Gravity Falls Vlogs: Headhunters

This looks like a job for Duck Detective! Dipper and Mabel set out to find out who tampered with Mabel’s statue.

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  1. Hey guys, big fan of the vlogs and…pretty much everything else. I just wanted to say I’m thrilled you’re doing Gravity Falls now and can’t wait to see what’s next.

    A couple things about the episode. First, during the unveiling of Wax Stan, Old Man McGucket (the prospector from the last episode) asks if the wax statues are alive and if he’ll survive the wax man uprising. Next, my favorite joke in the episode was “Huh, that sounds like something a responsible parent wouldn’t want you doing…Good thing I’m an uncle. AVENGE ME KIDS! AVENGE ME!”

    • My favorite joke was the “How about you draw something from real life?” “Like a waffle with big arms!”

      • There was so much to love about this episode. They fixated so much on Larry King I do wish they mentioned more of the hilarious parts of this episode. Here’s some of my favorites:

        Dipper: I’ll show you who’s adorable! (sneezes)
        Mabel: Aww! You sneeze like a kitten!
        ..and then later…
        Wax Sherlock:(as he melts): You sneeze like a kitten you really are adorable!!!!

        I too loved the bit with Stan “Good thing I’m an uncle!!”

        I liked the actual investigation with the bar and the fake I.D’s and the gag with the bouncer at the bar: “Sorry no minors!” and it pans back to show a miner as in works in the mines and then the bouncer just lets Dipper and Mabel in to the rowdy bar.
        Also, the scenes with Toby Determined are always so creepy and hilarious.


      You missed the most important part…”Old man McGucket here, local kook”….while he’s saying this, look who is walking along in the background, picking things up! Doug and Rob, this is for you two, too!

  2. All the celebrities were played by the real life people. -The More You Know-

  3. A Haunted Garage Sale, Son!!!

  4. Frankly, I was a little shocked when Wax Sherlock Holmes chopped off Was Stan’s head. Think about it, he was trying to graphically cut off the head of a living human being, and he ALMOST accomplished it! That’s some pretty graphic stuff!
    And I loved it!

  5. Wow, the 90’s really ARE coming back! I mean, Coolio? I’m having Kenan and Kel flashbacks!

  6. Cool that you guys are doing Gravity Falls vlogs! It’s one of my favorite shows.

    But kinda have to point out that Larry King is Jewish so it’s in really poor taste to make a Holocaust joke about him. Well it’s in poor taste to make a Holocaust joke at all, let alone one that says that a Jewish man is probably the cause of it.

  7. “Well Duck-Tective, it seems you’ve really quacked the case.”
    “Don’t patronize me.”

    I don’t think I really considered the possibility that the wax figures were the murderers on my first viewing. If I knew more about how insane this show could get beforehand, it probably would have been more obvious.

  8. This was actually the first gravity falls episode I ever saw, I watched it before adventure time showed me that there are still good kids cartoons so I was trying to not like it, even so I remember finding it pretty entertaining despite the fact that I was watching the rather oke dutch dub.

    This episode has so many good jokes, we don’t serve miners, Mabel’s reaction to seeing a guy possibly dead on the floor, and my favorite tv gag Duck-tective.

    One thing that does kind of bug me about this episode is that the wax figures are clearly sentient, so Dipper and Mabel basically just committed mass murder, yeah it was in self defense but it’s still pretty horrible If you think about it.

  9. I love the guy in the bar who was waiting with baited breath to learn that his future wife was going to be beautiful “BUT WILL SHE LOVE MEEEEEE!?”

    Also, interesting tidbit. There is some circumstantial evidence that Lizzie Borden MIGHT have been left-handed. Nothing that confirms it, but it is possible.

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