Gravity Falls Vlogs: Episode 39 – Weirdmageddon 2

Welcome to Mabel Land, the greatest and yet somehow scariest place in Gravity Falls! Check out today’s Gravity Falls Vlog on Episode 39 – Weirdmageddon 2.

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  1. Please cover the Gravity Falls Shorts before the VLOGS end.

  2. Kind of a spoiler with the image and description guys. I was checking in for SU vlogs and now I know what happens right after the cliffhanger of part 1.

  3. Crossover Princess

    Personally I want to see fan art of Dippy Fresh meeting or as 90’s kid… Come on, you all want to see it too.

    Also glade you mentioned Jon Stewart and the fact it’s ending… I just wanted to hear your thoughts on both… especially since the last Vlogs you pointed out you figured it was going to end…

    • Dippy Fresh and 90’s Kid MUST MEET. IT WOULD BE AMAZING. They could play the hip 90’s version of Dungeons Dungeons and More Dungeons with Probabilitizzle and read Bloodgunn comics together. This needs to happen. 😀

  4. Sadly if it wasn’t for Disney’s messed up schedule, and the fact that they waited until the first season was almost done before they ordered a second, we probably would be getting a third season. The first season averaged between 3-4 million viewers per episode, which is REALLY good for a cartoon. But the hiatuses took a huge chunk out of it and now an episode is lucky if it can get even 1.5 million viewers. Thanks, Disney.

    As a mild Dipifica shipper I am disappointed that they haven’t done more with her (anything, actually)since the Northwest Mansion episode, but hopefully the hour-long finale will make good use of her. If not, well, we still have fanart.

    • Alex Hirsch stated pretty plainly that this was his decision. Disney didn’t cancel the show, the show is finished telling its story. Or rather, it will be, once the last episode airs.

      • Honestly, even if that wasn’t the case he would probably say the same thing.

        Not a knock against Alex Hirsch, mind you, the guy’s great and I can’t wait to see what he brings out next, but when it comes to what companies allow writers and creators to release to the public, I’m incredibly dubious.

    • The difference in ratings between seasons is due to the channel switch to the cable-only channel Disney XD. Gravity Falls’ ratings are actually really high for a show on Disney XD. Apparently the hiatuses were because Disney really wanted him to change his mind on the show.

  5. Well at least Gravity Falls is ending on a good note. You know, not becoming a monster filled with horrible plot holes, all over the place character development, forced gay commentary and all around horrible fanbase like a certain show I know

    *cough cough* Steven Universe *cough cough*

    Now if only we could get rid of that OTHER show…

  6. if I’m not mistaken the next episode is going to be 44 minutes (plus commercials) and seeing what this show has done with tight writing i wouldn’t be surprised if they Finish a lot of the unresolved points. I.e. Stan and Fords relationship

    Also there’s enough time to atleast still hint at the Dipper+Pacifica relationship. I don’t believe we’re going to see a 100% confirmation from the characters themselves. Like I don’t think Dipper is going to say “Oh I think I like Pacifica now.” but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hirsch added a couple blushing moments. I think that creepy Wendy scene in Mabel land was the final nail in the coffin for wendip. Like Dippers realizing that they will only be together when waffles have arms and trees grow stuffed animals.

    • That should catch on as a saying. No one who has never watched the show will know what we’re talking about, but GF fans everywhere will nod their heads in solemn understanding of how armed waffles and plush-fruited trees symbolize what will never be.

  7. I don’t know what it is but Dipper’s line “This is worse than the apocalypse!” Stole the show for me.

  8. On the Stan/Ford side of things. One of the things I realized upon rewatching “A Tale of Two Stans” is that Ford had been doing his research for years, filling up three journals of the weirdest stuff, and no one in town knew him in the slightest. He was pretty much a rumor and Stan was able to claim to be him without anyone suspecting he hadn’t been there for years. That’s more of an obsessed shut-in than Dipper ever appeared to be.

    Dipper formed friendships with Soos and Wendy.

    The one thing this episode mentioned that you didn’t comment on is that for some reason Bill and his gang are being confined within Gravity Falls. What’s causing that? I suspect one of the following:

    1. Ford set something up, similar to what he did to protect the shack.
    2. Blendin got something from the future
    3. Something to do with the spaceship under the town.

    • I saw a tumblr post that has a theory about why Bill and his gang couldn’t leave.
      The post pointed out that one of the refuges in the shack was the unicorn Celestabellebethabelle and that she seemed to be missing a lot of her mane.
      Unicorn hair is one of the things that can stop Bill, so maybe Stan and some of his gang placed unicorn hair around the town to keep the Weirdmageddon contained?

  9. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Vlogs Next!

    • I think you guys should, the show’s a lot of fun. It also seems to be building a high stakes story (according to cast and crew) and it has one of the best friendships I’ve seen. If anything I would like for you two to see the first episode, if it doesn’t spark your interest it’s cool. Just don’t knock it til you try it.

    • I agree, it’s definitely a cute show. Is it as fantastic and deep as Gravity Falls? No, or at least, not the first half of the series. But it is incredibly creative and hilarious, and gets surprisingly dark towards the end of the first season. Also, it has laser puppies. You can never go wrong with laser puppies.

      • I think the show could do a lot better with 20 minute episodes. Like the best example for me is the “Blood Moon Ball” that episode was so good yet felt so unresolved at the same time.

    • Eeeeh…
      I really like Star vs The Forces of Evil, just as I really like We Bare Bears, but I don’t think it’d make good vlog material.
      Beside, I’ve think they already set the bar too high with shows like Avatar and Gravity Falls.

    • Seconded and thirded.

    • I would say One Punch Man instead, just because I’m really curious what they would think about it, since it’s pretty much the new DragonBall and all…

  10. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    1000 points for Jon Stewart judge cat.

  11. Tis a sad day indeed for us Fallers, knowing that the show is coming to an end. But I’m glad it’s going out epicly and not on some rushed, confusing note. Yeah, the final episode hasn’t come out yet, but I trust Hirsch and the gang to make it one of the best goddamn series finales in TV history. On to the actual episode! I personally enjoyed Part 1 of Weirdmageddon more than Part 2, but it was still an enjoyable episode nonetheless. Once again, the animation was stunning in both the Weirdmageddon world and Mabelland. Not going to lie, the bright colors in Mabelland really threw me off. The trial scene was insanely touching and I’m not ashamed to admit that I teared up at “sincere sibling hug”. What also caught me off guard on an emotional level was Soos’ “dad” appearing to him in Mabel Land. That was when I realized that Bill wasn’t fucking kidding when he said that it was his most “ingenious trap yet”. Dippy Fresh was fucking hilarious and so cringeworthingly nineties that it was kind of hard not to laugh at him. Anyways, now I’m going to talk about some stuff that contains SPOILERS FOR PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA: REBELLION STORY AND PARANOIA AGENT. I love how Mabel Land was more or less like a kid friendly version of Homura/Homulily’s witch barrier, a world where everyone can be happy and everything is seemingly perfect when it’s all just a dream keeping everyone trapped inside. The scene with Fake Wendy/The Stuffed Animal Tree and the end of the Trial scene reminded me so much of when the “happy” world barrier collapsed when Homura realized she was a witch as well as how the Familiars would catch on to and attack anyone who seemed to catch on to the fake world. And when Mabel basically gave up staying in the bubble and shattered it, it reminded me so much of this scene from the final episode of Paranoia Agent: . OK SPOILERS DONE. I guess a final note will be that Jon Stewart was an amazing cat judge and was incredibly funny in this episode. Glad to see you back from the Bubble, Rob 😀

  12. Guys, you really should watch Jessica Jones when you get the time! It’s a great show, better than Daredevil IMHO.

  13. If there is a spinoff. It should be about Ford and his time in the Other Place.

  14. Actually Poochy died on the way to his home planet. (Not a joke)

  15. I still don’t know how I feel about the show ending, frankly I don’t think I’m going to find out for a very long time, as whatever comes next for this franchise (if there even is anything) is going to be the main deciding point

    I loved the call backs in this episode, there’s like four fantastic call backs to the first episode alone, it really helped make this feel like a part of the show’s grand finale.

    Probably the only real issue I had with this episode was that it was pretty unsubtle, I mean I know this show has never been known for its subtlety, but this one literally just said what it was about (fantasy vs reality), it’s a nit-pick I admit.

    I think the main problem people had with Mabel selfishness in this episode compared to past episodes, (which isn’t to say nobody ever had a problem with Mabel’s selfishness before ) is that this time the fate of the world is at stake.

    I don’t think Ford was trying to break up Mabel and Dipper, not even subconsciously, I also think his offer was made with Dipper’s best interests in mind, still I do think think it’s for the best Dipper ultimately decided to decline his offer, after all who would want to miss Mabel’s awkward teenager phase Somebody is going to have to help her cover up the murders.

  16. First off, I would like to say I have no skin in the game as far as Dipper’s love life and who he should be with. That said I still do have some input I would like to share. Everyone has said that the last episode was the nail in the coffin of Dipper/Wendy, but they same was said before – after the shapeshifer episode and “Roadside Attraction”. I don’t think that Dipper’s feelings have changed towards Wendy – I think he will always have feelings toward her, regardless of Wendy’s feelings toward him, but this resent episode shows that Dipper will not accept a dream. If he will have a relationship with anyone, he wants it based in reality and on mutual feelings. On Wendy’s side of things, I think the ONLY thing separating them is the age thing. Otherwise, Wendy does like and respect Dipper very much. In just seven years, when they are both in their 20s, will three years age difference matter at all? Not really.

    In saying all this, they doesn’t mean I think Dipper/Pacifica is an impossibility. However, it is a shame that any real ship tease we may get will be in the very last episode, and since both Dipper and Mabel are going home at the end, it really won’t have much to grow on except as a possible “will keep in touch” long-term relationship. As good as the Northwest episode was, all it really did was give Pacifica some real character development and allowed Dipper and Pacifica to become friends. I really wish we had seen more of Pacifica this season, but all we have to to be happy with what we have.

    When all is said and done, we still have to remember that Dipper is just going to be 13 at the conclusion of Gravity Falls. He is far to young to be in a serious relationship anyone yet, and any sequel or spin-off involving Dipper could have him developing feelings and a relationship with someone new. It reminds me what one of the creators said about relationships – that it is more of a journey of love that leads us to who we will ultimately be with. Wendy and perhaps Pacifica are important milestones on Dipper’s Love Journey, but we can’t assume either will be his final destination.

    • Note: when I say “creators”, I meant of Avatar: The Last Airbender, not Gravity Falls.

    • Oh I agree. I’m not expecting this show to have one do the characters start dating like you said they’re 13. Actually near the end of the episode, when the gang broke into the shack, i noticed Pacifica wasn’t in her normal clothes but rather in rags. I know everyone was a scruffed up and all but the other characters in the shack were with there normal clothes (minus Candy and Grenda who are wearing like Mad Max gear) Pacifica specifically didn’t have her nice clothes and this theory might be far-fetched but I feel like we’re going to have another Pacifica moment with her emabrassing not having her extravagant lifestyle.

  17. So Gravity Falls IS leaving?

  18. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Too bad gravity falls is ending cause it would have been great for a third season. I hear that the final episode is gonna be one hour but Disney hasn’t announced the new date for it yet. Follow up comment to come!!!

  19. I expected this world in witch Mable was captured
    It was a great episode so need to see the next one
    I do wonder why do the boys are real
    I thought that Sus would not have the dream to see his dad but have Stan asking him to be his son
    The Simpsons are still hilarious

  20. with gravity falls having one episode left it time to start thinking abut what’ll replace the vlogs. i recomend either bringing adventure time back to the forfront got alot of catching up to do. or and this would be awsome take a look at a more adult cartoon Rick and Morty. it’s awsome and it was conected to gravity falls as the creators are frinds and there was even an easter egg

    • rick and morty would be a great show to review next, but I would prefer it if they caught up on adventure time and finished steven universe. Also the Avatar comics would be nice.

  21. I need the vlogs to sustain myself. I won’t survive at this rate…

  22. Guardian Cherisher

    Hey Doug, What would you do if you were in Dipper’s situation and had to go to idk Robland or something to rescue your bro. How would you do this and what the heck would Robland even be like?

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