Gravity Falls Vlogs: Little Dipper

We got a BIG problem…

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  1. haha Doug, you should watch George Shrinks. A 40 episode show all about a shrunken kid (he was just born that way though, it’s just a thing.) Also the creator really loves jazz music I guess.

  2. Do we ever find out what’s up with Gideon’s mom?

  3. I love the title of this episode. Also, now I want cookies.

  4. Funny thing: while there’s never an explicitly mentioned invisible wizard, in a future episode Mabel’s friend Grenda plays 7 minutes in heaven in the closet with no one else in there. . . and comes out covered in smooches, saying, “I don’t know what I was kissing in there, but I have no regrets!”

  5. Welp, now I’m glad I picked up some swiss rolls before this.

  6. I know that isn’t related to this episode, but I forgot to mention it before:

    You’ve been questioning about what “grunkle” stands for. It’s an agglutination for “grand” and “uncle”, and the confirmation to it comes from the creator Alex Hitch himself (also, here in my country the localization deliberately translated grunkle as grand uncle in my language, since we can’t agglutinate the words for grand uncle all that well). It’s also an important point for one of the strongest fan theories about Stan having a twin brother, probably being him one of the kids grandfather.

  7. Zeus. They keep saying Zeus.

  8. Yes my favorite episode is next!

  9. One of the most remarkable things about this episode is in the code. If you translate “wizard” in the atbash cipher it comes out “draziw”: wizard spelled backwards.

  10. As a sibling who’s the older one, six years elder to her little sister, and the shorter one by at least several inches, it’s so true how height can be a joke among siblings. I sure wouldn’t mind using that crystal at least once.

    While we don’t know exactly what happened with Gideon’s mother yet, someone who appears in “Society of the Blind Eye” makes you think it has something to do with that. I really hope they’ll do something about her and explain what happened.

    • ShakespeareanInsults

      I agree. I’m short so I’m actually glad they touched about that episode since I have a sibling and all. But I do want to know more about Gideon’s mother. I wonder how far it took her to be in that insane mental state like seriously what the heck did Gideon to his damn mother. In “Blendin’s game” I did see her when she was actually happy, so it was nice they didn’t completely forget about her.

  11. I really liked seeing more of Gideon’s home life in this episode. The way he relates to both of his parents is really off-putting, but special prize goes to his mom. I don’t know what happened to her(I have a theory) but I feel really bad for her; she’s had all of about three minutes of screen time and all of it makes clear that something has gone very bad for her. Also, I feel mildly embarrassed that it took me so long to realize that Stephen Root was playing Gideon’s father; the voice he uses in this role is almost identical to the voice he used for Buck Strickland on King of the Hill.

  12. Get why you hate the shrinking episodes, I really hate the time travel episodes you see in all shows.

  13. Summerween is next! How will their commentary differ from TheMysteriousMrEnters review?

  14. You know that “Twilight Zone” episode with the kid with the powers and everyone is afraid of him because he can punish anyone who makes him mad with his mind in weird and creative ways? That’s what I think of when I see Gideon’s mother.

  15. I personally don’t have a issue with shrinking plots and I found this one pretty enjoyable, plus I just like that we have another episode with Gideon as the antagonist.

  16. I didn’t like this episode. I often find myself relating to Dipper and it was rather painful watching Mabel and Stan being such jerks to him just because he’s short and at the end if the episode, Dipper is made to be the jerk just because he beats Mabel in chess and a few board games.

  17. Does no one notice the giant chess piece is still in their room!

  18. This was the second episode I ever saw. LOVED IT. =)

  19. “Guard them, Cheekums.”

    Way late on my obligatory comment for the next few vlogs. This is one of those episodes I don’t remember too well. It was decent, but not one of my favorites.

  20. I watched this immediately after watching the Disneycember praising “Arrietty,” so Doug’s dislike of shrinking stories is rather funny to me.

  21. Anyone else wondering how Gideon knows something about the hidden passage in the Mystery Shack and how the books are connected…no one? No one else confused about this “revenge” that Gideon has but is still a mystery and directly connected to the book and shack.

    Just me then? okay.

    That said the first two minutes of this episode were WILD D! and I love how it came back at the end.

  22. Fun fact: The invisible wizard is Bill Cipher!

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