Gravity Falls Vlogs: Gideon Rises

The final episode of season 1. WOW!

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  1. Say Doug, are you also goin to watch the short videos that came in between season 1 and 2 like the Dipper’s Guide To The Unexplained minisodes ?

  2. Nobody puts waddles in the corner

  3. Hey Doug how does this work, you wait for the next season or it be up like usual.

  4. “Here we go.”

    Stan having all the books was an intriguing twist, but it didn’t really put me in that same state of “I can’t wait to see what happens next!”. Perhaps it was because I was immediately able to move on to the season 2 premiere. Speaking of season 2, I completely agree with Doug that it improves upon the first in every way. Just about every minor problem I had with the show has been addressed.

    This did serve as both a really good season finale, and an end to the Gideon arc (for now). It was nice to see the grappling come back into play; I’d kind of forgotten about it by this point.

  5. Sort of Spoilers…I know the purpose of the Monocle for the book. Mabel will come to a discovery in the first episode of Season 2 that wearing that Monocle would have given. Sort of Spoilers over. And yes I agree with the others, you should review the shorts as well (some of those short stories are truly bizarre). 🙂

  6. Disney needs to start releasing episodes more often, Doug and Rob are really catching up.

  7. It appears that Rob has fully embraced his “inner Mable”.

  8. When I heard you say “It’s impossible for anyone to stop [at the end of the first season]!” Doug, I almost buried my face in my hands and cried. Gideon Rises first aired August 2nd, 2013. Scary-oke (the first episode of season 2) aired August 1st, 2014. Aside from the series of two and half minute shorts (which I also hope you guys vlog!), it was a 364 day wait for the continuation proper… one day shy of literally an entire year of suffering. Be forever grateful you were spared the pain!

    This really is the perfect season 1 finale though. I remember inviting a few friends over to watch it when it aired and by the time it go to the end with Stan, all 3 journals and the mysterious secret portal machine, all of us were screaming and totally freaking out!
    I can’t wait to see how blown away Rob is going to be by season 2, because it really is even better! That’s one of the most amazing things about Gravity Falls – just when you think it can’t POSSIBLY get any more awesome, it DOES!

  9. I forgot to mention this last episode but I wanted to point out that Bill Cipher and the main gnome in this episode, the one that bathes with squirrels, are voiced by Alex Hirsch along with Stan and Soos.

    Also, here’s the ending message in this episode.

    And here’s another message in the episode that gives a major hint of what the portal’s about.

  10. This used to be my favourite episode. But then, Season 2 came… By the way, as some already said, you have to do the shorts too. There are too many good jokes in these.

  11. ShakespeareanInsults

    I know the ending of the first season made me want to see more too! Epic and hilarious.

  12. Already, you’ve reached the end of Season 1? Wow, how time flies!

  13. Yeah, the end of this episode gave me goosebumps, when Stan shows the first Journal… I reacted to Gideon taking the third one just like Rob.
    Funny thing about they leaving town, is that they would really have left, if Gideon hadn’t stop them.

    In other note, there are lots of people asking you to review the shorts (which are really awesome), and I just want to say that, apart from those, they have recently been releasing some very short (like thirty second or so) vídeos called “Creepy letters from lil Gideon”. Knowing how much you two like Gideon, you’ll probably like them.

  14. Can’t wit til you guys get to Soos and the Real Girl. That is my favorite episode of the series thus far.

  15. Such a great finale to season 1. I kind of had the same issue with the overall mystery arc being pushed to the side for all of the first season, but ever since the two-part season finale it’s returned and stayed more or less in the limelight all through season 2. I’ve heard it stated that the first season is essentially Dipper and Mabel enjoying their summer, with the mystery a passing curiosity to Dipper. With season 2, he starts to devote more of his time to it, to the point of obsession. This coincides with an increased number of scenes that show the parallels between him and Grunkle Stan. Season 1 was great, but Doug is right in saying that Season 2 has surpassed it in every way thus far.

  16. Are you going to do the shorts? I love those.

  17. One more fun fact that I forgot until now. It’s been bugging me too.

    Dipper vs. Manliness. One of the Manliness tests involve Dipper jumping a crazy gorge. It came back into play here. =)

  18. *sighs*

    Reading all these comments reminds me why I hate Fallers.

  19. It’s imposible to stop after season 1! Well it clearly isn’t since we all did that for like a year!

  20. Hah, Gravity Falls did giant robot action better than Korra did!

  21. This is probably my favourite season 1 episode(boyz crazy is a strong contender), it’s funny and epic it has a great cliff-hanger ending and it has gnomes second appearance.

    Btw I don’t know if you noticed but dipper is bleeding out of his nose in one scene, that’s rather surprising for a Disney kid shows, although it’s nothing compared to what happens in the next two episodes.

    I agree with Doug that season 2 is better than season 1, but I do feel that season 1 of gravity falls is better than season 1 of adventure time SpongeBob and to a lesser extent avatar.

  22. Why do you keep calling him Zeus? It’s Soos. This isn’t a Doctor Seuss or Doctor Seuss situation it’s short for the spanish name Jesus (pronounced heysoos).

  23. Don’t forget to watch Gravity Falls – Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained

  24. “Nobody could possibly stop there”
    You have noooo idea 😛

    • Dammit, didn’t know it converted the emotes. And BTW whoever wrote that script; Colon+P is not a giant grin face! That’s completely wrong, giant smile is Colon+D.

  25. Peasant the Dashing Rouge


  26. Am I missing something here, or did they just skip like half of season 1?

    • For some reason most of the Gravity Falls videos aren’t showing up under the “TV shows vlogs” tab, you have to go click on the Gravity Falls tag next to the video to find all of them.

  27. Too much awesome, Rob? I thought this was the channel of awesome?


  29. PrincessPaladin

    It’s a Pacific Rim reference.

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