Gravity Falls Vlogs: Into the Bunker

It’s Wendy vs. Wendy! WHO WILL WIN???? (I’m betting on Wendy)

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  1. God. I. Love. This. Show.

  2. the tree groot thing the shapeshifter turned into whilst upside down was the hide behind a monster seen in the gravity falls shorts between seasons 1 and 2

  3. Guys you need to watch the twin theory right now! It explains everything

  4. Well Walkers, it’s nice that you’ve just gotten to the part where Gravity Falls gets really awesome.

    One of my favorite parts that they didn’t talk about was this:

    Wendy: “Dud you’re lying on my bra.”
    Dipper: (screams)

  5. “Not as creepy as Dipper’s internet history. Heyo!”

    Yeah, I think this is my favorite episode. I agree that Dipper/Wendy subplot was given too much screen time in season 1, but this served as a pretty good resolution. It also finally gave Wendy something to do besides being the object of Dipper’s obsession, which tells me that the writers are very good at listening to fan feedback. I’m glad I’m not the only person who didn’t realize that the lumberjack was Wendy’s father until this episode.

    The shape shifter may be the most threatening antagonist they’ve encountered so far. Many of the forms he took looked like something out of John Carpenter’s The Thing. If I was ten years younger, this probably would have really freaked me out.

    • Dude. I was so getting The Thing vibe from this. God the guy in the censor booth must have been asleep that day. Also, why does Mark have to keep playing villains? VOICE LUKE IN A STAR WARS GAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

  6. TheManWithTheKillerPlan

    Wendy was shown hiking with the Lumberjack in Fight Fighters, so that is how I knew she was his daughter.

  7. My favorite of the list of movies is “Help! My Mummy’s a Werewolf 2: This Again!”

    Let’s see, what else… we do know who F is at this point, but I won’t give it away. I have my own theory as to who the author is, but if I’m right we haven’t even met him yet. I really doubt it’s Stan, though. If he wrote the journals he would have known where the other two were.

    The next episode, sadly, is one of the very few episodes I thought was kinda dumb, but I’m still looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  8. Pssh, Soos meets a girl is by far the most darkest, disturbing GF episode i’ve seen every moment of that. can’t wait for that Vlog Episoe

  9. Oh, the Fifth Element. Again, I went to the best middle school EVER and they showed it in class! 😀 Also, what is happening (with the V-logs, I mean)?!

  10. Yes Fruncl Stan, because he used to be Fun Uncle Stan, and now it’s Gruncle Stan for Grumpy Uncle Stan, it all add up. I see it now.
    Also you guys need to check for the Gravity Falls Shorts.

  11. Saw on Rob’s facebook you two are going to check out the shorts after going through the season 2 episodes. Very glad you are, the shorts are great.

  12. ShakespeareanInsults

    Wendy was awesome here. The Dipper/Wendy subplot was resolved pretty well so I’m glad that she actually has she actually has great moments than Dipper’s love interest

  13. All I am going to say is look up “Gruncle Stan’s twin.” This is the theory I’m going with.

  14. I never disliked Wendy but I do agree that this episode was her growing the beard moment, and with the exception of maybe the love god she’s a much more fun and enjoyable character in future episode.

    Many people consider this the best episode so far and I’m one of them, it’s dark has quite a bit of violence(micky mouse approved green blood)has some very dirty jokes(dude your lying on my bra) and a pretty scary monster, hell if this show had aired when I was still a little kid I would have probably been too scared to watch it.

    However it’s also really funny, it ends the romance subplot in a very nice way(unless dipper and candy becomes a thing), has the aforementioned growing the beard moment for Wendy, and at least for the first 1/3 has this wonderful awkward atmosphere.

    Even though Stan is clearly involved with whatever’s going on in gravity falls I’m not sure he’s the author, I’m half joking but maybe the author is Gideon’s mom, it would explain why Gideon knows so much.

    Talking about silly theories, one I have is that all of the supernatural stuff in gravity falls is actually the result of science experiments, it seems unlikely but considering how the shape shifter was a science experiment, it’s not out of the question that some if not most of the weirdness in gravity falls is the result of doctor insano approved SCIENCE.

  15. Old Man McGucket said his first name was Fiddleford. So the laptop/suitcase belonged to him.

    The book also mentions that “Stan is not what he seems”, meaning whoever wrote the book knew Stan, thus Stan did not write the books.

  16. There are actually two codes at the end now. One is the code at the end of the credits (in the same place it always has been), which uses a cipher that requires a keyword (that can be found hidden in each episode) to decode, and the other is the freeze-frame journal page after the credits end, which is the one you’ve been mentioning in each Season 2 vlog so far.

  17. you guys made watching this really awkward
    i mean, fuck twincest you just fucked appa. poor guy, he already went through all that shit in the desert and you just come and fuck him in the face
    shame on you

    • you made me question my life. i was like:
      im watching a grown man kind of fuck a toy with his brother watching. what the fuck am i doing with my life?
      then you got back on track and it was k again. just dont get consumed by the sick mind of the internet. its rubbing into you
      “twincest is comming”

  18. Stan can’t be the author. Remember in the last episode when Dipper discovers more writing in the journal written in invisible ink? Stan seemed genuinely surprised when Dipper realized that. He wouldn’t have acted like that if he was the author because he would have already known about the hidden ink due to writing it.

  19. So… you guys aren’t gonna be mad at Mabel for doing such a reckless thing and getting Dipper and Wendy almost killed just so Dipper would confess to a girl he knows he doesn’t have a shot with? Right… there is a time and place for everything. When you’re in the underground hideout of a person that investigates monsters… it is not the best time to goof off and force push your brother to something so trivial that he can just do later.

  20. Guys if someone hadn’t already told you, look up the Stan’s Twin Theory. After All Stan must have a Brother ya know to be a Grunkle. Stan’s Plates say Stanly Mobile but Stan’s name is Stanford.

  21. This is easily my favorite episode of the series so far. “Sock Opera” is the only one that even comes close. We delve more into the mystery of the town, Wendy joins the group and is incredibly awesome, and the Shapeshifter is one of the series’ best villains. The John Carpenter influence is pretty evident, and the show does an amazing job of building tension and using monster designs to make it genuinely intimidating without the use of gore. I was always a fan of the Dipper/Wendy subplot, but this is the only way it could have ended. It’s a credit to both characters how maturely they handled it, and it allows Wendy to more easily join in on the adventures without reducing Dipper to a gibbering wreck. I hope there are episodes this good still coming down the pipe, but I think this one will stay on top for a while.

    • Yeah I’m kind of surprised Doug and Rob didn’t realize that this entire episode is basically The Thing (1981). The entire concept and the monster’s transformation is nearly identical to The Thing which is what made it all the more hilarious to watch.

    • Personally I think “Sock Opera” is the best episode of season 2 so far (then again, I may be a little biased… I say while side-eyeing my own icon), with this and “Society of the Blind Eye” following closely behind.

      It is just me, or have a lot of cartoons in the past 20 years had homages to John Carpenter’s The Thing? Aside from Gravity Falls I can name several animated shows off the top of my head that have had “shape-shifting monster in an isolated area and clearly Carpenter inspired” episodes, including The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and the Sam & Max cartoon. I wonder why?
      Maybe I should actually see that movie sometime…

      • In my opinion, Blendin’s Game is the best episode of the entire series so far. It’s so well paced, and it had a very touching end–that was a pretty huge sacrifice he made, and it showed a lot about his character. My eyes even watered a bit, and it takes a lot for me to be emotional while watching TV shows–this is the first time I’ve done it while watching Gravity Falls.

    • It comes close to my favorite episode, but the main thing I like about it is how maturely Dipper and Wendy’s relationship was resolved.

  22. This episode is when I knew season 2 was going to be even more unbelievably spectacular than the first. Like many others, I was so happy when not only was the romance subplot between Dipper and Wendy wrapped up perfectly, it gave way for Wendy herself to really shine as a character in a way she couldn’t during season 1.

    I remember during the Gravity Falls panel at San Diego Comic Con 2013, Alex Hirsch (the creator) mentioned one of his biggest regrets with season 1 was not having another character to join in Dipper, Mabel and Soos on their adventures (Stan couldn’t, since of course his knowledge about the supernatural had to be kept a secret until the season 1 finale), and that he would fix that in season 2. This resulted in a lot of talk and theories about who this character, usually called the “third wheel,” would be or what they’d be like if they were a completely new character. Meanwhile I said to myself “It should just be Wendy. Give Wendy a bigger role!” And then that’s exactly what happened 😛

    As for what Doug is saying about McGucket and the author of the journals, I’m guessing he hasn’t seen the episode “Society of the Blind Eye” yet. In that case, prepare yourself for some twists, Doug… and some Adventure Time flashbacks. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say Old Man McGucket and The Ice King have a few things in common.

  23. I don’t think the author is Stan because he seemed genuinely surprised by the fact that part of the journal was written in invisible ink. I really don’t think he was faking that. Besides, if he was the Author, he would’ve known where 2 and 3 were hidden (unless he had his memory erased? Hmmm…). But the Author has to be someone Stan knows, or was close to which is why I think the Author could be his theoretical twin brother Stanley.

    It’s obvious that Stan has a brother, since he’s their paternal Great Uncle (since he and the twins share a last name), and the show has definitely shown hints of his existence. Examples: Stan’s license plate says STNLYMBL which is odd since Stan’s name is Stanford, flashbacks of a young Stan learning how to fight has a boy in the background reading a book with the same cowlick that the Pines family all seem to have, the episode “Carpet Diem” strongly suggests that the room once belonged to Stanley as Stan displayed quiet moments of sadness regarding the room (notice how he takes the glasses and later on is shown looking at them sadly) which implies something happened to Stanley (who I think is the Glasses on the Cipher wheel). Also flashbacks of Stan in “Time-Traveller’s Pig” and later in “Boyz Crazy” there’s a slight difference in the character designs to indicate that who we think is Grunkle Stan in TTP might not be him but his twin. Plus there’s the fact that Bill Cipher seemed to have the need to clarify which ‘Stan Pines’ Gideon was talking about.

    My personal theory is that Stanley wrote the books and ‘mysteriously disappeared’ in 1982 and Stan returned to find out what happened and possibly finish his work. Or they had been working together and something went wrong. Either way, I think he’s a possible candidate for the mysterious Author.

    And (Spoilers Sweeties!) the laptop has been confirmed to belong to Fiddleford McGuckett who had worked with the Author but has forgotten about it when his memories were erased.

  24. RedMilleniumRanger

    Is It Just Me, Or Was Anyone Else hoping That When They Were Listing The Movies At The End, The Sequel Movie Would’ve Been Called MY Mummy’s A werewolf 2: Electric Boogalo?

  25. So they DID think she was a hipster because of the lumberjack outfit. Now it makes sense.

  26. Well Stan is Dipper’s and Mable’s Great Uncle. That means he must have a brother

  27. This episode had a similar tone and style to Courage the Cowardly Dog. I remember being terrified of that show as a kid.

  28. Please look up the Stan Twin theory!! It explains EVERYTHING

  29. That one Groot-like creature the monster turned into that you didn’t recognize is from one of the Shorts. I’m guessing you haven’t seen the Shorts and may not even know about them, so you should really watch them. They’re great, especially Mabel’s Guide to Life.

  30. The second code in the episode is

    and the key word is SHIFTER. The key is found on a barrel in the opening pan shot when the Gang first goes into the bunker.

    Yeah, my second favorite episode of the season. Sock Opera is number 1. Blendin’s Game is number 3. But those three are probably my favorite of the show. I’m glad Hirsch and the others recognized a flaw of season one and worked on it in the second season. The best part now is that Wendy starts having her own story lines and starts interacting with other characters more like Stan and Mabel, albeit so far only in one episode each. And honestly, the respect Wendy had for Dipper for letting him think he’s doing a good job in hiding his crush is my personal favorite Wendy moment, along with turning him down gently. That whole scene gave me “the feels”. I also really hope Mark Hamill and the Shapeshifter reappears again down the line. One of my favorite villains.

    Also, hopefully Rob realizes that this episode is where the line “isn’t electric clothing a fire hazard” comes from, cause I think that was quoted to him quite a bit when he wore the Christmas Lights on his sweater.

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