Gravity Falls Vlogs: Summerween

The Rise of Loser Candy!

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  1. Fun fact: that white powdery stuff on chocolate bars is called bloom. It’s made of crystallized cocoa butter that has separated from the chocolate and is a sign that the chocolate was not properly tempered.

  2. I can’t believe I didn’t get the Spirited Away reference.

  3. Wow didn’t know there was leo hate personally I always liked Casey Jones the best.

  4. Interesting that most of the examples that Rob and Doug gives of Loser Candy (Sweet Tarts, Chiclets, Nerds, Bottle caps, even raisins) were all things I really liked as a kid.

    Loser Candy to me were those terrible brownish toffees with the orange and yellow wrappers and peanuts.

    • Professor von SCIENCE!!!

      I don’t mind raisins unless people put them in things like cookies or raisins covered in chocolate. I especially despise raisin cookies that look chocolate chip cookies. That’s just vile.

    • Doug and Rob have clearly never had real loser candy…

      Sweettarts, Raisinets, candy corn, I know people that enjoy all those (and enjoy a few myself).

      No, REAL loser candy are those ones that people buy to give out because they’re cheap but no one buys for themselves. Those disgusting fruit hard candies with the unpleasant texture, the toffees you mentioned, the other candies with the taste and consistency of chalk, those bloody fruit flavored Tootsie Roll knock offs… I could go on for days. This is “Dollar Store Bargain Bulk bag” kinda candy we’re talking about here.

  5. no mention of twincest. i am disappoint

  6. there’s only one good kind of candy

    pure dark chocolate

  7. There already is a Gravity Falls Lucasarts game.

    It’s called Sam and Max Hit the Road.

  8. ……I like Candy Corn…..

  9. I remember this is the episode that really got me into the show, I just love the villain’s design

  10. Ah, memories. The first episode I watched. My friend showed me it and then a number more. I only started watching it on my own recently, and I have no regrets. To Gravity Falls!!


  12. The boring people are ALWAYS the main character. My favorite TMNT character is April. Sorry Leonardo. 🙁 I would describe myself as nerd-lite. I know stuff but I sadly don’t own most of the nerdy things. Oh my god! That explains why as soon as I saw the Trickster I was like “This looks SO familiar” so it’s okay, Doug! You no longer have the slowest brain. Haha.

  13. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that we are all nerds here.

  14. The only loser candy I ever got was religious pamphlets. 😛

  15. Man, you guys evidently were not exposed to the super lame loser candy that I got as a kid. Did you ever get those big stale marshmallows shaped like peanuts? Blech.

    I can’t say Leo was my favorite turtle (I liked Mikey as a kid, but nowadays I prefer Donnie), but I like all of them. Leo had is moments same as the rest of them.

  16. I will fight you to the death on SweetTarts!

    But I’m pretty much in agreement on everything else.

    Oh, and other than a geek originally meaning somebody who bit the heads off of live chickens, I’d say the difference between a geek and a nerd is that the nerd is more knowledgeable of practical information. Nerds would be more knowing of stuff taught in school or science/engineering related stuff. Geeks are more for those overly knowledgeable in stuff that is useless outside of a fandom… like speaking Klingon or whatever. But regardless, both must also have some social problems that make any type of relating to those outside their immediate circles HIGHLY problematic.

    Of course I’m pulling this distinction out of my ass, but I’m sticking to it…. uh, the distinction… not my ass……. no wait, it’s still there. Okay, both then.

  17. Looks like we know what’s on Doug’s Overlooked Halloween Special list.

  18. I thought it was pretty clever how that bit with Soos pressing the skull things was set up right at the start of the episode.

    This is also a massive “this is Disney!??!” type episode. Like I could almost hear NC in my head going “you know? For kids!”

  19. What!?
    How can nobody have Leonardo as their favorite Ninja Turtle!?
    Plus why do people keep dissing Candy Corn!? I find Candy Corn delicious. And I LOVE Pixie Sticks!
    Doug and Rob just said not one, not two, but THREE things that felt like a spit on the face to me.

  20. Leonardo was always my favorite turtle simply because in the Turtles In Time game, I would pick him because he uses dual swords! I felt so powerful! (I used to play with my brother who was Donatello). And it was the game that introduced me to the turtles and Leonardo was my first pick! I then began to watch the series.

  21. ShakespeareanInsults

    I loved this episode plus I like how they based the monster from Spirited Away in this episode. It’s really good

  22. sweet tarts are not loser candy


  24. Yeah, I prefer Donatello over the others. But I got some MAJOR shit for that in school.

  25. Leonardo was always my favorite as a kid, probably because he had katanas and I was all about katanas.

    As an adult, it’s Casey Jones followed by Raphael, but Leo probably still comes in third.

  26. This is actually one of my favorite episodes of the series, I’m glad everyone else likes it

  27. They didn’t talk about the kid that got eaten

  28. Pineapple Candy.
    Just pineapple candy.
    I don’t know what they’re really called, and I doubt anyone really does.
    It’s the loserest loser candy ever.
    I don’t even think the maker wants to make them.
    I bet their creation is just the cost or by-product of making a much better candy.
    Like when you make a 100 Grand bar, pineapple candy is just simultaneously ejected from the candy machine’s ass.

  29. Wow – no love for Waddles costume this Vlog?
    *flips tables*

  30. You guys forgot to mention Kit-Kats

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