Gravity Falls Vlogs: The LAST Episode

I will not say do not cry, for not all tears are an evil. Doug and Rob take a look at the final Gravity Falls episode.

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  1. It was so cool
    Still no Dipper Pacifica
    There was talk that one of the main characters will die and he did Bill died
    The funniest part was when the Stans’s insisted that the buss driver took the pig
    Check out Gravity Falls Special – Between the Pines
    There is the next Summer

    The truth is that i preferred if Stans memories would not return and he would be this new guy who needed to learn all anew. Still i am fine with this outcome

    Watch Star vs The Forces of Evil it is good two

  2. Running With Scissors

    I at first, admittedly, wanted the episode to be a lot darker than it ended up being. I thought it would have been better if one of the Pines brothers died or if Stan lost his memory permanently. But, with the finite nature of the show, this feels even more beautiful Leaving a character dead (or basically dead, having no memory of their life), would have been somewhat awkward. “This is sad…well…bye, kids. Series over.” You gotta have that goodbye as the twins leave home, or it isn’t what the end of summer feels like, and the entire thing misses the point. Also, Stan tearing up got me right in the feels.

    Stan’s sacrifice was a great way to end the show. We come full circle with the Stan and Ford arc, we avoid a deus ex machine with the zodiac, and a lot of things are called back in a clever way, including Bill’s debut in Dreamscaperers, all based inside Stan’s mind. So it’s actually really fitting.

    This show ends perfectly. We see the twins head home, ready to grow up (but not too much), and we see everyone get the ending they deserve. And the show leaves us on a promise and a challenge, telling us something the fan base probably needed a lot more than they thought: We can make our own adventures. That story is over, but the feeling we get from it doesn’t have to be. It’s bittersweet and haunting.

    A+, Disney.

  3. If you’re still looking for a new show to do a v-log on, Codename: Kids Next Door would be a pretty good choice.

  4. Well that was an awesome yet sad ending to a spectacular series! I understand if you guys want to take a break to just focus on Steven Universe for a bit, but if you want some ideas for another series to marathon, I have a recommendation, though it isn’t exactly new. Codename: Kids Next Door would be an awesome show to see you guys v-log! After recently re-watching it, I’ve found that it hits a lot of the same high notes that shows like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe have hit before it even became a trend, and the voice acting, animation, writing, and humor are just as good. If they ever actually released a full series volume I would send you guys some episodes, but as far as I know Cartoon Network only released two DVDs of randomly assorted episodes out of order and have not bothered to release all of them. But I do know that they are very easy to track down online. All you really need is a Wiki list of episodes and and you’d basically have every thing you need to marathon the series. Plus, they have plenty of episodes to last a decent while but not too many that it feels unwelcome. I think you guys would love it. Nothing more nostalgic than a show who’s whole theme is childhood! Give it a shot! 😀

  5. I read an interview of Alex Hirsch wherein he said that if they had the time, they would have made Grunkle Stan’s memory recovery more gradual. Leaving him an Ice King-esque husk of his former self would have been an unnecessarily bitter note to end on though, and the idea of him and Stanford travelling the world on the Stan o’ War II is too perfect. I wouldn’t have been opposed to doing something more with Pacifica, but they were never going to be able to establish her relationship with Dipper as well as they did with Wendy, not in the time they had left. Even without a romantic component, those two had great interactions and the switching of hats at the end was one of my favorite moments.

    This finale had me so invested that they almost got me with the twins switching scheme. I only realized what was going to happen when Bill entered an empty mindscape. Stanley luring an enemy into a homey environment then kicking back while awaiting their mutual destruction reminded me of my favorite Twilight Zone episode “The Obsolete Man”, and was what finally got me to start tearing up. Wondeful ending to an amazing show.

  6. You are going to do Jessica Jones V-logs, aren’t ya?)

  7. I loved this show and I agree I didint find one bad episode,unlike SU which I like I can easily find some pretty meh episodes. Its sad to see the show end and I hope maybe one day we can revist these characters.

  8. I, for one, do not understand the piss they taking on the Simpsons ?

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