Gravity Falls Vlogs: Irrational Treasure

Presidents need less pants.

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  1. Mount Rushmore are actually Presidential faced giant robots that will rise to action when America needs them most.

    Writing Jokes for cartoons is more important than sleep!

    • Say the Pledge of Allegiance backwards and enjoy your secret wizard powers!

      For anyone unaware, pause and read the document Dipper reads to find out the truth about the Founder of Gravity Falls. It’s a real treat. Was hoping the Walker brothers would make mention of it but alas.

  2. Well, didn’t see the conversation going in that direction. lol

  3. This is was a hilarious V-log until it got dark. Haha.

  4. The internet can be a very scary place. You can’t wander too far.

  5. I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

    OH MY GOD.


    ROB, NO.

    NO, ROB.

  6. First time I heard of twinsest was from the anime Ouran High School Host Club. Ah, intentionally trying to freak each outher out. Yep, your brothers.

  7. God dammit, who told Rob about the creepy fanbase? I bet it was you, Adrian, wasn’t it!

    Ignorance is bliss…

  8. Raised by anime tentacle monsters? You’ll like Giffany in season two. Her father is an octopus-man. Yes, Gravity Falls made a reference to tentacle porn. Also, I like that people warned you not to look up twincest, as if that’s a thing anyone would naturally do if left to their own devices.

    By the way, that page Dipper finds that tells him about the conspiracy? Pause the episode and read it. You will not be disappointed.

  9. This episode always cracks me up!
    I think my favorite jokes in this episode were:

    Gr’Uncle Stan: *Writes on notepad using his mouth* “There we go.”
    Notepad: “You stink!”
    Gr’Uncle Stan: “HA!!! I DID THAT WITH MY MOUTH!”

    *Crate breaks*
    Quentin Trembley: “Well we didn’t fit through the hole. Let’s rebuild the box and try again!”

    Agent from video: “If you’re watching this, then you are one of eight people in these United States with clearance to view this information. In fact I myself will be shot as soon as the filming is complete. What no? *chuckle* Well, that’s a relief.”

    Quentin Trembley: “Esteemed gentlemen of the United States supreme court, I implore you to rethink your decision.”
    Babies: *Cooing*
    Quentin Trembley: “Very well, but who would you have replace me?”
    Baby: “Mama”
    Quentin Trembley: “THAT old crone!?”

    Gr’Uncle Stan: “I can’t take this anymore, I’M GETTING DUMBER EVERY SECOND!!!”
    Blubs: “Are we going to have to intervene here?”
    Gr’Uncle Stan: “Oh look, the “Constable.” What are you gonna do, throw me in “Ye stocks?” HAHAHAHA
    *Gets thrown cuffed in Ye stocks* AW COME ON!!!”

  10. OH GOD, NO ROB! WHY?! Why bring that up!? Just… ahhhh.

    Even if it was to break Doug, well… good job.

  11. Sunghyo Alexander

    No Rob the true quotation is WHY IN HELL DID THEY BROUGHT ITS UP?

  12. If you think “Gravity Falls Twincest” is bad, you should take a look at “Dipper Goes to Taco Bell”

  13. Another show for me to catch up on. Anyway, I found the Supreme Court babies to be the funniest part. Since Rob likes Mabel’s design, I will show him the designs of my characters (which are anime-inspired):

  14. “Children, I am needed elsewhere. Just know that I’ll always be right here… on the negative twelve dollar bill.”
    “Woah… this is worthless.”
    “It’s less than worthless, my boy!”

    Just about everything having to do with Trembley cracked me up. At this point, the fact that some people actually support a Dipper/Mable Pairing doesn’t even surprise me.

  15. Well, this vlog went in some weird directions.

  16. ShakespeareanInsults

    I was wondering when they were gonna find out Pinecest. My god.

  17. Part of me hopes and doesn’t hope the fans told rob about Dipper Goes To Taco Bell. In excruciating detail

  18. I actually think Mabel looks better without the sweater….

    I keep hating on Mabel but I guess I did get a bit more respect for her with this episode. the problem I have with her isn’t that she’s silly, I like silly when it’s done right, I just don’t think it’s being done quite that right with her. it’s possible to be silly without being annoying or even obnoxious about it, and Mabel hasn’t really mastered that yet. she feels a lot like a little kid who’s purposely being overly goofy just to get attention. I don’t know, maybe I need more time for her to grow on me a bit more…


    • Yes, how DARE she act like a twelve-year-old child.

      But in all seriousness, I recommend watching episodes like “Land Before Swine”, “Sock Opera”, and “The Love God”; those show that Mabel is much more than just someone who acts silly just to get attention.

  19. Trembley was surprisingly hit or miss for me, since I’m usually a big fan of that kind of silly, random humor. For some reason a lot of his antics felt like forced weirdness. I don’t know if it’s in the tone or the delivery, but for some reason I can take or leave him, but Mabel is always delightful. At least this episode inspired me to start using Quentin Z. Trembley as our placeholder customer name at work when testing new registration software. The confused looks of my coworkers when I straight-facedly explain that he’s the 8th and a half President ever ceases to be amusing.

    And if nothing else, the fanbase’s weird tastes have given us this delightful animatic of Dipper stumbling upon “Dipper Goes to Taco Bell”:

  20. ok then DO NOT look up or read Dipper goes to Taco Bell

  21. Trembley founded Gravity Falls and is responsible for the woodpecker law, as well as a peculiar law about how holding the deed to a property means you auto-own it.

  22. Pinecest really is sick. Incest ships are just a big no, to me. But this one hits me exceptionally bad because 1) They are little kids and 2) They have one of the most beliavable and sincere sibling relationship i ever saw on TV. It reminds me of my own brother and i, at times. I think part of this is because Dipper and Mabel are inspired by real life people, the creator Alex Hirsch and his sister Ariel.

    Which makes it even worse, imo.

  23. If Doug reacts this way to Pinecest, imagine what’s going to happen when he sees how many fans ship either Dipper or Mabel with a certain top hat wearing character who has not been introduced yet. As not right as Pinecest is, that’s even worse.

    I quite enjoyed this episode. I liked the brief scene between Stan and Gideon, it was a funny scene and it served to remind the audience that Gideon hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s just chilling as a minor background nuisance until he’s ready to make good on the promise he made in The Hand That Rocks The Mabel. I love the document that Dipper finds with the freeze frame bonus jokes, my favorite probably being, ‘I am going to eat this entire oak tree because I am a powerful wizard’. Also, every interaction between Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland is just golden.

  24. I heard “twincest” and had to look up from checking the time on my phone.

    Doug’s reaction was the best. XDD

  25. Is Rob secretly a brony? May Belle is the name given to Mabel’s cameo pony in the MLP comic books.

  26. Soo anyone heards about Gravity Fall’s “Sincifica” shipping? xD

  27. What a cromulent episode. It reminded me of Lisa the Iconoclast!

  28. clues to the original author, of our magic book!

  29. Also heard that it’s called pinecest

  30. Rob doesn’t like Wendy and Robbie,? He isn’t gonna like the next one. But personally I think the next is awesome!

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