Gravity Falls Vlogs: The LAST Episode

I will not say do not cry, for not all tears are an evil. Doug and Rob take a look at the final Gravity Falls episode.

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  1. These are the words Bill said said just before his death. If you play it in reverse.

    X O L O T L

    Xolotl is the god of fire, lightning, death, and twins

    Stan’s memory didn’t go away because Bill survived, possibly banished but still very much alive

  2. I may never post anything again, but I wanted to make this account and say

    Thank you for wearing the MABEL patch that I made (the Christmas lights looked dangerous)
    You mentioned the gift before and I was concerned with this being the last episode. Thank you, Doug for delivering it. Thank you, Rob for receiving my weird gift.

    Goodbye Gravity Falls, we will miss you

    • You made those gift ? Wahou ! ^^ it’s pretty well done ! Btw, cheer up I bet everything you want that it won’t be the last time we’ll hear of Mabel and Dipper…. nor Billl… But yeah, I don’t think there’s anything left to do in Gravity Falls. That’s why Alex Hirch have to stop Gravity Falls…

  3. No mention of that scene with Stan and Ford sharing the liquor bottle?

  4. Loved this episode, and I enjoyed all the vlogs you made on Gravity Falls!

    And as for Dipper/Pacific, yeah its too bad that nothing really came of it, but at least we always have the fan art.

    I’m blessed I was able to watch the beautiful show of Gravity Falls.

  5. In terms of nitpicks the only one I had was the dipper/Pacifica and like you guys said there probably just wasn’t enough time but it felt liked they made her (Pacifica) a jerk again in this episode and gave her a bitter ending. They lost everything. Take that character who we established is just “abused” by her parents?

    Also in regards to their relationship, i feel like they could’ve maybe put in a little wink. Like maybe a little flirt or blush moment between the characters just to let the audience know the writers were at least thinking about it.

    • Dude, rewatch the episode. Pacifica wasn’t a jerk, she just had an attitude while still remaining a good person, like Grunkle Stan or Robbie. Why are they allowed to be jerks while still being “likable” and “developed” but not her (a gender thing maybe?)

      And the Northwests did NOT lose everything, only half of their money and mansion, it was specifically said that the mansion was sold so that they could RETAIN their fortune. They still have a lot of money, enough to get Pacifica a pony, the joke was that Pacifica was used to having much, much more money (and more ponies).

      Lastly, did you miss Pacifica getting Dipper and Mabel gifts that she wrapped herself? Gifts that were reflective of her bonding time with the twins (a golf club for Mabel and Ghostbusters DVD for Dipper)? And that she dotted the “i” in her name with a HEART in the “See You Next Summer” note to Dipper? That seems like a little wink to me.

    • They didn’t lose everything. They had to sell the mansion yeah, but the “just one pony” joke made it clear they’ll still have enough to live plenty comfortably.

    • Yeah, I didn’t like how snobby she acted in this episode. And her ending, while funny, still felt like punishment for her. And she actually felt bad for her parents who messed her up and was happy to see them again. Wtf?

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      I’m pretty sure there still an a relationship I just think it was for her character and that’s the way the writers wrote her!!!!

  6. Late Nakagawa Ryou

    Can’t believe you didn’t mention the cops… “We’re mad with power… and LOVE!”

  7. I’ll admit, I haven’t been this emotionally invested in a series finale since Avatar: The Last Airbender, and that was what, eight years ago? Nowadays, shows just continue on and on and on… but this was a pretty satisfying ending.

  8. I’m gonna miss these vlogs. It was such a joy watching you two discover and fall in love with this show like I did.

    As a finale, I thought it was damn near perfect. I love how it wrapped up almost everything for the main characters and though I didn’t shed any tears, there were times where I came pretty darn close. Alex Hirsch confirmed that even though Gravity Falls is over, this won’t be the last we see of the Pines family, so I hope they return in some capacity. My one hope is that they don’t wring his creative juices dry at Fox like they did Matt Groening and Seth McFarlane’s shows.

    And yes, Kristen Schall has an Annie Award already for voicing Mabel, and she DESERVED it.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you do a Top 11 of best Gravity Falls episodes eventually! (I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Top 11 Worst like with Avatar, but hey, I’m not Doug.)

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Kristen Schaal deserves better than an Annie award(although an Annie award is pretty good). Maybe she’ll get an Emmy in the future for her performance on this show.

      Does anybody also know that she’s now on the fox show The Last Man on Earth(which is another great show and maybe she’ll get an Emmy for that but ithink she should get one for Mabel and I doubt she’ll get one for that show though).

  9. On one hand, it probably would have packed a much bigger punch if Stan hadn’t regained his memory. On the hand, having him travel the world with Ford on the Stan of War II felt so appropriate.

    I’m some character arcs (Gideon and Pacifica) would have been better executed if they had stuck to the three season plan, but what we got is still very good. I like that they didn’t feel the need to definitively pair the kids up with anyone during the timeline of the show; it would have felt really shoehorned in at this point. Based on their interactions at the end, though, I think I might be starting to ship adult Wendy and Dipper.

    If I’m really invested in a series, I’m perfectly fine with multiple endings. I prefer to get as much time to say goodbye to the characters as possible.

  10. it’s actually possible that there’s goign to be a Gravity Falls Rick & Morty crossover event in the future

  11. You know, Rob, there’s a thing called a time bubble. It can make Gravity Falls last as long as you want! All you need to do is give Bill- I mean, Blendin this little snowglobe thing. No one will even notice it’s missing!

    In all seriousness, this episode was brilliant (although Dipper did not ride the Multi Bear into battle, which disappointed me.) The battle between the Mecha-Shack and the Henchmaniacs was awesome (especially the way they fucking tossed Xanthar halfway across the town.) I was surprised by how graphic this episode got at times, too (my God, when the eye got ripped out of Bill’s face, I got a little nauseous). Bill Cipher singing was so beautiful (and now I have a new favorite song, so thanks for introducing me to “We’ll Meet Again”, Gravity Falls!). That whole scene between Bill and Ford was definitely fun to watch. It was a little disappointing to see the Cipher Wheel get confirmed and then not be utilized, but hey, it was cool to see that it was supposed to serve a point. Bill was definitely at his peak in this episode, showing every emotion he possibly could. When Stan’s memories were wiped and Bill was destroyed, that was the first time I teared up. Then I started crying (“This is worse than death!”) when it seemed that Stan would lose his memories forever (hooray for scrapbooks and Waddles!). I honestly like how everyone’s paths ended too. Stan and Ford make up and get to finally live their childhood dream going on adventures, the twins stay together and go on to take on the world, Soos takes over the Mystery Shack (with Melody! <3), and everyone else go on their happy ways. I also loved the hat switch and the letter that Dipper got from the townspeople. And of course, Durland x Blubs is essentially confirmed and everyone can die happy now. So yeah, it had its dissapointing moments, but it was overall an excellent finale to an excellent series!

  12. nihilism&daisychains

    Bill IS in our dimension!

    The statue of him shown in the final image is somewhere in the Pacific Northwest-not sure where. Supposedly, there are directions or coordinates in credits.

    If you go looking for it, just please don’t deface or seal it or break into private property (I’ve heard it might be on private lands?) or do anything else that would ruin it for all of us. 🙂 thanks

  13. I’m surprised Disney let Alex get away with Blubs and Durland at the end there.

    • Well they must have noticed how well Korrasami went over for Nick and how well the LGBTQ characters(which is like half the main cast now) in Steven Universe did for CN(plus to some extent Clarence and Adventure Time) and gave it the OK this time. Props to them for having it be two named male characters for once.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Thank God they did cause they must be the nearest of friends(and the better better of friends indeed) 😉

  14. The final shot of Bill after the end credits actually was live action! It’s very heavily implied by that shot and some super-secret codes in the show that the Gravity Falls team actually went to Oregon and put a real-life statue of Bill somewhere in the woods. And while the finale was the perfect ending to the show, Bill says a line backwards as he burns that leaves the possibility for another mystery wide open. People have already said it in these comments, but they misquoted it, so I’ll say it here anyways.


  15. Giving you (Doug) that DVD at MomoCon was one of the best decisions I ever made. I know I’ve said it before but I really am so glad I was able to get you guys into this show and that you’ve enjoyed it so much. It might be a silly thing to be proud of but I really am proud of it!

    And I agree with you both 100% about Stan’s memory returning much too quickly, and how it would’ve been so much better if he only regained his memory partially or it took a long time for him to get them back slowly. This made me have mixed feelings about the finale, since I was disappointed in how this felt like all the stakes had been taken out, but everything else about the way the show ended was so fantastic that I could take the good with the bad, especially when there was so much good to be had.

    Though I admit I’m really confused about what Stan’s memory coming back means for Bill. Is he still hanging around in Stan’s mind? If he is, is he no longer powerful enough to cause any trouble? Will he ever come back completely? Right before Stan punches him out he says something which played in reverse is “A-X-O-L-O-T-L. My time has come to burn. I invoke the ancient power that I may return.” A Axolotl is an animal known for regenerating itself while Xolotl is a god in Aztec mythology. Unfortunately I doubt there’ll ever be an answer to this.

    Even though it bowed out in an excellent way, I’m really going to miss Gravity Falls and your vlogs! Technically there’s still a little more to look forward to, since an official replica of Journal #3 is coming out this summer and it’s supposed to have some new information, but I loved watching your thoughts and reactions to the series. Especially when I’d remember I was the whole reason you were doing so :’) I hope you still get plenty more mileage out of that Dipper hat I gave you last year, Doug! If you’re still looking for a Wendy hat by the time MomoCon rolls around again this year, I think I can lend a hand with that too <3

  16. You should’ve also created a vlog for the Between the Pines special.

  17. Stan and Ford fighting the giant squid was awesome.

    My youngest son, who will be six in two weeks, cried that it was over. He asked why a good show has to end. We had a good time watching the marathon over the weekend. It wasn’t straight through, but it was great that we could turn on the TV and see something good all weekend long.

  18. What’s Dipper’s name?

  19. “If you’re watching this, you must have seen the episode…”

    No, I haven’t seen the episode. In fact, I haven’t seen the show at all. Only about four or five episodes. Yet I constantly hear it’s good. So even now that it’s over, it hasn’t left much of an impact on me.

    I’m just here to listen to what Doug and Rob have to say about it and see how much of an impact it has left on them.

  20. Oh man, I loved the ending of the show. Everything came together, all the foreshadowing, all but one of the questions were answered (what’s Dipper’s real name?). I especially liked all that foreshadowing about Stan burning and in the end, his mind really did burn.

    What got to me most in this episode was Ford and Stan. Ford’s hand shaking when he’s about to shoot Stan, the way he hugs him. It really felt like a lot of character development for Ford in a pretty short time with how dismissive he’s been with Stan.

    If you guys want a new show to watch, try out Rick and Morty! It’s fairly short, 20 episodes or so, but it’s ongoing. It’s definitely a more adult show, but it’s really worth a watch if you liked Gravity Falls.

  21. I never saw Gravity Falls but I still watched and enjoyed every Gravity Fall Vlog for some reason and this is the first episode where you haven’t explained it. LOL. ^.^

  22. It’s sad that it’s over, but it is good to go out on a high note than over stay its welcome, even if the show had plenty of potential to have three awesome seasons. I’m sure sometime in the future we will see something new for the Gravity Falls world. And I must thank you for getting me into the show, it was a blast.

    I agree that it would have been more impactful if Stan’s memories stayed gone or at least taken longer to return, but I am ok with it since it was already established with McGucket that the effects of the memory eraser gun are not necessarily permanent.

  23. Any chance the Gravity Falls Shorts can be vlogged? Or can we get a top 11 GF episode list?

  24. well, there’s always Star vs the Forces of Evil, or Star Wars rebels…I don’t get Disney XD on my cable package so I have to find its shows online and I don’t really know what else than network has to offer.

    I like how Bill mentioned he was from a 2 dimensional universe, which he “liberated.” It reminded me of the story of Flatland. Though it does raise some questions, he’s a transcendent being from another universe with bizarre powers in our own, but what did he do in his own universe where he would have been only one of many others?

  25. “Now what the f are we gonna watch ?”

    … … Adventure Time ? o_o

  26. The cameos and callbacks are one of my favorite things about this episode. It really helped make this feel like the show’s grand finale. Some of the callbacks even tied up some of the loose ends (cough the clones cough).

    I feel the same way as Rob regarding Bill. To be honest I was shocked Disney allowed some of Bill’s lines in this episode. It seems like the days were you can’t say “dead” or “killed” on television are truly over.

    06.43 And if this was Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan then the show would have ended with Pacifica or Candy disappearing into nothingness immediately after becoming Dipper’s boyfriend.

    Stan regaining his memory so easily was probably the only thing I kind of disliked about this finale. I get that they wanted the show to end happily. But I feel it would have been far better if he didn’t regain his memory, but reading through the vacation scrapbook did help him understand about the person he used to be.

    I also feel like this show basically had no bad episodes, which is another reason why I’m pretty oke with the show ending. Since that’s not really something a lot of other shows can really claim.

    Man. Hard to believe it’s been more than a year since you started doing these vlog’s. Time certainly does fly sometimes…..

  27. One thing that stuck out watching the marathon was the Abaconings segment of “Little Gift Shop of Horrors”. Think about it. Stan is telling the story about Waddles becoming super intelligent and leaving Mabel behind to do scientific work.

    Sound Familiar? He gives it the ending he wishes he got.

  28. As to Dipper’s real name, Alex Hirsch says there is a similarity with Mabel’s. I see two options. First is there’s the same first letter as Alex has with his own twin sister Ariel. Second would be more like the Stanley/Stanford similarity.

    For the latter, I can only think of something like Gabe or Gabriel. Maybe Abel, if you want to get Biblical.

    If it’s just the former, then there are plenty of M names to choose from.

    • I saw one theory suggesting his name is Marty as not only is it close to Mabel but Dipper’s outfit is a color invert of Marty McFly’s along with other references to Back to the Future through out the series.

      It may not be the case but that’s my personal head cannon now too.

  29. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    TBH, I think this is a perfect place for gravity falls to end but I don’t think the Simpsons is as bad as Doug and Rob say it is and I know there will be people who will be modern-day Simpsons defenders in the comments and can’t wait to see what Alex Hirsch will make at Fox.

    Anyways Gravity Falls I’ll binge watch it any day but my least favorite episode I can’t really point it out but if I find one I’ll definitely come back and comment. This was a great end to a great series and wouldn’t really be with it if they made a season 3 since itd probably be without Alex Hirsch and felt this was a fine end.

    Anyways Rick and Morty vlogs next please since it’s the best adult swim show Eva!!!! Plus the creator Justin Roiland voiced That man who hated mabel and dipper*I’m sure his name was Dan but I could be wrong* and Rick and Morty are gonna have a cross-over with Gravity Falls in the future but not season 3.

  30. I feel so bad that Dipper didn’t hook up with anybody! He said he got everything he wanted, but no girlfriend! There were all these episodes about his love life and nothing came of it! I binge read Dipcifica fanfiction while leading up to this episode! I mean, she’s the only one the creator said WOULD NOT hook up with! Dipcifica forever, dude!

    Thank you, Alex Hirsch, for giving me my favorite kid’s cartoon of all time…and please don’t be like SpongeBob where you make more episodes with violence and sadism. Obviously, Doug isn’t into SpongeBob or he’d know when a kid’s cartoon should stop.


    • to be honest it felt like they were going somewhere with it,but didint have the time to really dive into the dipcifica thing. If the creator ever decides to come back to the show im guessing it will be touched on again.

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