Gravity Falls Vlogs: The Golf War

Who knew golf was so violent?

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  1. The Big Henry thing made me laugh and cry at the same time. =)

  2. as for the fan animation you talked about
    it’s here

  3. The reason it’s called Pitt Cola because it is named after a guy that used to be a director for the show. His name is Joe Pott by the way.

    Also Tress Macneille did not voice Polly, kt was another voice actor named Kari Wahlgren.

    Also I’m surprised they didn’t mention Jim Cummings voicing the Pirate Captain. I know it was a small part, but anyone who knows his roles should recognize his voice.

  4. I can’t wait for you all to see Soos and the real girl episode!

  5. I did not really like this episode.
    I think Patton Oswalt was miscast and did not belong in this episode. He shows up in to many shows right now.
    He ruined this episode for me.

  6. Here’s the Gravity Falls anime Doug talked about:

  7. Well, I just found out Doug hates me and now I’m just depressed.

  8. “Should’ve charged her for that taco.”

    A decent episode that takes a break from show’s mystery story line. The scene with Big Henry was really funny in a dark way. It was also good to see some potential development for Pacifica.

    As a side note… no Korra finale Vlog today. D:

  9. This just helps mini-golf’s reputation as more fun than golf.

  10. How exactly is ChannelAwesome linked to Disney?

  11. My personal favorite joke in this episode is when Mabel said “I want a rematch you, you… WALKING ONE-DIMENTIONAL BLEACHED BLONDE VALLEY GIRL STEREOTYPE!!!” and Pacifica gets that pissed off look on her face, it just cracked me up!

    When I first saw that I was like “OH MY GOD, I thought they would never say that but they did!” It was at that point you KNOW the writers were aware of Pacifica being the “Rich bully girl” character that we’ve seen so many times before and wanted to show us they wanted to give more to her than that.

  12. Funniest tragedy since Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph.

    But a commenter made it sad because Big Henry died for nothing.

    Rest easy Big Henry.

  13. wait, what!? did I hear that right, Channel Awesome works for Disney, what? WHAT???? since when!?!?!?

    • Channel Awesome’s content is largely hosted (and monetized by), which is run by Maker Studios, who got bought by Disney… I want to say last year?
      Either in 2013 or early 2014.

  14. This was the first episode I decided to watch on TV since the start of these vlogs. I turned to it just in time for the Big Henry scene and felt like there was a subplot I’d missed. Now knowing there wasn’t only makes it funnier.

  15. Am I the only one that doesn’t know about the whole Disney own thing?

  16. I know is odd.. but what i really liked about this episode.. aside from Big Henry of course ..
    Was Pacífica and his father
    Yesh, i know, i know, Pavifica at least at this point is not more that the snoby bully and of course in cartoon and kid shows Or even movies the snoby rich bully is Or: a)Mesn for no reason Or b) Mean because his parents dont Give she love Or atention Or whatever
    But.. i dont know Why.. but it really worked for me here
    Yeah the mother was just this latex-faced snob but.. i really cant telll Why
    I just love the father
    Is weird because he has little to no lines and he dont say nothing.. funny
    And Yeah.. he is just a rich snob
    But.. when rich snobs go.. i just loved his character, its almost like he know what he is and he doesnt really care, by the way he was drawn and voiced and.. the “Aficionado aficiondo” magazine..
    Yeah is weird
    Another thing , the ending.. i will said If well the anime one was greatly animated .. i prefer the original
    I just think all the flashbacks are.. cheesy like just in that moment she evolves out of nowhere
    I like in the episode that.. is just the beginnig, she is still a bully, but she began to open her mind
    Anyway the next two episodes are my favorite!
    Cant wait!
    And Sorry by Grammar , typos and language
    Remember mortality is fake existence is nonsense
    Brush your teeth and Merry Christmas

    • It’s probably because Nathan Fillion does the voice for Pacifica’s dad. I’m sorry, but just about everything Nathan Fillion has done, I love it. Firefly/Serenity, Dr. Horrib;e’ Singa Along Blog, Castle… Yeah him lol

  17. I don’t think the Big Henry thing was a love story, well not a romantic one. I thought that the girl was his daughter/adopted daughter/orphan that he took care of.

  18. The key was located on the castle wall. WHATEVS was the key. Forgot exactly when but it was sometime during the chase scene.

    Fun fact. The person that made the anime version of the Gravity Falls scene also has a lot of Pinecest (twincest of Dipper/Mabel) gifs. And despite the squick factor they’re pretty well made.

    Finally, I find this episode was better for me on repeat viewings. I agree with the person above saying Patton Oswalt doesn’t really fit given the person is supposed to be Dutch? but he has great delivery otherwise. But yeah, jokes firing on all cylinders and a lot of creativity with the Lilliputtians.

    • I miss the ability to edit posts.

      One thing I forgot. Realize the Walker brothers will do Gravity Falls Shorts Vlogs, but the Duck-tective episode that appeared in one of the tv shorts was in the background on this episode in the opening.

      Finally, Victory, Honor, Destiny, Mutton!

    • in Patton’s defence you can’t really do a Dutch accent in English, it always ends up sounding German.

  19. I think it was one of my least favorite episode. Its weird but if I had to pick one “not that great” episode it would be this one and the halloween special

  20. I was hoping Doug or Rob would mention that Pacifica’s dad was voiced by Nathan Fillion in this episode. I was also really hoping that they would reference Sergei!!

  21. Very great
    I actually follow the person who made the Gravity Fall anime they also made some Gumball stuff they made great stuff
    The mine scene was the best

    Watch the Dipper and Mabel’s shorts

  22. This episode has one of my favorite character interactions highlighted at the end: Dipper’s dislike towards Pacifica. Because really, she never did anything to Dipper, only to Mabel. And still, he seems to hold a grudge against her just for that, even when Mabel herself doesn’t anymore.

    Not only that, Grunkle Stan had some sweet moments with Mabel too (especially when he gives her that ‘u da best’ sticker), and both him and Dipper spent a good time of this episode trying to cheer Mabel up. Hell, this episode only happened because they wanted Mabel to forget about Pacifica by relaxing and playing something she’s really good at: mini-golf!

    I love me some ‘Pines family’ moments.

  23. Since Doug and didn’t say it, I’m counting on everyone else here to spam it with me…

    Victory! Honor! Destiny! Mutton! Victory! Honor!…

  24. ShakespeareanInsults

    Big Henry was hilarious xD oh my god. Yes I’m so glad you mentioned that YouTube video if Gravity falls was an anime. He makes a lot of cool art work on Deviant art and he uh well let’s say he does make some “taboo” stuff but honestly he is a great artist really.

  25. The Big Henry bit it was very Family Guy-style

  26. Okay scratch what I said last episode, i forgot to have this one as well on my list of favorite episodes. It is just such a hilarious episode and I loved Patton Oswalt being in it, but what I also really liked was the small development they gave Pacifica.

    I really like that they are actually developing her more and I thought the idea of her winning actually made sense in the end. After all Mabel did cheat, and Pacifica has actually had mini golf training for years (which was another aspect of showing why she has so many issues actually)

    Mind you I usually like it when Pacifica shows up just because of her pun name, but also because of the chance that her dad will be there and I can hear Nathan Fillion.

    Also NOT SO FUN FACT! The artist that drew the anime version of that scene from Gravity Falls has drawn Pinecest! (What “Shippers” of the pairing call it)

  27. Aaaaand Blip borked their mobile player again 🙁

  28. Somewhat ironically the interactions in this episode made me absolutely certain of one thing… Dipper/Pacifica. Buckle in people, because it’s coming like a freight train!

    • Why? Dipper dislikes Pacifica more than Mabel does.

      Why can’t people ship something normal like Marceline and Wendy, or mabel and sima yi from dynasty warriors, or Stan and gruul the dragon killer from world of Warcraft.

      • Marceline/Wendy is practically canon…no shipping required!

        But to answer your question, that’s just it…he dislikes her TOO much now. (Bear in mind, this is sort of metaplot thinking, and I know not everyone’s into that.) I don’t mean that he’s developed secret feelings for her already and is trying to hide them, mind you. Before this episode, Dipper’s greater dislike of Pacifica was sort of a sweet reminder of his and Mabel’s sibling relationship…even though Mabel could laugh and shrug off Pacifica’s slings and arrows, Dipper would still brook no bullying of his sister.

        But if they continue the trend of softening Pacifica’s demeanor and making her and Mabel more friendly, Dipper’s intense dislike could seem more and more out of place, calling for something to happen to change their relationship (such as it is.) And with him just getting over his crush with Wendy…well, in other shows, I’d say it was a pretty obvious set-up with an eye towards getting them together eventually.

        BUT, this IS Gravity Falls, and the show has defied some pretty standard and established plot devices on several occasions, especially in the new season, so we’ll see! My gut’s telling me that’s where they’re going with it, though.

  29. RIP Big Henry… We hardly knew ye! That, Patton Oswalt and Pacifica softening up made this episode worth it! Otherwise it’s just an okay episode.

  30. Speaking as a Dutch person the stereotypes in this episode offend me, why are none of the Dutch Lilliputians eating cheese? besides taking drugs and complaining about the weather eating cheese is pretty much all we do.

    This episode is great, not as great as the first two episodes of this season but still really great, the thing I like most about it is how it humanizes Pacifica to be more than well to quote Mabel “ A walking one-dimensional, bleached-blonde valley girl stereotype“.

    02.59 Wait love story? I just thought it was a case of parental substitution, well that puts everything in a new light.

    But yeah big henry dying was one of the greatest jokes ever.

    07,07 I get what you’re trying to say but I find it hard to really compare the two shows, adventure time has almost as many parodies of messages as actual messages, it’s also a much weirder show so it’s much harder to predict anything it does.

    07.24 They did reveal that her family was a fraud in one episode so that’s a victory.

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