Gravity Falls Vlogs: Society of the Blind Eye

You watched it, you cannot unwatch it…or can you?

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  1. If you watch closely the mug and notepad that get sucked in come out of a portal in The Rick and Morty episode Close encounters of the Rick-Kind.

  2. Something interesting in this episode: The Stuff that gets sucked into stan’s portal falls out of a portal in an episode of Rick and Morty

  3. The Ignorance is Bliss line came from a Vigenere code and the Key word is ERASE, which is seen on the Tricerotops skeleton after the Blind Eye members inspect McGucket pretending to be a display.

    The message seems to reference various things different Blind Eye members used the memory erase gun for.

    Government Agents appear in the background when the gang is driving by before Wendy throws the CD out the window.

    Finally, Rick and Morty has a great connection to this episode. And Justin Roiland who plays Blendin Blandin plays the main characters and might be one of the showrunners too so I suggest checking it out. It’s a great adult cartoon show.

  4. There was one other message after the credits:
    “Gideon’s tantrums, misspelled tattoos, Shandra’s rejections, society’s views, a fear of witches, a life of regret, these are the things that they try to forget.”
    This is referring to the members of the Blind Eye Society: Bud Gleeful, the bouncer, Toby Determined, the woodpecker’s husband, the guy who thought Mabel was a witch when she guessed Waddles’ weight, and Old Man McGucket.

  5. no love for “eat you’r own pants”?

  6. Here’s a theory. Grunkle Stan is attempting to get back his twin brother. If you notice Stan as a kid and a teen (shown in Dreamscappers) wears square glasses and in the episode Boyz Crazy Stan is shown as an adult with no glasses, BUT a pair of glasses are found in the Mystery Shack in Carpet Diem with the calender of 1982. Those glasses are only seen one other time besides the main wheel in the opening credits, in the episode Time Traveller’s Pig. In that episode Dipper and Mabel are running through time and they run past the Mystery Shack with no sign on it in the middle of winter. A man pokes his head out and he looks like Grunkle Stan but obviously isn’t because of his glasses. We also see him in Bill Cipher in the episode Dreamscappers. There’s a great youtube video about it
    TL;DR Fan theory, Stan has a twin that was lost 30 years ago.

  7. From what I heard from the show’s creator Alex Hirsch, he is currently thinking of maybe 2 seasons and possibly a TV movie but a third season instead could be a possibility.

    Also no love for the Blanchin Rap? Wendy had some great moments hating it.

    • In an interview he said initially he planned 3 seasons AND maybe a movie, but now that he is doing the show and experiences how hard it is there might only be 2 seasons (and maybe a movie).

  8. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned yet but the guy who makes gravity falls released fake leaks on the internet (Mcgucket writing the journal) complained about the leaks then deleted his complaint in the most epic trolling.

    The creator is Matt Chapman who also created Homestar Runner and voices a lot of the characters on the shows including Grucle Stan, Soos, and Strongbad.

    • Matt who? You’re thinking of our lord and saviour, Alex Hirsch.

    • Matt Chapman, up to this last summer, was a writer on the program as well as a VA for several great characters on the show. I’ve been bringing up his involvement where necessary during this Vlogs, starting from his Announcer voice in Fight Fighters to this episode, the final one he wrote before moving out of the area.

      He also wrote most of the between-season shorts, which I recommend our favorite vlogging brothers move onto now that they must through Gravity Falls’ notorious sporadic release schedule like the rest of us.

  9. You guys watched CatDog? I thought you said in your Nicktoons video that Ahhh! Real Monsters was your last.

  10. Next up….”Time Baby” genius.

  11. I just found out Dipper’s voice actor is older than Stan’s voice actor. The voice complaints make so much more sense now.

  12. the shape-sifter did NOT saed he he says “that six finger freak hasnt been the same in years”
    and there the treo that stan has a twin (i dont believe it there no evidences yet for it)
    but well see in 2015 when the show comes back one to finish season 2

    • I figure the SoTBE stay away from Dipper and Mabel either because they didn’t know about it, or they don’t want to mess with Stan (or his theoretical brother).

    • No, the shapeshifter did definitely say “he”
      When Dipper asks him about the author his exact words are “You’ll likely never find HIM. That six-fingered nerd hasn’t been HIMSELF in 30 years”.
      As it stands, the post likely candidates for the author are:

      1. Stan’s lost twin brother.
      2. Stan himself (possibly after having his memory wiped)
      3. Soo’s unseen traveling dad
      4. Time-traveling Dipper in the future (see one cutaway shot of a masked figure in Blendin’s Game)
      5. Another character we haven’t even met yet
      6. A background character that at first seemed so inconsequential that we would never even suspect him (Pacifica’s dad? Toby Determined? Schmebulock? My money’s on Schmebulock)

  13. You know, this is like the current children’s generation of Courage the Cowardly Dog. Meaning that, it’s good and involves odd things happening.

  14. I love this episode. The show kind of has the “everyone but the main characters seems to be stupid and/or unaware of the weird stuff cliche”, but this episode not only gives a reason for it, but it ties in with the plot. That is genius!

    • I agree, it is still kind of weird that the world doesn’t know about gravity falls population of supernatural creatures, especially considering how it’s a tourist trap.

  15. McGucket being a red herring for the author was absolutely always planned from the beginning, because Alex Hirsch, the psychotically brilliant troll that he is, orchestrated a massive hoax to lead everyone to believe McGucket was going to be the author up until this episode.

    Back during season 1, a picture was “leaked” online of a younger McGucket with 6 fingers writing in the journals. The claim was someone had snapped the picture while on a tour of the Disney animation studios. Right as the picture was posted, Hirsch tweeted only the words “Fuming right now” before deleting the tweet not very long after. So for somewhere around a year and a half, almost everyone was convinced the leak was real.
    A couple weeks after this episode aired, Hirsch revealed on Twitter he was actually the one who created the fake picture, uploaded it online with the false story behind it, and then made the “Fuming” tweet (and deleting it shortly after) as a way to make it seem legit. The man completely punk’d almost his entire fan-base for more than a year JUST for the sake of making the twist that McGucket was in fact NOT the author more unexpected. The creator of this show is a magnificent bastard.

    Unlike most people though I always suspected the leak was a fake, due to its timing. It was posted online before the production of season 2 was even announced or started, meaning when the scene didn’t show up in season 1 at all, there was almost no chance it could have been real unless it was deleted from an episode… which is also incredibly unlikely if you know about the animation process. The “leak” was a fully colored and completed cel from a finished episode, and if a scene is deleted from an episode of animated show, it’s basically impossible that it made it past the storyboarding process. So when it did in fact turn out to be a fake, my only surprise was that Hirsch himself was insane enough to have started the hoax in the first place!

  16. 01.16, Yeah that was kind of a plothole, maybe the society ignored them because they were outsiders, although that still wouldn’t explain why soos wendy and stan still know everything.

    03.19, If I were to guess about the portals purpose, I think its connected to a world filled with magic, magic that has been leaking to our world somehow, and Stan wants to open it because he thinks that creating a portal to another world would make him rich.

    05.15, I would say that backstory wise its actually pretty different, but it’s the way that its revealed that makes it similar to the twist in adventure time.

    Even though it is rather similar to that twist I still liked it, mostly because I did kind of expect mcgucket to the author.

    08.14, That’s a theory that I’ve also had for a while, it seems unlikely mostly because there really aren’t that many important female characters that are old enough.

    I am curious if the disbandment of the society of the blind eye is going to have some major consequences down the line, I hope so since it would be kind of weird if it dident.

    • I suspect it’s because they only wipe the minds of those that want to forget the weird stuff of gravity falls, and if they approach someone, like dipper or mabel, who don’t want to forget their supernatural experiences they just wipe their memories of the society of the blind eye to cover their tracks. the society could have interacted with the main cast dozens of times and we would never know it.

  17. Actually, it was leaked on 4Chan that McGucket was the author and that the cast was hiding a sixth finger. After this was debunked in this episode, the creator of the show actually admitted to being the person who leaked it and that it was all fake.

    It was the ultimate troll move.

    But that’s not the only troll move that this show did. Someone actually made an account on Reddit under the name “BlendinBlandin” (the name of the time traveler), and then posted on Reddit asking if anyone had a calculator. This was before the show even aired. When the creator of the show became aware of it, he actually said that this one WASN’T him and he has no idea who it was. So perhaps he really is a time traveler…

  18. I think the author is male, because one of the cryptograms in the journal says “The portal when completed will open a gateway to infinite new worlds and herald a new era in mankind’s understanding of the universe. Plus, it will probably get girls to start talking to me finally”

    So unless there is a bisexual or lesbian thing going with the author, I’m pretty sure is a guy.

    • That line also proves that McGucket or Stan’s Twin can not be the author. McGucket had an adult son and Stan’s Twin would have also had a son (aka Dipper and Mabel’s father). So whoever it is has to be someone who was a) too young to be in a serious relationship (child or teen) or b) someone who had poor luck when it cames to women.

  19. You guys should look up the “Stan’s twin” theory. It’s a good theory with a lot of evidence. It could also connect to your theory of someone getting sucked into a portal.

  20. I’m surprised they didn’t mention the song “Blanchin'”, which is a parody of annoying catchy songs, especially the rap ones, heard during the summer radio.

    Girl we blanchin’, girl we blanchin’
    I live up in the mansion!

    Eat your own pants!
    Eat your own pats!

  21. I think you’ve hit the mark. I definitely think Grunkle Stan lost someone through the portal. I think it’s either Carla McCorkle or The Author. If it’s the Author, then I think it’s got to be Stan’s sibling that we never hear about. Because in order to be a Great Uncle he needs to have had a brother or sister. And for Grunkle Stan to be so determined to open this portal makes me think it has to be someone he cared about a lot.

  22. “McSuckit. They got me good.”

    I loved the Blanchin’ song. My favorite part of this episode was when Soos picked up the diagram and said “Oh, nobody better mess!” McGucket was a total badass in this episode too. “You can’t break what’s already broken! Say good night Sally!” Plus, “*hambones*Oh, @#$&*!” “You’ve really gone and tarded up now!” “Why does my beard have a bandage? Does that even make sense? Why has no one pointed that out?” XD He’s so gotdang funny.

    Also, guys:

    -Yes, the author is confirmed to be a male. Quoth the shapeshifter, “That six-fingered nerd hasn’t been himself in 30 years.” (But like Rob said, who can trust a shapeshifter?)

    -McGucket says in the video tapes that he got hit by a car. That’s why his hand is bandaged up.

    -Glad Doug made the connection between McGucket’s memories and the Simon tapes. I’m sure every AT fan noticed the similarity. I personally felt that because we spent so little time with McGucket (as opposed to the Ice King) it didn’t leave quite as strong of an impact, but it was still a very powerful scene.
    With Lemongrab’s voice actor in the next episode and John DiMaggio playing the love god after that, I can really get behind what Doug is saying. XD

    I mean…

    Kristen Schall-Jake Jr./Mabel
    Niki Yang-BMO/Lady Rainicorn/Candy
    Justin Roiland-Lemongrab/Blendin
    Jessica DiCicco-Flame Princess/Tambry/Giffany
    John DiMaggio-Jake/The Love God

    WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! Well, Pendleton Ward and Alex Hirsch DID both used to work on The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack together… if that says anything…

    • Also, Mabel’s sweater is of a yellow dog stretched out. Remind anyone of another dog that can stretch? I think it was meant to be a little nod to AT

    • Lil’ Gideon’s voice actor, Thurop Van Orman (who created Flapjack) has done a couple of voices for AT as well! He played the Tree With from “To Cut A Woman’s Hair” and Kent from “Little Brother”.

      Plus, Bud Gleeful and Finn’s human dad, Martin, are both voiced by Stephen Root.

  23. If you look at the page about the machine Stan is trying to recreate, it shows two people throwing a third person with a rope tied around his/her waist into the portal. Assuming Stan knows about this, then it’s possible he’s trying to get to someone who went through the portal when it was first created. (Insert obligatory twin theory here.)

    Maybe. I got to be honest, I’m terrible at the mystery aspect of the show. I always forget to look for Blendin or the secret agents, no matter how many times I rewatch an episode.

  24. ShakespeareanInsults

    Ah. Someone mentioned the Rick or Morty reference. A lot of fans I know kinda hated this episode because we never found out about the author only that McGucket worked with the author. I mean there’s so much to say in a 22 minute episode. Honestly, I though it was a good episode. Man, I’m glad Doug talked about Wendy. That’s why i have that screencap of her hair beard as my default picture. :33

  25. “…I’ll buy you a new one.”

    Yeah, if you’ve seen Holly Jolly Secrets, it’s pretty much impossible to not make the comparison. Although I really like both shows, Adventure Time is better when it comes to emotional storylines. McGucket’s backstory was kind of sad, but something about the way Simon’s was handled made it a lot more heart wrenching in my opinion.

    With that said, this was a good episode that explains why most of the residents of Gravity Falls never seem to acknowledge the supernatural. Between this and Soos and the Real Girl, it has also good to Wendy interact with people who aren’t Robbie or Dipper.

  26. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    You can’t trust shape shifters? That’s racist, Rob. Shape shifters are a proud and hardworking people and you’re just dragging them through the mud. Tsk tsk.

  27. My guess about the author, either it is the twin’s father.

    Whoever the person was has to be close to Stan, seeing how Stan knew a lot more about the machine and books then even Gideon. The writer vanished, either disappearing because of the supernatural or maybe they just packed up and left. The reason why I think it maybe their father is 1) he would have been about 10 or 12 meaning that the code about “getting girls to start talking to me” and the Konami code would make sense. A child, like Dipper, would just document what they see and if he saw his father, Stan, or McGucket doing science things, he would document them.

    However, my theory is flawed see how it doesn’t explain why he would know so many codes. Though McGucket is still my guess for “the one with six finger” even if he didn’t write the book.

  28. According to Alex Hirsch’s twiiter the author is Geordie LaForge whoever that is.

    In order to throw off everyone Mr. Hirsch;
    *created a fake screenshot of McGucket writing the journels
    *uploaded it to 4Chan (I think)
    *angrily tweeted this “leak”
    *deleted tweet

  29. Valve actually had plans to do the Ice King/McGucket thing with GLaDOS in Portal 2. They toned those elements down because they were deemed “too dark” for the game. Weird how Disney and Cartoon Network both have bigger balls than Valve.

  30. Wait, Darth Maul spoke?! When?

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