Gravity Falls Vlogs: Roadside Attraction

Candy and Dipper, sitting in a tree, about to get eaten by SPIDERS in this episode!

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  1. 2:40 “Turns out the woman Stan is interested in is a Spider lady” “It happens

    So what you are saying is that it’s just Monster Musume? (sorry, too many people have been reblogging that anime as of late)

    Body counts don’t count if they were already dead and just cannon fodder. Body counts only count if it’s someone we know that dies.

    Here is the code:

  2. While I’m not much of a shipper, I do ‘sometimes’ like to ship certain relationships in movies, books and tv. The biggest for me is Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, who I highly believe should have gotten together in the final book! But anyway, like Doug said, “it’s mostly fangirls.”

  3. Ya damn right a man ships! Korrasami and Pricefield FTW!

  4. This episode felt like it was aired out of order – where is Ford and why is there no concern about leaving the Shack, when it is the only place they are safe from Bill?

  5. As someone from southeast Wisconsin I must admit that I’ve been waiting for this vlog for a long time….. Fuck you guys too!!!

    Lmao jk the end rant on Wisconsin (and the other states) was actually hilarious!!!! As someone literally born and bred on the Packers (as in my family owns stock in them, we have season tickets, and on Packer Sundays we’d wear our green and gold to church…), the Wisconsin/Illinois rivalry is pure comedy in my eyes!!!! Love you guys!!!!

    (Also shout out to Doug to pronouncing Illinois like “EL”-inois lol! Midwest dialects are brilliant!!!)

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Love the rant on different states and love that you guys watch football and yes it’s true that everybody hates the new England patriots(hck me even thinking of it right ow I hate them but at least you didn’t say anything bad about Virginia well West Virginia but I dont live there so good). After the vlog was done I went to robs twitter page and asked what’s wrong with Virginia and after I get an answer I’m coming back here.

    Anyways gravity falls that was creepy that she was a spider and I was really afraid cause I thought the boot squashed her but when they panned back to her I was so happy she wasn’t dead. I liked that character and it was made even better that it was voiced by Chelsea Peretti(who’s on my favorite fox comedy Brooklyn nine-nine so that makes it even better). I was thinking when all of dippers lovers showed up at that one place that couldn’t happen in real life cause there’s no way all those girls would show up at that place at the same time(but its just gravity falls and it’s only a cartoon so I’ll let it slide). It was a good episode thourgh all and lve how soos was left in the maze all by himself(poor dude). Anyways until next episode.

    Also love how Doug cut off rob from saying anything about Canada cause people over there will get easily offended if you make fun of there state or there syrup(for that matter).

  7. LOL, Love the Rant, also noticed that they didn’t even come across my home state which is nestled between the state just west of dumbfuckery and self sabotage which isn’t too much different than Chicago or Detroit or New York, and east of the state of poverty, and right under the states of pious and debauchery but right above the country of go stop coming here illegally. Then again our Head sheriff is a Dick even if the sole reason he keeps getting elected is the simple fact he is willing to roll up his sleeves and sort through the shit nobody else is willing to. If that isn’t enough of a hint the states name stars with an A, ends with an A, and it’s the one Nancy Pelosi needed a map and Jan Brewer to point out that it’s a border state with Mexico, not to mention it’s the one that showed in a very public and in a viral youtube video that Liberals either can’t read or do not like to read with open admission clips from top ranking Liberals that they do not exercise their ability to read. Here’s the video if you want to see it.

  8. As a Maine resident, I’d just like to formally apologize for Steven King. Our bad…

  9. … know, as a Massachusetts resident…’s a really good thing I’m an art-nerd and don’t give two flying fucks about sports.

    however, I will have to take issue with the “their beaches are just rocks on water” comment. have you seriously not heard of Cape Cod?

  10. I watch these even though I don’t watch Gravity Falls. The last time I shipped, Twilight was popular. Haha. Yeah, I felt bad for the Chicago Bears after my Seattle Seahawks beat them. Starbucks is awesome. Boom but no offense. Hmmm… Also, haha, are you serious about the burlap sack thing? LOL.

  11. The Mysterious M

    I’m a fanboy, and I ship SO HARD!!!! My biggest ship is Natsu and Lucy from Fairy Tail.

  12. Ha as a Washatonian born and bred in this state I laughed quite a bit at your diss at it because of how accurate it was. XD

    Though it is funny how this whole State dissing thing started because of sports considering the Seahawks whooped the Bears butts hard last week.

  13. As someone from Wisconsin… yeah, the dells are very tourist trappy. At least The Wonder Spot is gone (basically a house with everything slanted.) Now it’s a few streets I think. The upside-down whitehouse is still there though.

    And as for the drivers… we have a problem of dealing with people going 90 mph in a 65 mph zone (we have the stereotype of having slow drivers? Where does that come from…), and the ones that do speed whom are from Illinois tend to be the most reckless. I guess we both suck when we’re in a different state. 😛 (At least we’re not Minnesota, Iowa, or Yoppers, although making fun of Illinois is fun. 🙂 )

  14. I dunno, I was kinda bummed out why the girls hated on dipper.
    It’s not like he was two timing or anything, right ? He had smalltalk with some girls, no relationship with any of them and later they conveniently all come together to hate on him and ipper actually apologizes.

    What did we learn today ? If you talk to a girl on a roadtrip, that makes you a couple and you are not allowed to talk to any other girl until you broke up with the girl you talked to.

    • But I mean… He was kinda hitting on them. With e-mails and all. It’s not likke he just talked with them, he flirted with them with intention of practiceing his wooing skills. That ussually can lead to some negative effects…

    • ‘Pants-Dude, several yeses. He talked to Emma Sue (upside-down girl) for less than a minute and she gave him her e-mail at least in part to tell him why her mom wanted to give birth in Canada. Which is probably an interesting story, considering the family was in a rush but still stopping at tourist traps. But that makes them potential pen-pals. She’s not Dopper’s girlfriend, and she’s close enough that she can get upset that he knows other girls. Neither is Candy, really. I guess it can be chalked up to “kids don’t know that’s not how relationships work”, but to make their flawed reasoning the one of the points of the episode seems odd to me.

  15. I think there’s a subtle thing to this episode that didn’t get mentioned. Mabel invited Candy and Grenda before Dipper. In fact Dipper didn’t even know about the trip until the last minute. I think this hints towards the split that’s been spoken of. However, unlike with Stan and Ford, it’s natural and a sign of growth.

    I do like there are things Dipper can still go to Stan for, since he’s been far closer to Ford lately. Stan seems to have far more social experience than Ford, even if all his lessons are about what not to do. Note how Ford spent years in Gravity Falls and apparently didn’t meet anyone.

  16. This was a good episode
    I am glad that Dipper is over of Wendy now Pacifica can get him

  17. I personally thought the most messed up part of this episode was that the spider woman ended up surviving, hell she even says that she’s just going to keep killing more men as soon as she’s free, which is not something I expected from a kids show.

    I think I learned more about American football by watching this video than I did during the rest of my life, the same is also true about the way American states view each other, so….thanks I guess.

    To be honest I would have been fine with Dipper X Candy becoming canon, since I did think they were kind of cute together, but I can understand why shipper trash like Doug approves of the Ship’s utter destruction.

    Watching both gravity falls and Bob’s burgers a lot is such a strange experience, I keep expecting Mabel to do something psychotic and for Louise to do something very nice.

  18. I felt like this episode was a bit too hard on Dipper. He should have made it clear that he wasn’t looking for a relationship, but there’s no harm in a kid practicing how to talk to girls. It’s the only way he’s ever going to learn.

  19. The states/football rant was this vlog’s equivalent of the corncob-man with a bat. It shouldn’t make sense, considering what we’re watching, but somehow, it fits. Also, none of the states I’ve lived in got mocked, specifically. Now I know the choices I’ve made in living areas were correct.

  20. As some one one from Utah don’t worry about pissing us off all we will do is cry. no seriously any one who has even been to Utah can tell you we are so not threatening we are a bunch of cry baby’s say any thing slightly negative it’s water city. That why so many People can talk shit about Mormons there to busy crying in the corner to do anything at least other religions can threaten/scare the shit out of you.

  21. Yeah, well skol vikings.

  22. Ahhh they didn’t make fun of New Mexico, as a New Mexican I’m offended that they didn’t poke fun at us, jk haha, but we’re a fun state the Balloon Fiesta, best green chili in the US, Richard Branson built a space station out here for bored rich people with too much money, because he himself is a bored rich person with too much time and money, we have the most Doctors per capita and yet still one of the worst education systems in the country, one of the most expensive cities to live in Santa Fe and one of the worst state economies, a good chunk of the first Avengers was filmed out here, all of Breaking Bad was shot here and even though they’re trying to pass it off as somewhere else so is Better Call Saul, we took the Isotopes from Springfield, and Bugs Bunny shoulda made a left turn at Albuquerque

  23. How come all the trees in Illinois lean? Because it sucks so much! LOL. But seriously, I’m a Wisconsinite and I believe you gotta learn to laugh at yourself (or your state). I also think us midwesterners should stick together and make fun of the coastal states mercilessly. The Wisconsin Dells definitely came to mind when they went to the upside down house.

    I’ve actually thought about how Mabel and Louise would interact, I feel like Louise would hate Mabel because she’s so cheery.

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