’ve seen Mabel in desperate situations before and, when things depend on her, she always tries her best to do the right thing. I have no doubt that if she knew the danger she would never have just handed the Rift over.

    When I’ve talked about Gravity Falls with friends before I’ve compared Bill to Kyubei from Madoka Magica, but never have the comparisons been more appropriate. After all, what does Kyubei do? He seeks out vulnerable and emotionally fragile adolescent girls, usually ones who are going through a difficult time in their lives or who have recently experienced a serious trauma and he tells them that he’s their friend and he can help them. He promises them whatever it is in the world they want most, no matter how impossible it seems…they just have to do a little favor for him. He tricks them into agreeing to a deal that he makes sure that they don’t understand the full terms of, which only benefits him, and will only hurt them in the end. Sound familiar? Mabel is a sad, scared, hurt 12-year old girl who is being offered the one thing she wants most in the world by someone she has no reason not to trust. Add to this the fact that she has been purposely been kept in the dark about the Rift and what happened isn’t surprising in the least. The poor kid was practically gift-wrapped for Bill.

    I don’t blame Dipper for accepting Ford’s offer. I mean, God, when I was 12, if I found out that someone that I admired turned out to be related to me and they thought I was smart and they wanted to take me under their wing and teach me to be as awesome as they were and take me on amazing adventures, hell yeah I would have said yes in a heartbeat. Any 12 year old would. Unfortunately, Dipper’s admiration of Ford sort of blinds him to Ford’s less admirable qualities, like his paranoid inability to trust anyone other than Dipper. I feel like this will probably be a bit of a wake up call because, as it turns out, listening to Ford and not trusting Mabel were the biggest mistakes he could have made.

  9. Was it just me or was Ford try to steal Dipper Childhood. Dipper still have so much to look follow to before he become 18.
    Also was try to kill Dipper because Dipper was way over his head in this one, he not ready .

  10. The weirdest part for me was when Cipher was approaching Mabel, he first called out to her in Dipper’s voice.
    Thank heavens we don’t have to wait TOO long for the next one!

  11. I´m scared ´cause the creator of the show told us that maybe this is the last season (but he´s not totally sure, even though it´s the most possible option) and we only have 4 episodes left.
    Next Episode on October, 26th.

    Poor Mabel! I had issues about growing up when I was her age and I totally felt her. Not just high school or summer, the entire idea of leaving stuff behind is sad. Like what she said on Summerween about not trick or treating anymore T.T

  12. I don´t blame Dipper at all, life happens and even about hidding the information to Mabel was b/c Ford told him to do it. I personally didn´t liked how Ford said being with his sister was sofocating and how much he insisted on Dipper for him to stay, but I don´t thing he has the fault either. He´s just doing what he thinks is best.
    BILL CIPHER is the one I blame! he used everyone with enough information so everything would lead to this point.

  13. *Gravity Falls SPOILERS ahead*

    Said this to a friend on a forum, and my ego said “hey Axelhander, post this in other places,” so here I am again feeding my own ego:

    It seems odd to see so little of their parents and their life before GF, and combined with things like Dipper’s cosmic mark and unbelievable luck, Mabel’s “key” sweater and proclamation that she’s “the god of destruction” that one episode, and both of their representations on the Cipher wheel, I just have this hunch they’re, like, revived gods or cyborgs or something inhuman.

    As for Bill, I’m still not convinced of his evil. I don’t get that sense of true evil, true malice that I do from, say, Gideon. Bill plays in people’s dreams, makes deals, and from next ep’s preview, wants to bring chaos to Earth, but chaos is not evil in and of itself (hence Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, etc.). Everything about him wanting these truly malicious things has been told from Ford’s perspective, the same Ford who acted very threateningly towards Dipper in The Last Mabelcorn and who has been rather expertly using that silver tongue of his to win over both twins.

    Maybe Bill really is the big bad, but… I dunno. Seems too easy a plan, too obvious a thing for a show so steeped in mystery as this. Bill’s a relatively open book compared to Ford, and I’m not convinced, yet, that Bill’s even going to be the big threat when all is said and done. It’ll be Ford… or a revived God of Destruction.

    • Also, Dipper is not wrong for wanting to be Ford’s apprentice, and Mabel is not in the wrong for being in an emotionally vulnerable state and getting said state taken advantage of by Bill.

  14. The way Bill got the rift seemed very lazy and rushed in the end.

    >Mabel: “I wish summer would never end…”
    >Blendin: “Oh hi Mabel, It’s me, Blendin! I just happened to JUST overhear what you were saying while traveling the entire space time continuum. I can help you but only if you give me that one thing I want!”
    >Mabel: “Weeelllll…..OKAY! What could go wrong!”
    >Bill: “IT WAS ME! IT WAS ME, ALL ALONG!!!”
    >Mabel: “How did I not see this one coming?!?”

    Seems very lazy way for the apocalypse to happen.

  15. lilith_ascennding

    I’ve talked extensively about this episode already in other forums, so I’m just going to leave a summary of my feelings and reactions that I got watching it:
    1. This episode broke me. No, I’m not even kidding. This is the first time ANYTHING that I’ve read/watched/listened to made me feel emotionally numb.
    2. God, I fucking hated Ford in this episode. I’m not going to blame him entirely for every bad thing that happened in this episode because let’s face it, the only real person to blame is Bill Cipher since he was the puppet master from the beginning. However, we can’t deny that Ford played a large part in the apocalypse. He kept secrets from his family, encouraged Dipper to drive a wedge between his relationship with his sister, and kept Dipper from going after Mabel. Had he been more open, more trusting, it wouldn’t have played out like this. I’m not saying somehow the rift wouldn’t have been broken or given to Bill willingly or otherwise, but it definitely wouldn’t have played out with Mabel running off in tears and accidentally grabbing Dipper’s backpack, thus ensuring that Bill could get his hands on the Rift. So yeah, fuck you Ford.
    3. Honestly, I didn’t like the aliens twist. I kind of felt like it was a really cheap plot point that at present, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere plotwise. It will probably bare some importance later, but for now, I honestly felt like it was just padding for the episode. The adhesive could have easily been from some magic rock or weird creature or something, it didn’t have to come from a UFO.
    4. Holy hell, Bill Blendin’s eyes are terrifying.
    5. Well, now shit just got real. It’s the Absolute Destiny Apocalypse and we are screwed. Can’t wait for the next episode 😀

    • Professor von SCIENCE!!!

      2. Well… I don’t know but I can’t really blame Ford for projecting his own emotions onto Dipper when their situations are so similar (even Mabel and Stan destroying their twins’ futures due to their inabilities to cope on their own). Heck, I can’t say I wouldn’t be super paranoid like Ford myself if I had been through the same stuff he had (which was admittedly his fault but Bill is tricky). I do see your point but I don’t really hate Ford for the (inadvertent) harm he has done but I see him more as a tragic figure blinded by his own self-interests (however good the intentions the path to hell is still paved with them).

      3. Eh, Gravity Falls is already a fantasy/pulp kitchen sink thing going so I can live with an alien ship. What does bug me is that it and it’s contents are so near the surface and in such good condition after millions of years.

  16. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    With the cliffhanger at ethe end,thank god I don’t have to wait too long(though I have no idea how there going to make three more episode after the next one but there probably gonna come up with something good). A lot of people on YouTube said that Doug with no beard looks like James Rolfe and is that true? Well also for me high school hasn’t really that bad(excet that I can’t find a girlfriend but other then that it’s fine). Also rob happy post birthday

    I love how in this episode dipper and great uncle ford had a greatly strong connection and I liked how it built up there characters. But at the end I didn’t think that bill was going to possess blendin blandin since they made up in the soos birthday episode but I hope Robbie will be apart of the show soon. I also felt really sad and bad for Mabel the poor girls two best friends wouldn’t be there for here birthday,summer was almost over,high school was horrible, and her brother wouldn’t come with her back to there house. I hope that they get to stay with there great uncle Stan or else he’ll probably move to them to Oregon since ford wanted the house back after the whole bill thing is over.good vlog and can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say on the next last few episodes.

    P.s. to at 4:23 rob laughing sounds a lot like that kid from the simpsons(anyone else huh,EH!!)

  17. I gotta agree with the Ford hate. He may be an awesome scientist and adventurer, but as much as he knows about the paranormal, he doesn’t know the value of family. He always puts his work above everything else and has come to trust no one except those he deems worthy of being his successor, namely Dipper. He has alienated his own twin brother and never even thanked him for getting him out of the portal. And now he is trying to put that same obsession and mistrust onto Dipper which has literally brought about the end of the world. As much as I want Dipper to become the paranormal investigator he always dreamed to be, I hope he realizes that Ford’s ways are wrong and declines his offer to become his successor which will hopefully make Ford realize the error of his ways as well.

    I hope there will be another season, but it seems like they are concluding the story, so I wouldn’t mind if they end the show after this finale.

  18. Rob, if you want to relearn spanish, try Duolingo. It will change your life.

  19. Yup, next episode comes out October 26th. 🙂

  20. Ya know, something about this episode got me wondering. Namely Blendin himself, him being a time traveler I’m pretty sure he knows who Bill is and what was supposed to happen on this day, so did he allow himself to be possessed on purpose as it was part of history. But, if not and Bill re-wrote the timeline, and how did he take control of Blendin? I mean, we saw that Bill can only do it if a person allows for it or if he/she makes a deal with him. But, Blendin has no reason to make deals with Bill or to be allowed to get taken over, he clearly doesn’t hate the twins now. Hell, if Bill can suddenly possess anyone he desires because they are “weak willed”, what was stopping him from possessing people before in the town itself and just body hopping left and right?

  21. To those who are discussing the Ford hate, I have a slight rebuttal that’s worth considering.
    You say that he’s partially at fault because he convinced Dipper into keeping the Rift a secret from his family, and thus putting their lives in danger due to their ignorance.
    And you’re right about that; and you’re also right if you say that he’s prioritizing his research over his family.
    But here’s the thing: Why do you think he’s like this? Why do you think he has trust issues, and in effect making Dipper follow the same path? Why does he constantly mention in his journals to “TRUST NO ONE”? And finally, why do you think, in ‘Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons’, Ford ended the episode by telling Dipper “I guess we both just needed a friend”?
    It’s because Ford HAD a friend… he HAD someone he could talk to and trust… he had a twin brother who was basically his other half.
    Only for his other half to betray him.

    Stanley “betraying” Stanford messed him up. Ford used to be okay with his brother’s immature antics because he loved him, and knew that no matter what happened his twin would always have his back.
    That was, of course, because that very person almost ruined his entire life. After that incident, Ford no longer knew what trust was. He only knew his research.
    Skip about a decade later when Ford would meet up with Bill; a brilliant, evil, manipulative demon who made Ford feel important again. Bill knew about Ford’s insecurities, and knew exactly how to exploit them.
    (This next segment is all assuming that Bill actually DID betray Ford, since the possibility that they are still in cahoots is very much plausible)
    Now, how does Ford and Bill’s relationship end? With Bill stabbing Ford in the back… once again showing Ford that no matter who you are, you can’t be trusted.

    This isn’t entirely Ford’s fault. He isn’t just saying “Don’t trust your family” because he think’s they’re incompetent. He knows for a FACT that they aren’t due to what Maple did on ‘The Last Maplecorn’… No, he’s making Dipper keep it a secret because he’s still paranoid. He still doesn’t know who he can trust… and it’s ALL because of Stanley’s unintended sabotage. At the end of the day, it really boils down to that. Ford doesn’t trust anyone because the ONE person he thought he could trust more than anyone let him down, so who else in life CAN you trust?
    It’s a really big deal for Ford to trust someone again, he’s trusting Dipper with something impossibly important.
    And we just found out where that trust has leading him now…

    • That was, of course, *BEFORE that very person almost ruined his entire life

    • Yes, we know that that’s where his mistrust of his family comes from, but that was an accident and the fact that Ford has still not forgiven Stan after all this time and after all Stan did to get him back to Earth makes him a pretty big jerk and a bad influence on Dipper.

      • Ford doesn’t know it was an accident, though… and quite frankly he has no reason to believe it WAS so.
        Stan didn’t want his brother to go to that college, and Ford knew it; so it was awfully convenient that the one thing that would have got him into the college just happened to be destroyed while Stan was there.
        Also, “after all Stan did to get him back to Earth”? Ford has stated so many times that by bringing him back to Earth, he’s putting the world in danger… yes, Stan had good intentions, but as far as Ford’s concerned all Stan did was literally put the fate of the world in his lands. And again I mention where THAT’S now leading up.

        Be honest, why SHOULD Ford trust Stan again? He was always an immature knucklehead growing up who eventually ruined his chance of going to his dream college. After that he’s been through McGucket leaving him, Bill betraying him, and now Stan trying to help, but by doing so he’s endangering the world…
        He’s not being a jerk, he’s just a man with massive trust issues. It’s nothing personal to anyone, that’s just his current state of mind.

  22. You guys totally hit all the points I hoped you would discuss. That scene at the high school totally felt like it was straight out of my own memories. I’m glad they finally addressed the whole aliens thing. I remember watching one of the first episodes and thinking that there has to be aliens at some point because of that weird cliff formation.

    By the way, when Doug first revealed his clean-shaven face, my first reaction was “DIMPLES!” I’m pretty sure Doug has the cutest dimples that I’ve ever seen on a full-grown man. A part of me really wants a character in one of his reviews to mention his dimples.

  23. Wow, Doug ACTUALLY looks like he’s twelve without the beard

  24. High school is either REALLY awesome or REALLY awful. I got to experience both by going to two different schools. One was awful and the other was awesome. College is pretty awesome though.

  25. Other than a few light moments (some of Dipper’s failures with the magnetic gun come to mind) this episode is shockingly dour, especially Mabel’s initial excitement at turning 13 only to come crashing down when she realizes that it’s not all what it’s cracked up to be, not helped by the fact that her friends aren’t able to come to the party.

    And the ending… OH GOD THE ENDING! That shot of Dipper and Mabel’s birthday party poster as screams and explosions are heard in the background is one of the most unsettling things from a cartoon that I’ve seen in quite a while.

    Frankly, I’m both anticipating/dreading the next episode, though it’s hard to tell if the season/show is coming to an end. Apparently, this is when everything “goes off the rails”, so it’s unlikely that it the problem will be solved quickly.

  26. -Very funny
    -You look not that good without the beard
    -This was one awesome episode and sad
    -They thought they left them with Fort the smart one you do remember that Stanly is the one laid about who he is
    -Aliens was a surprise
    -Fort asked Dipper to not tell to anyone anything about the rift

  27. You two talking about high school makes me glad that I live in the Netherlands were education is less terrible, is what I would be saying if it wasn’t for the fact I never actually went to high school, and believe me when I say that as terrible as high school is its better than sitting home depressed all day.

    In the defense of Dipper and Mabel’s parents, they thought they were sending their children to Ford not Stanley, because they like everybody else thought Stanley was dead.

    I personally really enjoyed this episode, it’s definitely an episode that’s mostly just setting up what appears to be the grand finale, but it was a really good set up episode, I especially like the contrast of the whole episode as Dipper finally found his true calling in life, while at the same time at least in her eyes Mabel’s life was ruined, its especially noticeable consider Dipper is usually the one suffering and Mabel the one that’s happy.

    I also really liked the stuff with the aliens, it was a good twist that was actually really cleverly foreshadowed, I could be wrong about this but I’m pretty sure that in past episodes you often see Metal plates in the ground.

    I wonder if this is going to be the last season, since this seems to be the grand finale, I really hope that’s not true although I do want the show to end at some point and not become another SpongeBob.

    • “[Dipper and Maple’s Parents] thought they were sending their children to Ford not Stanley… [they] thought Stanley was dead”
      I’m actually surprised I didn’t catch that, good observation.

      And I also appreciate the contrast between Dipper and Maple, throughout the whole summer Maple’s pretty much had everything her way, while Dipper had to fight hard just to get shut down time and time again… it’s actually quite bittersweet.

      The whole aliens twist does bring up a question though: What do the aliens LOOK LIKE? Are they the shape shifters, perhaps? With all the weird creatures presented on the show this opens up an entire realm of possibilities.

  28. Mabel is the God of Destruction, possibly also an alien from that vessel. She wanted to be a kid again, but now she’ll wake up. Dipper was created as a check against her. I’m sticking to this prediction.

  29. First-off, no jokes about Band Camp? Shame.

    Second, anyone else see how Ford has been trying to literally make Dipper like himself, by isolating him and driving a wedge between not only Dipper and Mable, but Stan and the kids? Not enough evidence to tell if Ford is doing it intentionally or not, but Stan admires how well Dipper and Mable get along and how close they are, and Ford seems to resent it. I think after so long he only values intelligence, forgetting that heart, family, and people skills are a big part of life too! I feel the show’s creators could very easily do a fall-from pedestal episode with Dipper and Ford, as you two mentioned, maybe if Dipper HAD been telling Mable everything, as apposed to following Ford’s advice she never would have fallen for Bill’s trick!

    And about family, Mable wrote updates on their summer, shouldn’t their parents be a little freaked that the Uncle they thought they were sending their kids to, was actually one they haven’t had relations with since Stan was thrown out, and even then the kids mom was just a baby, so was she even ever told about Stan? I smell plot-connivence-absent-parents!

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