Gravity Falls Vlogs: Episode 38 – Weirdmagedon Part 1

Bill is destroying the world with chaos, can Dipper and Wendy save it in time? It’s Weirdmagedon time.

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  1. Crossover Princess

    Okay… that was the best set up you did for any of the Vlogs… and you went all the way with it… good show!

  2. I still can’t belive they showed Bill changing the place of all Pacifica’s dad face holes. You know… for kids!

  3. Don’t forget that Stan Xeroxed the 1st book remember. Those copies are still in the Mystery Shack.

    • Wow, you’re right! Completely forgot about that…but then again, Book 1 would probably not be very helpful. The first book was written while Ford was working with Bill, remember? So most of the information only deals with summoning Bill, the portal construction, and not with ways to defeat him, and the annotations that Ford left in the book later aren’t visible on the copies. Stan is clearly surprised when he sees the invisible ink for the first time, so it’s unlikely that the copies contain any useful information.

    • It was Journal 3 that he copied, not Journal 1

  4. Just looked it up, next episode airs November 23rd.

    Fuck you, Disney,

  5. I think the prison bubble is the endless summer that Bill offered Mabel in exchange for the Rift. I don’t doubt that Bill would be able to create an illusion of a perfect summer, especially when Mabel wants to believe that it’s real, and it would make for a very interesting episode when Dipper, Soos and Wendy have to convince her that Bill has taken over the world. And it would make sense from Bills perspective, an illusion like this would make sure that Mabel would never try to break out on her own.

    • I feel exactly the same way. Plus I looked it up and the new episode will be called “Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality” so it would make perfect sense if that was the case. Plus Bill always follows through with his deals one way or another, and it would get kinda boring if we went from Hellish Nightmare World directly into Hellish Nightmare Prison Bubble.

      • Does he? I don’t recall him ever giving Dipper the password to McGucket’s laptop.

        • If I recall correctly, his exact words were “I’ll give you a hint.” Smashing the laptop led them to discovering that it belonged to McGucket. Loopholes and technicalities to be sure, but then again that’s why we have the saying “The Devil is in the details”.

    • I agree. If Bill makes a deal I think he has to keep it, even if it’s in a technical, roundabout way.

      Besides, wouldn’t an endless summer be the most effective prison? If Bill makes a world where Mabel has everything she wants and is happy then she wouldn’t want to ever leave. It could actually be really difficult for Dipper and the others to make her agree to come with them.

    • I was also going to post this the thought about the bubble being a version of her endless summer, but I see lot of people beat me too it. I also agree that I am sad if this is the end of the show, but happy it is telling the story he had instead of stretching it out and rise losing what makes the show work so well for me.

  6. Probably one of my favorite episodes



      So presumably he’ll be fine, eventually. Though given that we know the world is destroyed by Time Baby in 3012 and the series is presumably set in summer 2012, this might not be a good thing.

    • *deep and powerful voice* TIME BABY WILL LIVE!!!

  8. You forgot that Grunkle Stan made a copy of Dipper’s book three and gave him a fake one.

  9. The second I saw Rob in Mabel’s prison bubble I cracked up and had to pause the video to laugh. I love your whole Dipper/Mabel dynamic, and I always find it so hilarious whenever it’s brought up. Good job with editing the bubble in there, too. This is probably one of my favorite Gravity Falls vlogs of yours. 😀

    PS: Saying it before twenty other people say it over me: you spelled “Weirdmageddon” wrong.

  10. Wow, you guys really went all out on this one, didn’t ya?

    Thank you for pointing out that this whole catastrophe is Bill’s doing and no-one elses’, with the other characters, it’s more like a pile-up of catastrophes that have finally fallen down and crushed pretty much everyone underneath.

    Favorite bit: the weirdness bubbles and the rapid art shifting. I love that kind of thing, though the last time I saw something like that was the Eureka Christmas special. Anyone remember that episode?

    Anyway, this was an awesome episode, with great action, surreal imagery, and even some character development. And why is the next episode November 23rd? That’s just cruel…


    Bill’s voice is a little difficult to take seriously, even when it’s pitch-shifted for intimidation’s sake. He’s got nothing on the Lich or the Beast in that department. However, I still find him a very effective Mephistophelian villain. He knows exactly when and how to approach a character when they’re at their most desperate and least rational, and exactly how to take advantage of the situation. That and his casual displays of truly messed up power in the dreamscape, which fully carry over into the real world. The cavalry arrived in part 1 of what I presume is a 3 part series finale and he vaporized them effortlessly.

    As for why he imprisoned Mabel: she’s been responsible for handing him each of his defeats thus far. Kitten Hands in “Dreamscapers” and protecting Dipper’s journal in “Sock Opera”. As far as Bill’s concerned, she’s the real threat of the duo. And I can only assume that bubble is the Time Bubble she wanted back in “Vs the Future”. She’s either too caught up in the illusion to try and escape herself or so ashamed of what she thinks is her fault that she’s unwilling to even try. Given that this is likely the endgame of the show, her wish for a neverending summer takes on a strange metatextual vibe. I too would love for this show to go on forever and never diminish in quality, and I’ll certainly be saddened when it does end. I would be tempted by the same deal that was offered to her and that’s just for a TV show, not the future of the cherished relationship with her brother and the looming end of childhood itself. Again, one of the things that makes Bill so sinister despite his goofy nature.

  12. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Yeah glad I wasn’t the only one who found out they resembled mad max fury road with Gideon and his whole trucker gang. I’m curious though to see what they do with Mabel as being a gravity falls fan myself(as to notice by my obvious title card) I feel really bad for her. It’s cool that Alex Hirsch payed homage to all the bad classic movies and good ones too!! Also bill messing up pacificas dads face was messed up and really dang dark(because you know a Disney picture)!!!! Well can’t wait for part 2 and Alex Hirsch has said that gravity falls is only gonna have two seasons but I never have even thought of a spin off(my mind sometimes):(

  13. lilith_ascennding

    Hands down best VLOG for having Rob be trapped in the bubble! Damn it, Bill, let Rob go (Oh, and Rob, say hi to Maromi for me :D). Seriously, I think Mabel’s time bubble is basically going to be the equivalent of the Maromi world from the final episode of Paranoia Agent. SPOILERS! Basically, it will be Mabel’s “perfect world” where everyone is happy and everything is going her way-cute boyfriend, hanging with her friends, going on crazy adventures with Waddles and her family, etc. But eventually, an outside factor (in this case, Wendy, Soos, and Dipper) will briefly interfere with the illusion, causing Mabel to realize that not only is she trapped in a dream, but that by staying in the dream, she is not solving her problems or fixing her negative emotions, but merely hiding from them. She will then have a totally badass moment where she declares the Time Bubble World is bullshit (although Mabel will probably say something along the lines of “baloney”) and burst the barrier herself, rejoining the imperfect world and finally coming to terms with her problems. On to the actual episode itself now. Bill actually terrified me in this episode (he had me physically trembling). That’s saying a lot, because it takes someone truly intimidating for me to actually be horrified of a villain (last one to get me that upset was Bob from Twin Peaks). So, kudos to Alex on the amazing acting and making me almost piss my pants. The weirdness bubbles were amazing, especially the live action one (and yes, it is their voice actors-Jason Ritter as Dipper and Linda Cardellini as Wendy). The voice actor bubble caught me off guard and I was laughing so hard at that clip. Plus, this episode just turned into a game of “Guess which Apocalypse this scene is from!” For the record, I found The Last of Us (the mall looked so much like the mall from the game), Saya no Uta (the meat bubble. Any of you who has played the game will know exactly what I mean.), Mad Max (Gideon and the prisoners), and Corpse Party: Blood Drive (huge ass rift opening in the sky and supernatural apocalypse ensues. Also involves a character obsessed with the paranormal trying to save the day with a magic book.). And of course, Time Baby’s death was stunning, to say the least. Overall, this is officially my new favorite episode. Job well done to everyone involved with making it 😀

  14. And to put your fears to rest. Yes! That was Jason Ritter and Linda Cardellini

  15. “Get back! Get back! Or I will drop-kick him, I swear!”

    It will be sad if there are only going to be two seasons of this show, but it would probably be pretty difficult to top what they are doing right now. It’s good to see how well they’ve been utilizing Wendy. I’m guessing Stan will be the one to rescue Ford in one of the upcoming parts, since they still need resolve their arc.

  16. I think the prison bubble contains a beautiful endless summer where all of Mable’s friends are with her and won’t ever leave her alone, and she’s so happy that she’ll never want to leave.

  17. Even though this season may seem to be answering a lot of questions since the first season, I still think they can make it all work through with season 3 by going into Stan’s backstory of where he had been during the thirty years in another dimension. He mentions a few things, even saying he made a few enemies, so I see a lot of potential for a new story to open up here.

  18. You know what’s going to happen right, the third season going to be through out the school year. Mabel is inevitable going to stay on Gravity Falls with Dipper. Along with the addition of Bill’s friends and destruction of the books being the setup for future antagonists and problems of the Pines family. Why design all those various characters and give them each their own voice actor unless you going to possibly use them in future episodes.

    The one facet I’m wondering about is if their going to stay in gravity falls to contain weird or are they going to travel america or possibly the world to hunt down and catalogued/capture the weird/strange. reminiscent of a Scooby Doo or Supernatural situation.

    One hand stay in Gravity Falls, they are already have a strong cast of secondary and tertiary characters they can build on while adding new characters to the mix. While still having familiar settings and backgrounds saving on time and money on making new.

    But on the other hand, Stanley and Stanford taking kids traveling home school to capture and catalog the strange/weird mysteries of country could be an exciting change with unlimited possibilities. Watch Stanley’s history catching up to him in the odd episode, or Stanford’s dissonance between the world he knew before being lost in portal and the world of now. Leaving the Mystery Shack in the hands of Soos and Wendy while their travelling with the a check in from Soos and Wendy with the happens of Gravity Falls. But then why have the show called Gravity Falls, and the inevitable recycling of character troupes for new characters that are embodied by other characters.

    The perfect mix of both would be best case using holiday breaks to go travelling but then return back to Gravity Falls after.
    But that’s if Alex Hirsch wants to continue along with if Disney channel realizes what it has with this show.

    P.S. If anyone happens to read this comment, I would recommend watching “Be Cool, Scooby Doo” to stem the wait for the next Gravity Falls episode. (Why it’s better than most previous adaptations of Scooby Doo is a rant in and off itself.)

  19. Unfortunately the next episode is not until November 23

  20. “Dipper, there’s another way to defeat Bill”

    Well, good thing we didnt hide any information concerning Bill and made a plan B, right ? RIGHT ?

  21. Yeah it was rather odd Bill just let Dipper walk around, if I have one complaint about this episode it’s that bill suffered from a pretty big case of ‘Why don’t you just shoot him?’, although really its almost justified considering his character.

    I still can’t believe Bill pulled a DIo and interrupted the intro, sadly enough it was lightly spoiled online so it was less of a surprise for me, still really cool though.

    The apocalypse was pretty awesome, I personally liked just how much it delivered on the weird part of weirdmagedon, and yes the weirdness bubbles gag was amazing.

    Bill is like the joker of Batman the animated series, he’s not really a threatening villain(at least until the Beyond movie) on account of being very silly, but he is a very legitimate and dreaded enemy.

    I do want more gravity falls, but at the same time I do think this story is reaching its natural conclusion, personally I would say they should just do what Jojo did and cut the story into several parts that are all self-contained yet also heavily connected stories.

    Can’t wait for Martin Pines to fight a Bill possessed Dipper in part 3.

    • Alex Hirsch said that Bill doesn’t see Dipper as a threat at all, and tbh I can’t blame him. Dipper never would’ve gotten defeated if Dipper was up against him alone, and now he’s burned any clues to his weakness that may have been in the journals and turned the only person who knew it into a golden backscratcher.
      He’s been shown to break his enemies down instead of outright killing them, & he didn’t mind the monsters not catching Dipper because he thought Gideon would take care of it. I have the feeling that when he finds out Gideon double-crossed him & Dipper got into Mabel’s bubble, he won’t be happy…
      But yeah, I can understand what you mean. Bill just underestimates how much Dipper is willing to do out of his love for his family, especially Mabel. but yeahhh, those are the reasons he didn’t just kill him

      • *Bill would’ve never gotten defeated

        • Yes; I think this is why he separated the twins, because Mabel AND Dipper together can defeat him. Apart, not really. Mabel is creative, zany and fun, but lacks the focus and intelligence that Dipper has, whereas Dipper lacks Mabel’s confidence and social skills, but again, is much better at actually solving the mysteries, connecting the dots, etc.

          Bill’s thing is all about corruption and the ruining of people’s lives, as the code says, so what’s worse than outright killing the twins? Separating them, making them suffer through it.

          I think that this whole season also has the parallel between Dipper & Mabel’s relationship and Stan & Ford’s.

          Ford held a grudge for over thirty years and became paranoid and distrusting of his own family, whereas Stan has always been upfront with his emotions and care about family, and genuinely missed his brother and parents. Their relationship was forever damaged, mainly because Ford won’t let go of the past and Stan is unwilling to even attempt to apologize because that’s not how he is.

          Dipper and Mabel on the other hand, seem to really care about each other, and this mistake that Dipper made (i.e. Not telling Mabel something because Ford told him not to…even though he felt weird about it…) is something that he’s actively trying to fix, in contrast to Ford.

  22. Well, this is an interesting way to do a review. LOL.

  23. Mabel wound up in prison because she was part of the deal he made with Gideon, that and just keeping half of the pair away from each other prevents them from working against him.

  24. This was very cool
    I don’t get it ether that why did Bill captured Mable
    Dipper is injured what if he has internal damage
    Bills had is organic i actually thought that Bill would look different
    Why did the Time Baby did not know of this he is from the future and what now that he is dead
    I hope later Dipper and Pacifica would end p together
    I actually thought that Toby would be ether the Spy for Bill or a Monster that came from the world of Bill long ago

  25. Probably there suppose to be a movie

  26. guess I’m the only one that finds Wendy’s instant level up kinda over the top?
    Don’t get me wrong I love the character. but she’s kinda all over the place.
    from the typical “whatever-teen” to “love interest” to “lumberjack extrodinaire”
    to “rambo mad max macgyver queen off girlpoweria.

    if her father has taught her everything she knows about survivaling and what not, where’s the rest of the survivaling corduroy clan?
    with a character like manly Dan who has proven to be strong, fearless and as has been told in this episode a survival expert, I hoped to see the whole family in action.

    here’s hoping for an epic comeback in part II
    justa couple more weeks………….

  27. well the episode is here!
    kinda dissappointed with the early demise of Corduroy senior, guess you need plot armour to survive.
    butt damn those fiends from disney, the saga continues still

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