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  1. [Spoilers] My guess is he didn’t actually kill Stan Pines, he really is Stan, and he faked his death then went around using fake identities until he had everything he needed to bring his brother back.

    • Grunkle stan’s liscence plate is ‘stnlymbl’, for ‘stanley-mobile’. But his name is stanford pines, not stanley. Running fandom theory is that they’re both ‘stan’ pines, grunkle stanford and grunkle (or maybe grandpa?) stanley.

      • Or it could be a mistake made by the animation team that thought his full name was Stanley (which is more common than Stanford). I know it’s not very exciting of an explination, but errors do exist in the show.

        • That’s actually what I thought at first! I noticed stnlymbl on the car in the second episode, but his full first name hadn’t been revealed yet. When it was by Gideon as Stanford and Stan didn’t correct him, I figured it was just a mistake.

          The problem’s that MULTIPLE times since then, there has been focus placed on the front license plate which STILL says stnlymbl. That would be such an easy thing to fix, but, it hasn’t been, most likely because it’s not a mistake. That’s actually where I first got the twin brother idea. From the license plate apparently not being a mistake.

        • Each episode in season 2 has a keyword to decode the cipher in the credits.
          This episode’s keyword was STNLYMBL, confirming that it wasn’t a mistake

        • Dylan C. Bargas

          From what I read, the creator intentionally made the license plate have that. And with the upcoming season 2 episode in July, “The Tale of Two Stans” confirms that they’re both named Stan.

  2. This show has always had a huge focus on the characters themselves, but holy crap. An episode like this wouldn’t have worked with a lesser cast. It was fantastic. The show is progressively getting darker and more dramatic, without losing any of its original humor and charm, and I love it for that.

    This answer just brings up more questions!

  3. The best line was when Stan did a fake curse, then he says “Wait, I’m alone! I can curse for real now! SON OF A” then they cut off.

  4. Holy shit this episode totally blew me away!

    Everything we know about Grunkle Stan is thrown into doubt, and the twin’s trust in him (and each other) is seriously put on the line. Plus, the identity of the author of the journals is finally revealed to be… Stan’s twin brother.

    Hear that? That’s the sound of a thousand fans across the internet screaming “I knew it!” at once.

    I’m eager to see what happens next, whether or not what Mabel did was the right thing, how she will make things up with Dipper, and just what happened all those years ago…

    The only problem is that we have to wait another month to see it! GAAAAHHHH! (Bangs head on the table)

    …Also, I would SO watch a Gravity Falls/Ghostbusters crossover. Somebody make it happen!

  5. For the record, this season will be 21-22 episodes long. I’m not quite sure how they’ll top this episode though as we’re only halfway through.

    • In an interview with AV Club Alex Hursh said that this episode will definitely be topped and if we liked this first half of the season, wait until we see the next half.

  6. Rob: exited fangirl
    Doug: zombie raptor

  7. Hooooooooly crap indeed.

  8. The end credit cryptogram reads “the original mystery twins” and the cryptogram after the credits reads THIRTY YEARS AND NOW HE’S BACK. THE MYSTERY IN THE MYSTERY SHACK.”

  9. While the season thankfully isn’t done yet, it’s sort of on a short hiatus for the moment.. apparrently the new episodes won’t come until summer. Which i’d say is about 3 months or more. It’s at least better than just having to wait a whole year for a new season isn’t it?

  10. Amazing episode. Does anyone know why Disney is spacing out the episodes so badly?
    Weeks apart really sucks.

    • Apparently it leads to better ratings.

      And it’s slightly possible that this might be the last season. They don’t know if they are making another season or not.

      • Technically this is the last season (very likely) but Alex Hirsch said in an interview that season 2 is kind of split into two diffrent arcs. Each with their own premieres (Scary-oke) and finales (Not What He seems).

        This also stems from the season 1 mid season hiatus. Where “Boss Mabel” was the first epsiode in a while. So, the next epsiode might be the start of a whole new arc. And I guess you could say this was spiritually the season 2 finale. And you could also say that the second half of season 2 may as well be considered season 3.

        Meh I gave my self a headache. Just know that the new epsiode is due to release in the summer……… dang it Disney schedules! 0-0

        • Oh OK. Hopefully there are no loose ends then.

          I wonder if they are still considering that TV movie though.

        • I am curious why this would be the last season. It is one of the best shows on Television. The ratings are doing great. Merchandise possibilities are incredible.

          • If this isn’t the last season, it’s probably the 2nd to last. Hirsh said early on that the story he has planed will work best with 3 seasons.

          • If I remember correctly Hirsch planned for each season to represent a month of in-show time. The story is of this one summer so two seasons is how long it takes to tell the story.

  11. I’m wondering now if Stan’s brother is actually the kids’ grandfather.

    • He has to be. Why else was the Stanley theory so sound with the fandom? Unless Stanford has another brother. Which would be kind of lame. :/

      It would be awsome if the person Dipper admired and searched for all summer was really his grandfather. Kind of cool in a seanse.

  12. Oh man this episode. It blew me away and then some. I’m still recovering from the shock.

    I’m just so amazing that the theories about Stan having a twin turning out to be correct actually is just amazing.

    It really shows you how great this show was because they have been hinting at it and foreshadowing it this entire time and yet it wasn’t predicable at all meaning some people won’t even know about it and will be completely blown away.

    I actually cheered loudly when he came through the gate because I was so amazed that the theories were right (at that point I was hoping they were as well).

  13. Won’t come back till summer huh? Well I guess I don’t have an excuse to not get caught up….

    ….nope still too lazy.

  14. shit just got real in GF and SU what a year!!!!

  15. I was ecstatic to discover that I had called the Author being Stan’s Brother correctly!
    This show is amazing; funny, beautifully animate, emotional, unique, just so good!!!
    MY theory on who Stan Pines is is disturbingly simple; they’re both Stan Pines; the Grunkle Stan we know and love to hate is StanFORD Pines, and his inter-dimensional brother is StanLEY Pines. Stanley fakes his own death with the car crash and went to explore the alternate dimension. That’s the Stan Pines Bill Cypher actually knows about, the one he remembered in Dreamscaperers.

    • Speaking of Dreamscrapers,…wasn’t that the one where, for a few seconds, you see a younger and brown haired Stan Pines? Seeing as how Author Stan still has mostly brown hair, could it be possible that was Author Stan?

  16. 3 months!? Jeesus the hell is with disney’s timetable?…welp steven universe fans are getting a heaping helping this week atleast with a new episode everyday (if you’ve been following either show from tumblr, Gravity Fans screaming, Steven fans crying…the whole of monday)

    • Oh god I was a wreck on Monday. I was crying and screaming because of two new epsiodes of my favorite show. And tommrow is a Steven Universe two parter! My emotions are like BLEGGGGH now. GAHHH! Curse you good cartoons!

      Doug and Rob should really do v-logs Steven Universe. Unlike the whole Ice King glasses fiasco of the Advture Time v-logs, Steven Unuverse has a surplus of momments that they would have to try very hard to avoid.

  17. Everyone in the fandom right now is saying that the season is over and that it won’t start up again until summer. People are also saying that it is the mid season finale but the season will start up again in the summer??? I don’t know for sure but if everyone is saying so, there must be some proof, maybe Alex announced it.


  19. Doug, that final scream could be in a horror movie. 😀

  20. If you want to see the clues given throughout the series about the Stan Twin Theory, click below and let your mind be blown.

  21. Gif time !
    I’m sorry about the weight of this one, but it’s the eternal struggle between lisibility and weight. Couldn’t really do much more than that.

    One of the shots in the end of the episode REALLY made me think of some kind of old adventure game…
    What is the secret of Gravity Falls? Enjoy ^^

    In conclusion, a quote from Alex Hirsch, creator of the series :
    “Anyone who enjoyed this first half of the season will have their face melted off by the second half.”

    SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT ? Even MORE than by the first one ? Is that even possible ?!
    The whole interview :

  22. this episode was disappointing.

  23. Who is dipper and mabel mother and father because you think that the tell them the brother die long time ago.Also what is dipper and mabel family like and how much the know about Stan. Something is not add up here.

  24. “Pig secure! We have secured a pig!”

    I wasn’t if this episode could live up to all the hype, but it definitely surpassed my expectations. I knew the basic gist of the “Stan twin theory”, and it’s impressive that people were able to piece it together so thoroughly. With the show’s biggest mystery solved it will be interesting to see where it goes from here… whenever Disney gets around to releasing the rest of the season.

  25. Ooh, this episode got me again. Really it’s one of the strongest episodes of Gravity Falls yet, managing to balance the humour, drama and some genuinely emotional moments. Good cartoons these days are really damn good.
    Speaking of which if there’s a wait for the next episode Doug really should give Steven Universe a watch. Different from Gravity Falls but both of them are now sitting on the thrones of curren(tly airing) cartoon greats. The designs that appear in that show alone should have him hooked. And of course there’s Over the Garden Wall, whose vlogs I eagerly await an announcement for.

  26. Between Not What He Seems, a week of Steven Universe episodes, and the new Game of Thrones season 5 trailer, this is shaping up to be a good week of television.

  27. No mention of a body in the car, but the Copy Machine was in Stan’s office.

    “You have the rest of the summer to drive each other insane” *later* “Mabel are you insane?”

    Why do we assume there is only one person with 6 fingers.

    Stan said “I’m not lying this time” and he was totally lying. That’s should be impossible from a literary standpoint.

    So was the 21 hour countdown different than the 18 hour countdown?

  28. What I don’t get is if Stan was dead, why did the twin’s parents send them to stay with him, like neither of them double checked this.

    ALSO if Brother Stan (that is what I am calling him) is their granddad and disappeared in 1983-ish, the twin’s father would have been 10 or 12, so wouldn’t he have told them that his father was missing?

    ALSO it could be possible that neither of them are Pines but Dipper has the eye wrinkles and the pink nose so maybe.

    ALSO, Stan hinted earlier in the episode that he found it odd that Dipper and Mabel got along. My guess is the two are going to argue or something, I just don’t want either Stan or Brother Stan to die.

    • Stan Pines is dead but this man (who I think is Stan(ley)’s Brother Stanford) took his place as Stan the Author wanted to obviously escape something. Anyway, Dipper and Mabel’s parents didn’t knew that. Or knew that Stan had a “dead” brother but never told them.

      Wait, why wanted Stanley to escape?… Where did he get the plans for that machine… New theory: Bill the triangle guy met Stan, helped him writing the journal and building the machine but Stan understood that Bill was dangerous so he didn’t finish it and ended up banned in another dimension. Maybe Bill informed Stanford about that to make him finish the machine that will help Bill getting to our plane of existence and whipe all mankind with his powers (that usually only work in dreams). AAAAAAAH!

      • Wait, what did Alex Hirsch meant when he said that there is a REAL bad guy? Is he talking about Bill? But it’s made clear that he’s the bad guy. So maybe there’s something else we didn’t catch yet… Sorry, I’ll shut my mouth now.

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  30. The credits code was “THE ORIGINAL MYSTERY TWINS”

    and the book code was “THIRTY YEARS AND NOW HE’S BACK

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