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  1. Man this is probably the longest Gravity Fall v-log from the Walkers. Also they skipped the shorts. They need to review those after they’re done with the episodes that aired.

    Anyone who has complained about Dipper having a crush on Wendy, you will be surprised in the next episode.

  2. After seeing this episode, my big question was “Do photocopies pick up invisible ink?”

    Also, this was when I stopped trying to do the cryptograms myself and started just looking them up online. The vigenere ciphers are just too elaborate for me.

    (Oh, and please do the shorts sometime. Or at least Mabel’s Guide to Life.)

    • Depending on the lighting spectrum and sensors, a scan could potentially pick it up. A photocopy; absolutely not.

      • Stan kept the copies he gave dipper the original book. You think that he could recreate the old torn up book so much it will fool dipper someone who analyzed the entire book over and over again.

    • Well, remember which copier Stan was using. I’m pretty sure it was the one that could clone Dipper. SO I’m sure that THAT copier could pick up the invisible ink.

  3. this was an awesome way to start a season

  4. My personal theory of what’s going on is that Stan has a twin brother (there’s lots of hints that are explained in a lot of places, so I’m not going to go into it.) who is the Author. The author was obviously hiding from something because he started writing in invisible ink. Whatever he was hiding from was getting too close, so he used the mind switching carpet to switch minds with the goat in order to hide. The portal was already open at this point (Stan’s using the journals to open it, so it must have worked at least once before) and his body (now with a goat brain) wandered through the portal. The portal then somehow closed, trapping the Body wherever the portal lead. Stan is now working to open the portal again so he can find the body and switch the minds back.

  5. Wow, I didn’t expect the sweater to disappear this fast. Also, yes, more Wappa!

  6. Strap in. This is a long one.

    First, obligatory please cover the Gravity Falls Shorts, and the Little Letters with Gideon post. The shorts aired between seasons 1 and 2. And it’s hilarious.

    Second, the message Doug mentioned is from the final screenshot that appears at the end which seems to be forming a giant picture once all the screenshots are combined in the second picture. It uses the “combined” cipher that uses all 3 cipher codes in the following order (A1Z26 -> Atbash -> Ceasar).
    The Vignere code is Welcome Back. The key needed for the code is Widdle and shown in Gideon’s cell. That’s a new thing this season. Keep an eye out for the key word to appear somewhere in the episode.

    Third, along with the key word, keep an eye out for the Government Agents. Like Blendin Blandin, the agents appear in the background constantly this season for like a second or two, though they don’t reappear again until episode 4 I believe.

    Fourth, the creator made sure to state in various interviews that he made sure that the writers make Mabel a ham, not stupid. I’m glad Rob caught that.

    Fifth. The casting of Kristen Schaal was even better than they think. Schaal’s performance in Flight of the Conchords was exactly the type of performance he wanted Mabel to have in her character, so the show actually getting Schaal was a stroke of good luck/synergy. And I noticed a few times more this season Schaal’s performance in Mabel than I did before, though I started watching Bob’s Burgers and saw her stand up too before season 2 started but not before I started watching the show.
    Also there’s probably youtube videos that have Schaal’s stand up about her taint synched up to Mabel lip synching the words.

    Sixth. I’m glad Rob’s in it for the ride and not the mystery primarily. Nothing against the people in the show for the mystery and dedicated to it (heck I’m probably more obsessed than most, but that’s obvious given this long post), but the show is very funny and has great characters. And I’m glad the show is getting recognized for that first, and usually it is for people following the show.

    Seventh. Favorite characters for me goes (1) Stan (2) Dipper (3) Mabel. I really adore Mabel but I’m much more of a Dipper personally so his “arcs” just resonate more with me, and Stan’s just amazing. Personally Soos has more miss moments for me personally than any other character, but I don’t have a problem with him in the same way the Walker Brothers are okay with Wendy and Dipper. And Wendy just needs more screentime.

    Eighth. I’m hoping Rob’s sweater comes back. And believe me, typing all of this while spazzing out with one finger for each hand is very difficult.

    Finally. I’m hoping for a Christmas episode also. That said, and you’ll realize it if you watch the shorts (yes I brought it full circle), but it does snow in Gravity Falls. Dipper and Mabel had a dog sled race against a Space Lizard. And as mentioned in the Northwest Cover Up Document, The current and forever President of the United States is actually Santa Claus. Under the reign of Mr. Claus, America is not a democracy, but a jollyocracy. The statues at Mount Rushmore are actually gigantic presidential-faced robots that will be called into action when America needs them the most. .

    • Knew I would forget something.

      So P.S. Taking Over Midnight seems to be a riff on Living on a Prayer and Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I really like the song, but here’s something that’s kinda mind blowing, the Pines family kept singing Taking Over Tonight instead of Taking Over Midnight. And it just hit me that the Pines family might have just been singing it “wrong” instead of it just being a huge oversight on the show to name the song with a line that’s different than what’s sung.


  8. An amazing start to season 2. The mystery is back in full force, the Pines actually receive recognition from the town for defeating Gideon, Grunkle Stan shows some very impressive zombie fighting talents. There’s almost too much to like. I think the most interesting thing about the invisible ink twist is that the copies of the pages that Grunkle Stan made wouldn’t carry over the hidden messages. Sometime in the future he might realize this and try to take Dipper’s book again.

  9. I really like this vlogs and they would all be at least this long. Also, when Robb was talking about the return of the sweater only when “the time was right”, I just wanted to play the clip with Gandalf saying “at the turn of the tide”.

  10. Damn you rob! you tricked me with your mind magic again! i watched the standup but Taco Bell is way worse!
    P.s. don’t read it! there’s an audio version!

  11. Great, Rob’s turning into Gollum

  12. Also, there’s a fanmade Hannukah animatic that’s pretty good if people are itching for a winter holiday episode.

  13. My favorite characters are
    1. Stan
    2. Soos
    3. Wendy (Season 2)
    4. Mabel

    Also, you MUST see the shorts.

  14. NO ROB WEAR THE SWEATER *screams in girly voice*

  15. “Give it up dudes! Your fighting only makes us look more rad!”

    This was definitely a great opening the season. Apparently, you can get away with a lot of onscreen hardcore violence so long as the blood isn’t red. Zombie Soos was hilarious, and Stan is more bad ass than he’s ever been.

    Next up is “Into the Bunker”, which just might be my favorite episode so far.

  16. Booooo! rob needs to wear his Mabel sweater, he has to transcend.

    Soos is great but I do think I like uncle Stan more, my top 5 favourite characters are 1 mabel 2 uncle stan 3 soos 4 dipper 5 bill.

    Is surprised that you didn’t talk much about grunkle stan being really badass, or the surprising amount of gore and exploding heads in this episode, apparently the censors are just fine with that as long as the blood is green.

    I like to imagine that Mabel grows up to be real life Kristen Schaal(or at least stand up Kristen Schaal), all of the fun and craziness none of the innocence.

    I’m surprised that you didn’t realize it was Kristen Schaal, like I said in a previous comment I’m pretty sure only one person on the planet(mabye even all of history) has that voice.

  17. You know, even though Dipper acts like the straight guy, he’s actually kinda crazy. You don’t notice it, because he’s right about stuff and he takes himself seriously, but, if you remember episode one, Dipper had no real initial reason to believe there was anything wrong in Gravity Falls. He was just super paranoid. He took no time at all to believe everything the journal said, because it justified his search for conspiracy. I know if I found some book in the woods talking about gnomes and zombies, I wouldn’t insta-believe it like that. There’s a point where he considers that he’s wrong about Mabel’s “zombie” boyfriend, and I found the way he delivers the line “I guess I can be kinda paranoid…” kinda funny. I think Mabel actually yells about him ruining her date with “one of his conspiracy theories” as though he comes up with conspiracy theories all the time. I might not be remembering that completely right, but in any case his obsession becomes pretty evident in one of the season two episodes.

    And on Mabel being usually being right, yeah she’s a goofball, but she’s not meant to be an idiot. If you see any of creator’s comments on Mabel and Dipper’s characters, they’re both pretty well-rounded characters, and their relationship was given lots of thought.

  18. Now that I think of it, the last time Dipper saw the agents was when they were being dragged off to what, as far as he knew, was their probable demise. Seems like he should have some form of mental scarring for actions potentially leading to the death of two people.

  19. Three Sweaters for the Elven-kings under the sky,
    Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
    Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
    One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
    One Sweater to rule them all, One Sweater to find them,
    One Sweater to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

  20. During the hiatus between seasons, there were a bunch of short segments called “Mabel’s Guide”, “Dipper’s Guide to the Unknown” and “Fixin it with Soos” as well as a few more one shot segments, do you plan on watching those?

  21. This is one of my favourite episodes and a great start to the season, however they failed to mention Dipper and Mabel finding out that Stan knows! I was surprised it happened so soon.

    I know it’s been said before but the more Doug squees about the mystery, atmosphere, and backgrounds, along with those Ghibli videos, the more I feel that they need to watch Over The Garden Wall. Though I feel everyone should watch it, especially when next autumn comes.

  22. That damn song always just sticks in my head where I can’t get it out. Curse you, &ndra! That’s a joke that I love, by the way. I guess it’s a take-off on Ke$ha? Either way, hilarious.

    This was a great way to start season two, even though that insanely long countdown for the device is a real cop out. I get that they need to keep the suspense going, but it seems like the writers were just screwing with us. I guess that’s the joke, though. Whatever.

    This is where the codes start getting really complicated because you have to start finding code words within the episode itself, and maybe it’s just me but after a few episodes I can’t ever find them anymore. I did find one that was hidden, in code, in a different episode, and then I just took a step back and thought, “this is getting to be a little too much effort, maybe I’ll just start looking it up on the internet.”

    Also, the next episode is probably my favorite episode so far, because it’s a great Wendy episode and it’s crazy dark.

  23. Rob finally got Soos’ name right!

  24. This episode had a LOT of dismembering for a TV-Y7, anyone else notice that? I know Avatar’s probably gotten away with a lot more violence, but jeez, so many green-bloody beheadings in this one.

  25. the calendar said July 1982
    old man Muggukit said in a future episode he doesn’t remember anything before 1982
    Stan said he’d waited 30 long years
    the show came out in 2012 so let’s assume that’s what year this summer is
    something definitely happened in 1982

  26. Rob, you realize most of the people who’ve been telling you Dipper Goes to Taco Bell is “OMG THE WORST MOST AWFUL DISGUSTING THING EVAR!11!!1!!” aren’t even old enough to know what an Aristocrats joke IS, and that’s why it’s so shocking to them, right? 😛

    This episode and the one right after were the perfect way to kick off season 2. I was really glad Stan revealed to Dipper and Mabel that he knew about the supernatural occurrences in Gravity Falls all along, since now we’re slowly beginning to learn more and more of what his secret connection is to the show’s overall mystery. Right now the most popular theory is that 30 years ago (by the way the show is said to take place in the summer of 2012, so July 4th 1982, the date marked on the calender in that room in Carpet Diem, would be 30 years ago), the portal was activated and Stan’s brother (Dipper and Mabel’s grandfather, since Stan is their great UNCLE) disappeared into another dimension. So now Stan is trying to use the portal again to find him, and his brother may or may not also be the author of the journals.

    I hope you guys also vlog the series of shorts once you’re caught up with season 2! It’s hard to say yet whether or not the shorts will turn out to be important, but if nothing else they’re just more great Gravity Falls content. It would’ve been ideal to vlog them before season 2, since they take place during season 1, but whenever you decide to watch them (if you do) I’ll be interested to hear what you think of them nonetheless! 😀

  27. Gruncle Stan was AMAZING in this episode! Just absolutely amazing! The man goes boxing with the undead and doesn’t even flinch.

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