Gravity Falls Vlogs: The Deep End

You will believe a merman can cry.

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  1. Yay! I love these V-logs. Have Rob watch it with you Doug and do a Sibling Rivalry on Dipper Goes to Taco Bell. Make him suffer with you!

  2. ShakespeareanInsults

    I remember this episode so many great jokes! Haha

  3. Surprised you didn’t talk about how great it is that Disney allowed two people of the same sex to kiss.

  4. I’d mentioned earlier on Summerween that Matt Chapman of Homestar Runner both wrote and VA’d on this show until recently. I mention that again because he was the voice of Mermando.

  5. dipper gose to taco bell is a fan made wight so u have to read it it not a episode or a film

  6. “It’s the nights that are the hardest…”

    That kid trapped in solitary and the insane lifeguard were easily the most memorable parts of the episode.

  7. You can post videos on YouTube that’re longer than 10 minutes. The only real limit is that you can’t post anything over 15 minutes if you have a strike.

  8. So no one bothered to tell Rob it’s a fanfic in the first place?

  9. Such a great episode, great laughs from the insane lifeguard and the Pines’ antics and some genuine heart with Mabel and Dipper’s conversation about tragic, Quixotic love. A great balance of heartwarming and pathos. As mentioned above, Matt Chapman of Homestar Runner fame was the voice of Mermando, in addition to writing several episodes and contributing several other voices. This is probably his most prominent character though. You can really see his distinctive sense of humor throughout the series, and I hope he continues to work for the show in the future.

  10. Dat Woodpecker scene.

  11. KnightmareTheGreat

    Just wanted to point out that Mermando is voiced by Matt Chapman, the voice behind Homestar Runner, Strong Bad and almost every other character in that series.

  12. My favorite part was when Mabel was talking about their adventures. “And the vampires…” “I don’t remember any vampires!” “I don’t don’t tell you everything!”
    She’s a really great character and I want to see more of her adventures!


    Here you go Doug (even though i know these v-logs are filmed a couple weeks in advanced) and anyone else whose interested.

    Viewer discretion is advised…

  14. Bit of a filler episode, but still enjoyable. I like when Dipper gets to be the good brother that Mabel deserves!

  15. The last 5 episodes of this season are the best season 1 episodes in my opinion, this episode is great for all of the reasons you two mentioned.

    One of my favorite jokes that you two didn’t mention was mabel taking a photo of dipper performing reverse cpr on mermando to use as blackmail later, I really hope that mabel does use that photo to blackmail dipper in a future episode.

  16. You guys made me Listen to it!

  17. The little boy still remains in pool jail today. His parents plan on taking his case all the way to the Supreme Court.

  18. A Sweater saying TAKE ME GNOME TONIGHT, seriously? LOLLOL!!

  19. Gideon’s voice actor also voiced the worm’s Little Brother in Adventure Time and the titular character of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

  20. The life guard was so fun

    I never saw the cops gay until you said it

  21. Dippre goes to Taco Bell is a fanfic that is sick and some of 30min best not watch it

  22. Favorite line
    “I don’t remember the vampires”
    “I don’t tell you everything, Dipper.”

  23. PrincessPaladin

    This just in: calling people whores is still not okay. Since when is being “flirtatious” the same thing as having lots of sex for money? The fact you think a girl being forward about her romantic interests is something to be looked down upon is really fucking disgusting. No one calls guys “whores” when they do the same thing.

    Please try thinking before speaking. It does wonders for not seeming like a misogynistic asshole.

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