Gravity Falls Vlogs: Land Before Swine

It’s a Ptera…Tera…FLYING LIZARD!

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  1. Oh, poop. The video isn’t showing up on my computer.

  2. Kill him Rob! Do it!!… Who likes X3 now, Doug?

    Waddles is a lot like Soos… doesn’t do much, always there when needed, and very content and likeable. I feel, if Waddles could talk, he’d probably be a lot like Soos. But Soos has a lot more character added to him in this episode, and in season 2. I wish you’d address him more in future vlogs though, he has the funniest lines after Grunkle Stan.

  3. Someone should make a waddles music video to the Pig Power song!!!!


    If you ask Mr Enter, this is one of the show’s best episodes. Yeah, the implications regarding McGucket’s survival are kind of horrifying.

  5. Well that was… short.

    I think I like Mr. Enter’s review of this episode better.

  6. I have to admit with Doug on this. It’s particularily one of the weaker episodes, but luckily enough it comes before 4 solid episodes (the 2 part season finale as well as the first 2 Seaon 2 episodes). I can’t wait.

    • Why is it one of the weaker episodes? It’s character relationships are expanded and its character development is fantastic and has nothing particularly bad with it

    • Yes while the comedy takes a backseat not every episode has to be comedy based and I think this episode shows just how well this show can do while not relying on comedy

    • Then again I guess this shows major appeal is its comedy and over exaggerated characters (not saying it’s bad though) but this show is great at grounding its characters back into reality

  7. It’s not a lizard! Lizards are specifically the Squamata family!

    These things are flying archosaurs.

  8. I didn’t see Waddles! Who’s Waddles! WHAT’S A PIG?!

  9. Are you gonna watch the shorts and season 2 for vlogs? I’d love to see those XD

  10. Personally I really enjoyed this episode, it was very funny, it had some decent character development for Stan and soos, and it had a scene of a old man punching a pterodactyl, I do agree that the morale was rather obvious but it wasn’t really the focus of the episode.

  11. Okay, it’s kinda obvious you’re only mispronouncing the word ptedoractyl just so you can watch us angrily correct you in the comments, first of all : we won’t. And second, it deeply hurts that you see us only as a some sort of sick entertainment, shame on you. SHAME ON YOU!

    Anyway, I personnally thought it was a great episode, with lots of epic grunkle stan moments. Maybe it was not as funny as the other episodes, but it focuses more on the adventure part of the show, and it worked great on me.
    Now, granted it’s not as great as the two final episodes, (who were kinda lower on jokes as well, by the way), but I think it is damn solid. Definitely one of my favourites.

  12. Waddles isn’t really supposed to be an interesting character in his own right, he’s there to supplement Mabel’s character. Not that she needs it, but hey.

  13. I have to say this cause it kept bugging me the p in pterodactyl is silent.

  14. Rob’s impersonation of God sounds like a 50-foot tall goat.


  16. The Cartoon Physicist

    These two are definitely Mabel and Dipper! Anyway, I kinda think the appeal of Waddles is the impression of a personality Mabel imprints on him, if that makes sense. So the pig nothingness helps.

  17. Running With Scissors

    I thought this was one of the stronger episodes. Maybe comedy wasn’t the main focus, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. And the moral isn’t so much a moral for the viewer as development for the characters. The idiot character shouldn’t be allowed to get away with murder just because he’s an idiot, and the asshole character shouldn’t be able to either. I love the line, “I know I can be sort of clumsy, and it’s not always as lovable as I think”. This episode redeems Stan and Soos for their faults and I feel like the series wouldn’t really be whole if the two never learned their lessons. So it is a legitimate story arch, and wraps up some conflict well. I think this episode has a lot going for it, with that said. Its character development is strong, its jokes, albeit taking the backseat, are very funny, the atmosphere is great (the shot of the dinosaurs trapped in mountains of sap is mesmerizing), and it’s still these awesome characters in this awesome show.

    • Yes, one of the great strengths of this show is its characters. I really respect this show for acknowledging the fact that, however amusing Soos and Stan might be for the audience, the things they do can put a strain on their relationships with other characters. It isn’t excusing them just because they’re funny.

      This is also a really good episode for exploring the relationship between Mabel and Stan. In previous episodes we’ve seen Stan be rather exasperated by her antics(as a lot of guardians might be), but this episode shows that, despite his abrasive nature he really cares about her. He’s pretty unhappy when she stops talking to him, and Stan gives us one of the episode’s greatest moments trying to make things right with her.

      I just realized that the past two episodes(i.e. the last two before we start getting into season finale territory) have in some way been about Stan’s relationship with the twins: this one was about his relationship with Mabel and the last one featured quite a bit of him bonding with Dipper. I don’t know if this is significant, I just think it’s interesting.

  18. Tomorrow is Dreamscaperers! I wonder if they’ll like him or hate him?

  19. How can you hate pigs? Pigs are where Bacon comes from!


  20. My father hates pigs. He think they are ugly, gross, and he hates eating them.

    While I am fine with Waddles, I do agree there is not much to him. He is just a pet. And Waddles is also the least popular Gravity Falls Vinylnation figure (seeing how it is the cheapest on ebay)

  21. MY TRUE COMMENT: I like how Rob has started to become the hyper-random sibling. It IS power of his sweater! Haha.

  22. Stan punches a teradactal in the face. That is all!

  23. Rob’s the Burning Bush now? Isn’t that playing God? 😛

    Aaaanyway, I think Waddles’ lack of personality is exactly WHY he’s hilarious. He’s something completely different in Mabel’s mind than in everyone else’s. She anthropomorphizes the daylights outta that pig while really there’s just nothing going on with him.

  24. No mention about James Baxter being the animator for the Pterodactyl? For shame!

  25. Waddles delivered some laughs in the Carpet Diem episode.

  26. So you hate pigs? What are pigs but tiny elephants. I KNOW you love tiny elephants.

  27. Wadles is the moe of the show like Mabel he is meant to be cute

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