Gravity Falls Vlogs: Soos and the Real Girl

Some virtual relationships are a little too real.

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  1. One of my favorite episodes aswell, I’ve really liked Gifanny (I hope I’ve written her name right) and it makes me sad she will probably never appear again.

    Also am I the only one who laughed so much because of the “Flip the table meme” on game box?

  2. Eroge jokes on a disney show? Now there’s something you don’tsee everyday.

  3. God I loved the Gifanny character.
    And when I saw this episode I think: THAT’S really Disney?
    Otaku is someone who’s obsesses, hikikomori(hope I write it correct) is more of the basement dweller…who doesn’t go out and has social anxieties.

  4. Loved this episode! 😀 This is my favorite episode of the series and one of my favorite period.

  5. “This is literally too dumb for me to care about.” Great summary of Stan’s subplot.

  6. The mushroom cloud is graffiti done by Robbie, and is sprinkled all across Gravity Falls. Dipper remarks in The Inconveniencing that it looks more like a muffin than a mushroom cloud, which irritates Robbie.

    With regards to the basement dweller thing – it’s important to remember it’s often financial in this day and age rather than immaturity. Soos’s salary from the mystery shack is very unlikely to provide a livable wage, and there aren’t a lot of other employment opportunities in the town Soos is suitable for (as we see in Gideon Rises).

  7. Merry Christmas!

    Vigenere code: ANTHYDING CAN HADPLEN
    Key is Bearo that appears on a pizza box during the final Giffany/Soos confrontation.

    The Government Agents appear in the panning shot of the mall, and Stan seems to notice them.

    I was expecting Doug to be bringing up the Blind Eye symbol on the trash can. Instead, he mentions the muffin/explosion, which is hilarious especially since they did seem to forget the origin of the symbol and came up with the same conclusion for the picture as when it was first mentioned in the Inconveniencing. They were made by Robbie, and it’s meant to be an explosion, but Dipper calls it a muffin hahaha.

    I liked the Hoo Ha Owls, and the anime references, but I wish the motif for the episode was one or the other and not a mix mash of both.

    • i dont think doug has actually seen society of the blind eye or the episodes past it because hes never recalled any of the incidents those episodes are hinted at in past episodes

      • He has.He pretty much saw all episodes with Rob.Also,Rob is Mabel,and Doug is Dipper now.We will soon have our Waddles and Grunkle Stan with Soos.This will be pure Gravity Falls vlogs.

  8. not all visual novels center on romance, a lot of them are just video game versions of those choose-your-own-adventure books from the 80s

    JesuOtaku is developing one, I don’t suppose you had hand in funding it

  9. I disagree with Doug. You don’t need a romantic partner to be happy. Another thing I find weird is that Soos’s weight wasn’t brought up once in this episode. If you’re male and overweight no woman will ever date you, and if you try they’ll think you’re a creeper.

  10. Just some stuff to point out to the Walkers:

    – That old woman in the beginning with Soos was his grandma

    – He does live with her.

    – Soos and the woman did not break up at the end, they decided to continue dating through web chat.

    – There is still some Showbuz Pizza places left. There is one nearby me but it’s a Billy Bob’s Wonderland which is a typical Showbiz Pizza with lazer tag, mini golf, and go karts.

  11. Option C was always “squids,” possibly because “tentacles” was a little too on the nose.

  12. “It is time for you to start meeting girls. I would like to see you settled before I ascend to heaven and live with the angels.”
    “And with Grandpa!”
    “…No, he is not there.”

    This is another really funny episode, especially for those who are familiar with anime. I also got some laughs from the subplot with Stan and Goldy. He really has knack for scarring children. Soos and the real girl didn’t really break up, they just started a long distance relationship.

    Merry Christmas!

  13. I… thought that was a chuck e cheese reference… *cries* nineties kids……

  14. Otaku is someone who has obsession for their hobby and being in their home for long periods. Hikkomori is someone who has social anxieties that never leave their room. Some otaku influences may apply to hikkomoris, but the most part is staying in their room. Never leaving their house for school, conventions, shopping, working, or anything like that. They may leave for their bathroom or food in the house. Most hikkomoris rely on their parents’ money to able to live, which is definitely not a good thing.

    I love this episode as an anime fan, someone getting into dating sims/visual novels/otome, and a fan of Gravity Falls.

  15. Merry Christmas Doug also its his Grandmother. =)

  16. sir nir of the blackwater
    this picture is how i found out about gravity fall…. 🙂
    happy holidays!!!!

  17. One of the the lines I enjoyed was “Take it from someone who brought an arcade game to life, this will not end well.”.

    Their were a few others I also enjoyed, but that one comes to mind off the back.

  18. This episode… Oh my God this episode! I NEVER would’ve expected to see something like this from Disney, and I LOVE IT!

  19. Wait!?! Rob’s watched NHK!??! 😀 That’s my favorite anime! 😀

  20. Actually the mushroom muffin cloud was explained in the episode “the inconveniencing” Robbie drew it.

  21. Silly Rob, you’d be hard pressed to even find a basement in Japan. Most places don’t have them

    An otaku is just someone who never leaves their home/apartment, but commonly used as a derogatory term for male nerds. Hikkomori actually means someone who’s acutely anti-social, but the term is most commonly used for young girls and women who look very unkempt, ala Samara from The Ring

  22. I am going to be honest and say I did not like this episode as much as the others. I found Giffany to be really annoying and felt the premise was a bit to similar to the Street Fighter episode with video games character coming to life and hurting people. Then again, I am not much of an anime fan and I find dating sims/visual novels to be boring.

    Also the Showbiz Pizza, when you mentioned it was real, I swear I remember going to one when I was Preschool or Kindergarten. My babysitter would take me there when my brothers were at karate. We never ordered anything, we just went to watch the stage show.

    • Well Doug isn’t a big anime fan and doesn’t play Sim dating games and he seemed to enjoy it greatly. Giffany was playing the stereotype of all those characters, they honestly did a great job with her character.

  23. merry christmas!
    abuelita means granny, she is his grandma
    the house is from his grandma. you actually see it later on when SPOILERS dipper and mabel go back in time to when seuss was a little kid
    they dont break up at the end. its a long distance relation. so im pretty sure she will come back. i agree that she was really likeable
    rob should be replaced with a christmas tree in the next vlogs begining. that would be hilarious. though you probably already filmed it and lost the chance.
    you know. life is an experience. and a pretty pointless one when you think about it. so there is no real way of wasting it. if you are truly happy with wathever the fuck you are doing with it (and you arent fucking with other people while doing it) then its fine. go do that. there can be happiness in being a nutjob who is in love with a fucking screen. just because you, i or most people cant find fullfilment in that we shouldnt judge them. so let them be. as long as they have a job or are rich. the problem is when they do nothing for society and just sit in their asses collecting money from people who work just because they are unhealthy. fuck those assholes who do that. shame on them
    merry christmas from downtown argentina everybody!

  24. I remember that someone put this on their scariest children show episodes list. I’ve only played one dating sim and it was because I was told that it was really hard to beat. And it WAS. I barely even cared about the story anymore. It took me ten days to beat it! It was a matter of pride by then like: I WILL BEAT THIS STUPID GAME. Although, I bet people do dating sims seriously because dating sucks!… I’ve never heard of Showbiz Pizza. Also, I don’t think that you’ve pissed me off yet, Doug so… yay! 😀

  25. That Showbiz Pizza thing was real? WTF? Sometimes America is really almost as weird as Japan to us Europeans. lol

  26. Why do I have a feeling that Doug knows about Dipper calling the graffiti a muffin?

    • It was way back in Episode 5. My guess is Doug remembers the explosion/muffin comparison, he just forgot Dipper said it.

      • Seeing how they joke about Rob becoming Mabel and Doug being Dipper, I think that might have been a semi-hidden joke. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence and I give them credit for what they didn’t plan 🙂

  27. I know this feeling at all to well.

  28. Otaku is just enthusiast, but stateside it’s come to mean enthusiast of japanese culture.
    Hikikomori is one who refuses to leave their house.

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