Gravity Falls Vlogs: Northwest Manor Mystery

Ah, it’s good to be back!

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  1. I was definitely feeling the feels. Also, new favorite episode.

    Shit’s gonna go DOWN next time, though.

  2. Ive been waiting for this Vlog Becaus I wanted to Hear what you guys thought of, “Dipica” (I don’t know if there’s been a ship name).
    I was hoping you would’ve pointed out that Preston was voiced by Nathan Fillion, who made this episode for me! Also I kind of wanted a little more references to the jokes like the snooty laughter or fake blonde hair

  3. No mention of Dipper’s “You’re the worst.” That was my favorite line.

  4. To add to what you said about the bell, this is what they did: They conditioned her. That whole thing is a reference to Ivan Pavolv, the grandfather of the Psychological theory of conditioning.

    • Yeah, but what did they have to do to her to condition her that way? Pavlov conditioned his dog by feeding it. They clearly did something awful to her to make her go so quiet and obedient when it’s rung.

    • Well yeah, that’s obvious. What they were wondering was exactly HOW they conditioned her.

      What did they do to Pacifica to make her instantly submissive at the sound of a bell?

      • I kinda thought they might go the OTGW route and have the bell be some mystical artifact. I actually prefer them making it a normal bell though.

      • Nah, this bell is much simpler. By the way, I would LOVE for them to review Over the Garden Wall–it’s one of the best things to happen to cartoons everywhere

      • My theory of how she became that way is that they associated the bell with punishment. If she didn’t obey the bell, they would probably hit her (or have a butler do it so they “dont get their hands dirty”). Thats just my thoughts though

  5. Wait. There’s gonna be another hiatus before the apocalypse!?
    Oh NOOOOO!!!!
    Wait, haven’t there been more adventure time eps coming out now? what about vlogging them in the meantime? Unless reviews are more prioritised, if so that’s cool.
    Also just wishful thinking, but if there is time in the future for other shows getting vlogged, i’d recommend steven universe.

    • Was actually waiting for this vlog to come out so that I could suggest steven universe for more cartoon vlogs during the hiatuses. It’s my favorite cartoon on right now, although gravity falls comes close. It’s basically like the adventure time formula redone around a different setting and characters and just better- there are almost no episodes with absolutely no plot relevance, the lore is done so well and told so well, and it’s got character development on par with adventure time to boot.

    • The next is March 2nd i think. Not too long

    • March 9th
      There’s a countdown for the next episode

    • I would REALLY like to see the Walker Brothers do vlogs on the utterly amazing ‘Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated’. I just finished marathoning the entire series, and just… WOW! It just blew me away! I seriously would put this show among my favorites together with Avatar/Korra and Gravity Falls.

      Seriously, look up this incarnation of Scooby Doo. It’s 2 seasons long, it follows the standard formula of having a monster of the week, but it all takes place in the gang’s home town, it features a overarcing mystery story arc, the entire gang gets good and expanded character development, they frequently make shout-outs to previous incarnations of Scooby-Doo and various horror films, and it’s freaking DARKER AND EDGIER! This show is the crowning achievement of the Scooby-franchise. They could NEVER make a new Scooby-series that could top this one. Watch it. Love it.

  6. Alright this had been bugging me for a while about the show for a while and I need to ask it. Am I the only one here who thinks that Grenda looks like Wreck it Ralph?
    I’m not trying to be mean or anything, this is just a little observation I instantly thought once I saw her character design. I think Grenda really does look like Wreck it Ralph. Just compare them together, they have a similar looking chin, they halve large bulky hands, it’s just kind of bizarre. Especially when you consider that both the show and the movie these characters come from are owned by Disney. Plus Gravity Falls has showcased that their arcade characters can come to life.. it just makes you think.

    Also I don’t think that the timer is counting down by hours, I think it was supposed to be 21 days. Just look at the official timer left by the makers. If I had to guess I would say that’s when the next episode is coming out, but I can’t really be sure. I seriously hope that this huge event it’s counting down to is the season finale. Because that would really suck. We’ve only had like 10 episodes this season.

  7. Good. but Adventure Time?

  8. The official gay symbol is un upside-down pink triangle, not a rainbow one.

    As per her sweater it could be an LGBT reference, it would make sense considering the episode was titled the Love God. Not to mention the Love God himself was subtly referenced as being bisexual.

    Of course the rainbow could just be Mable is a little girl and little girls love rainbows.

    • I think it was meant to be a LGBT reference disguised as just an innocent rainbow sweater worn by a girl who loves colors. Apparently in “The Love God” one of the Love God’s matches was supposed to be two women but they were told to nix the idea (because marrying a woodpecker is OK, violence towards children is OK, but a lesbian couple in the background is apparently going too far /sarcasm) by network execs. And while Mabel may be straight, she’s also a girl who loves love so I can see her being very pro gay rights. I think the sweater was their way of keeping the network happy, while still giving a nod to the LGBT community.

      • yet. in the same episode you see the love god get out of the van with the “get em” guy and some other chick after a pretty obvious trio, its all about marketing really. it has nothing to do with it being “going too far”. also, i think the part about marrying a woodpecker and violence towards children is harmless cause its stuff that you naturally know are wrong. so see it happen in the way its shown in the show is just funny. a same sex coupple has nothing wrong to it, so it isnt really funnier than an heterosexual couple. however a significant number of asshole parents might see it and stop their kids from watching the show. executives arent assholes, they just wanna get the most money with their product so they can keep making it. half money grabbing, half artistic love if you will (there is no denying that gravity falls leaks artistic love from everybody envolved in it)
        if my english is too crappy im sorry.

  9. It actually is a reference to the LGBT community. The original introduction to the Love God contained a gay couple, but they had to remove it due to foreign countries blocking the episode and possibly the whole show. Because of this, Alex decided to have a reference to the community with Mabel’s sweater- he stated this.

  10. Actually, that sweater IS an LGBT support symbol. Originally, the episode was going to have a lesbian couple in it, but Disney censored the episode, so the creators decided to have Mabel wear the sweater in support.

    Speaking of “The Love God”, when you said Robbie never had any sympathetic moments, he actually thanks Mabel at the end for helping him get together with Tambry and making him happy.

  11. Three weeks to next episode? Plenty of time to review the shorts and the book…

  12. Maaan, i’ll guess the Adventure time Vlogs will never Return, nothing against Gravity Falls, and I appreciate that you Keep going with this one, but man, I wish Doug could do both at the same Time…

    • Just be patient dude.

    • I believe it was mentioned that Doug really didn’t want to do them without Jason, and that Jason lives kinda far away, which is why they always marathoned them.

      I’d bet once they have enough to fill up a few solid hours, Doug will go up there and do all of them at once, then release them one by one like he did last time.

  13. “The ringing of the bell commands you!” 😉
    I’m now sure they haven’t watched “over the garden wall” yet. Maybe they keep it back for Halloween.
    Also how about the new Adventure Time episodes? I hope there will be new vlogs too.

  14. Next episode is March 9 titled “Not What He Seems”. Same Gravity falls time, Same Gravity Falls Channel!

  15. To add to the others saying Mabel’s rainbow sweater was definitely intentional and there was a cut scene involving a lesbian couple, you can find the storyboard of that scene with a little poking around! It’s really cute. Also, not to be too annoying, but I hope Doug and Jason find time to do some more Adventure Time vlogs. SO MUCH has happened!

  16. Too bad there’s a long wait between episodes. It’s not like there’s other shows you could do V-logs on or are doing V-logs on. *hint Adventure Time and Over The Garden Wall end hint*

  17. Yes, and alongside the LGBT sweater, there are a few sort of important things I can’t help but bring up. Especially the pose Dipper was frozen as when turned into wood–it’s the same exact pose the shapeshifter put himself into as Dipper in “Into the Bunker.” Not to mention the usual hilarious commercial ads, and the book the girls had on the Austrian, where it just kept bringing up the word “rich.” And even better, the next episode is actually called “Not What He Seems.”

    And like these guys, I’m totally warming up to any possible Dipper and Pacifica romance.

  18. I was both impressed and surprised by how Pacifica was handled in this episode and I hope they continue with her positive character development, she went from being the stereotypical mean popular girl one often sees in kid shows to being a likable, sympathetic character quickly and convincingly. Like you guys said, the little touches here and there tell you all you need to know without spelling it out that Pacifica’s parents have really done something awful to their daughter to have her trained to react to that bell, really messed up. I hope they don’t backtrack with her and keep developing Pacifica as a new friend & possible love interest to Dipper, and I also like that Pacifica’s parents remain jerks in the end and didn’t learn anything, Pacifica had to make things right regardless of what her parents thought of it after wards and not everyone changes for the better after a lifetime of being a creep, & I like the idea of Pacifica being the one who ultimately strives to better her family’s way of doing things & break the chain of overall awfulness.

    Oh, and I LOVE how this show doesn’t talk down to its audience & isn’t afraid to be scary, the “ancient sins” line & blood was creepy enough to thrill without going too too far, kids like to be scared within reason & the story is more exciting if the threats their heroes face are clearly genuine threats as opposed to comically inept villains who can easily be thwarted etc.

    Oh, while Pacifica’s dad is a total jerk (seriously, hope he suffers more supernatural trouble in the future), he’s also pretty funny, I liked the “you are my possessions, OBEY ME!” & “Is this bell working?” lines too, he’s so full of himself XD

    P.S. Dipper turning into wood himself might have been the creepiest moment in the episode “shudders”

  19. As others have said, yes, Mabel’s sweater in “The Love God” was supposed to represent the LGBT thing, because there was going to be a gay couple in the episode, but it was taken out, so Mabel wore that sweater to represent.

    I thought this episode was pretty good, and I really liked the fact that Dipper didn’t just instantly fall for Pacifica, like he did with Wendy, especially since he hated Pacifica before this episode. It was nice to see them being friendly.
    The only part that “rubbed me the wrong way” was that they did that thing where someone gets happy and hugs the other person, and then the person they hugged is all surprised. IDK, I find it awkward.
    And the subplot with Mabel was okay. At least it had a few laughs.
    Also, IDK if you guys mentioned it and I just wasn’t listening, buuut, hello? The government agents in the credits? The fact that they’re detecting strange activity might mean that Stan has gotten the portal to work. I get the feeling he doesn’t know how dangerous it is…
    But yeah, this episode had a really good cliffhanger.
    No new episodes until March 9th, unfortunately.

    And I know I’m not the only one wondering what happened to the Adventure Time vlogs. Sorry to be a nag, but you said you would review it every five episodes. And just look at how many are out now!:
    “Ghost Fly”
    “Everything’s Jake”
    “Is That You?”
    “Jake The Brick”
    “The Cooler”
    “The Pajama War”
    “Astral Plane”
    “Gold Stars”
    “The Visitor”
    “The Mountain”
    “Dark Purple”

    Since it’ll be a while until the next Gravity Falls episode, I think now would be a good time to catch up on AT. You’re missing out on a lot of great episodes.

  20. “Guys, in case you’ve already forgotten, Pacifica Northwest is the worst. And that’s not just jealousy talking, I’d say that to her face…”
    “I need your help.”
    “You’re the worst.”

    After such a long wait, It’s great to see the show come back with this good of an episode. For me, it’s easily top 5 material. It’s impressive how much Disney allows it to get away with.

    I kind of figured that if Dipper was given a new love interest, it would be Pacifica. Then again, there aren’t very many candidates.

    Still waiting on those Over the Garden Wall Vlogs… The ringing of the bell commands you.

  21. I also love this episode, both Pacifica’s character development and her interactions with dipper was great, it looked absolutely fantastic, and it had a creepy villain with a good back-story, and of course that cliffhanger ending.

    It was also very dark especially the lumber ghost back-story, which really cements how the northwest’s are not good people, and the scene with the animal heads makes me wonder if Alex gained some kind of censor immunity.

    I’m not sure if dipper and Pacifica is really going to be a thing, I feel her relationship with dipper could go either way, and I would be fine with either.

    My favorite part of the episode was dipper calling Pacifica the worst, especialy considering what you expected the joke to be, dipper had most of the best lines in this episode.

    I liked the Mabel subplot, it was nice seeing her and her girlfriends just hanging out and getting into fights over Austrians, although I would like to point out Austria no longer has barons.

    16.28, when you say those three do you mean dipper Mabel and Pacifica, or Mabel candy and grenda?

  22. I’ve always liked Pacifica because even though she’s been a lady douche she’s fab.

  23. Oh yeah. Doug knows when he’s got it good.

  24. aww they didnt mention the mayor and his oldness like the grim reaper joke or my favrite the condors being his guests

  25. Anyone else notice that when Dipper turned to wood he was in the same position that the shapeshifter thing said he would die in in “Into the Bunker?”
    Also if you want more Gravity Falls then you could always tackle the shorts…

  26. My breakfest = cereal + chocolate milk + orange juice, always. Problem solved.

  27. RedMilleniumRanger

    When are we going to be getting more Adventure Time vlogs? Also where are the vlogs on the Gravity Falls shorts you guys promised?

  28. Why is Disney doing this with the time and spacing of episodes?
    They either don’t realize what they have or could care less.

  29. I agree, this was a good episode. Terrifying, but good. I also love that they gave Pacifica some character development, and made her more sympathetic. And yeah, I kinda ship her and Dipper, now.

    Personally, I can’t wait for the next episode, where some serious stuff is gonna go down…!

  30. Pacifica “I am scared of the bell”.
    Dipper “I’m only scared of one bell. TACO BELL” (stolen from tumblr).

    The best part of the episode was the newspaper. The nerdy guy who runs the newspaper and was part of the Blind Eye went from hiding the paranormal to loudly announcing it. Also, the bat in the newspaper is the bat from the intro.

    It was a big coincidence that the ghost appeared 24 hours before the apocalypse. The more likely scenario is that tons of demons appear 24 hours before the apocalypse. That includes the dead animals, and probably stuff with Stan.

    Dipper is partying like it’s the end of the world.

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