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Match making time!

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  1. the line about the man in black suits- the secret agents (from the first Ep.) are in every episode in the background

    • Speaking of which, this episode had more fun cameos with a few Several Timez characters and Toot-Toot McBumbersnazzle.

    • also looking back there’s a sort of “El Barto” thing with the Muffin-splosion that rOBBIE vALENTINO (RV) paints everywhere.

    • I bet when the time comes, they’ll capture the Pines family and tell Dipper “You never knew it Dipper, but we were always there.” and go through a series of flashbacks with them in the background and zoom in on them spying on everyone (especially the Pines family).

      I hope they do it like this
      Just the thought of how similar that twist would be is already starting to crack me up.

  2. Will you ever return from the madness you have embarked towards?!

    I sure hope, you don’t! It’s fantastic!!
    But one question remains: Will the shorts drive you over the edge, or the waiting for the next episode?

  3. Your guys intro just killed me.

    I really liked this episode, yes it was kind of predictable, but we got some interesting character development. Also Multibear joke is best once again.

  4. is episode was co-written by Josh Weinstein, which explains why this episode had a more “simpsons-esque” comedy style to it. Some great lines in this one.

    “Like the human version of rat poison”

    • thespecialneedsgroup

      Really? That makes sense, he writes that whole bored, unfocused teenager dynamic really well. And I guess the episode does sort of have a “Mission Hill” feel to it.

    • i thought that whole exchange between seuss and stan had to be written by someone that clever
      “Let her ripped”
      “Oh no, a letter ripped”
      “What the h?”

      that made it for me

  5. Now Doug and Rob can now join in the pain fans of the show go through during long hiatuses, once they cover the shorts of course.

    Mabel ships Candy and Dipper together. That’s a thing.

    The Key Word is shown with the letters separated during the chase scene. It’s like the show realized the last few episodes weren’t very difficult to find and decided to go on extreme difficulty again.

    Doug’s probably gotten plenty of comments already, but the explosion was a Robbie creation from episode 5 of the show. And last episode’s comments explained the fingers thing.

    All in all I’m glad you two are caught up and can join the rest of us fans on the journey for the rest of the series. Hopefully it’s 3 seasons. Fingers crossed, for that and the Christmas episode.

    • Sporadic is one word that comes to mind when describing the Gravity Falls release schedule. I’m like a worried mother. “You couldn’t just give me a call to let me know everything’s okay?”

  6. Best Gruncle Stan line … “What the H?!”

    • I’m surprised they did not mention that. That was probably the best line (or one of the best lines) in the episode. It’s also one of the shows more riskier jokes.

  7. The spray painted muffin cloud was done by Robbie. He said he did it in the “Inconveniencing”

  8. I had to pause the vlog from laughing at the intro!

  9. “Teenagers all suck. Unless you’re our fans in which case you’re awesome.”

    Uhm… thanks?

  10. Not really a fan of this episode. Maybe the ending would have worked if they’d explained their logic better, but as it is, they just go “I guess we’ve learned that we shouldn’t mess with things, so let’s just leave things the way they were after we messed with things.” It doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’m just hoping that this is the last we’ll see of Robbie, Tambry, and all those other guys who are too boring to even remember. Thompson can stick around though; I kind of like Thompson.

    I know people have already pointed this out, but since you brought it up again, that explosion thing is just something Robbie likes drawing on things – they already discussed it way back in The Inconveniencing. It’s not a big mystery or anything, it’s just a running gag of him drawing explosions that look like muffins.

  11. The ending message is referring to the government agents, who have appeared in the background of several episodes this season, including this one.

    Also, here’s something I found out about this episode: when the Love God is pairing people up at the diner, the original storyboards included a lesbian couple. The network censors forced them to replace one of the women with a man.

    • So let me get this straight:
      Inter-species love for a joke = fine
      Love between two women for a joke = not okay.
      This logic = me confused and annoyed.

      • I believe it’s an international community decision because some countries that air Gravity Falls on tv have same sex relationships as illegal.

      • It’s Disney, what would you expect?

        • Actually, not quite true for Disney anymore. They had a lesbian couple one of their live action shows a while back and not as a joke or anything. Just a regular gay couple. It’s more than likely because of the international thing.

      • Don’t forget all the creepiness within the show, words like crotch and suck it are allowed, anything worth nightmare fuels are okay! 8D

        I think the old lesbian couple are somewhat hinted in Mabel’s GF model, near the future couples one, but I guess that’s only for a brief one and it manages to get away because it was only figures and goes by fast that some blink-and-miss.

      • Running With Scissors

        I saw something about this, actually. Alex Hirsch wanted a lesbian couple in the episode, but Disney vetoed it, so they gave Mabel a rainbow sweater instead. But Disney also has a really large audience to please, and one person jumping down their throats about what they didn’t do is only saving them from another jumping down their throats about what they did do. For example, Good Luck Charlie was going to have a lesbian couple, but this organization of mothers or something (I’m totally blanking out on what their name is) protested so much it wasn’t aired. (They claimed that children shouldn’t be introduced to “things they can’t understand yet” at such an early age…what a load.) Disney is totally supportive of gay marriage and equality otherwise; take a look at Gay Days. I’m sure that GF will have a couple like this eventually.

    • That’s weird because another Disney Channel show, Good Luck Charlie, featured a lesbian couple. I wonder if the censoring of the GF episode had to do with some of the backlash which came from Good Luck Charlie.

  12. Oh god, I would LOVE to hang out with these guys.

  13. As far as comedy in the show goes this was my favorite episode. The hipster jokes, the kids being assholes to each other, Robbie’s parents, The Love God, DAT ENDING, even the random 1 liners (especially “you’re like the human version of rat poison” and “gaze upon death”) all hit the funny spot for me.

  14. anyone else hope for a “Goat and a Pig” spin-off?

  15. The mushroom cloud is robbie’s painting, it’s suppose to be an explosion but everyone thinks it’s a muffin. It first mentioned on the horror convinient store episode, where they first met wendie’s friends

  16. This is one of the episodes I enjoyed more second time around. It’s definitely has so much adult innuendo and humor that makes one go, “This is Disney?” The Love God “Let’s get weird!!” the interspecies romance “They’re gonna make a snadger!”, when The Love God is climbing out of his van and two people come out of the van with him, the guy drinking “Hippie Tea” dumping it out during the chase scene.

    Then there’s the epic “I EAT KIDS” balloon “What the H?” and Robbie’s parents (my new favorite background characters) who are so cheerful about death. Serving food on a glass coffin occupied by a body, “You know who would look good in a sweater like that? Mrs Grablesons’ remains!” and at the climax, “Oh no! I hope someone didn’t die!” “Yes, that would be awful!” they laugh cheerfully.

    Anyone notice the tombstone that said RIP 1989-1971? I hope that isn’t foreshadowing anything…

    I know the Love God was originally intended to match two women together in the diner scene but were told to scrap the idea, I wonder if that’s why Mabel’s sweater is basically a gay pride rainbow. I do think it’s funny that execs would make them nix a lesbian couple, but interspecies romance is fine.

    Love this episode. It’s not my favorite by any means, compared to the rest of the series it’s just OK, but then I have yet to see an episode I don’t love.

    • It’s probably because Russia (et. al)’s lawmakers are moral guardian fuckwits, and Disney doesn’t want to get their show kicked off the air in the countries that have laws against depicting it.
      Unless the handful of people who complained about the lesbian parents in Good Luck Charlie somehow got listened to, I doubt it’s actually the execs having a problem with it.

      • Oh I get why Disney, a company that’s actually very supportive of the LGBT community has to be subtle about it because they are a business after all and unfortunately there’s still a lot of narrow minded people in the world. I still think it’s ironic that in a show where a man marries a woodpecker, among other jokes involving interspecies romance and they can have kids in legit peril, adult innuendos, and other mature themes in a ‘kids’ show and that’s OK, but the moment they try to have a sight gag involving two random women hooking up that’s where they draw the line? The decision makes sense on a business level, but the double standard is ridiculous.

  17. I must admit that I was humming to the song of Snapple. Hey!… I’m in my late teens AND… I don’t even like a good chunk of teenagers. It depends on what high school you go to. My final high school was AWESOME. Some teenagers are better than others.

  18. Speaking of foreshadowing, this is at least the second time we’ve seen a facsimile of Stans head slowly going down in flames (the other being the Stan puppet from Sock Opera).

  19. Oddly enough I think the biggest problem with this episode is the Love God, he kind of comes out of nowhere and he’s a bit annoying.

    But otherwise I really liked this one, mainly for Thompson, I was totally Thompson when I was at school!

    I also really like the way they kept them together at the end, how often in shows like this do you see people put under a spell and then have it lifted at the end so things just go back to spquare one. But here they do something a bit diffrent.

    Also best Mabel sweater ever!

  20. ShakespeareanInsults

    This episode was kinda bad for me. Mostly with way Thompson is treated. Yeah he was treated badly before but honestly this episode showed how really terrible he was treated and the ending message was weird so it’s okay to leave two people in love to be in love when they never really had interaction before? I dunno it was just a bit out of character for Mabel to do that and the teenagers are just horrible in this episode even Wendy was a bit out of character. They did really with some of the aspects of this show for example the sexism (society of the blind eye) really well but with portraying romance is a bit weak. The Robbie and Tambry romance. Sorry I still like the episode I just wish the ending and the treatment of the characters was showed a little better. But what can I expect? This show is not perfect. Just my two cents.

    • Well we know they have been part of the same group of friends for a while, so it can be assumed they have interacted plenty of times before, and I don’t think its that much of a stretch to even say they might have feelings for each other prior to this and only withholding them for typical petty teenager reasons, since the others remark that they make a good couple and they similar personality.

  21. this episode in particular has a bad story. the reaction of the group of friends is pretty much bullpoop and even out of character for wendy. the love god has a similar problem. he comes and out of the blue tells mabel he is an actual god (i was like what the fake?) but the comedy is so great it balances all out.
    such a funny episode

  22. I really find it interesting on how the goats eyes are the exact same shape as Dipper’s eyes when Bill possessed him. Also, they insinuated a 3-way happened between the love god and two other people, when the love god came out of the tent near the end of the episode

  23. Robbie and Tambry were already into each other.

    Watch the episode again and pay close attention to their interaction when they meet at the diner.

    If they weren’t into each other they wouldn’t have sat down together and shared fries.

    • You make a fair point. I could believe that Robbie and Tambry might have been somewhat irritated by each other, but if they actively disliked each other either one or both of them would have left when they saw who they were being set up with.

  24. I really like this episode. I’m quite happy that Robbie and Tambry are still together at the end of the episode, for several reasons. For one thing, a lot of shows would have split them up at the end just to maintain the status quo, and I respect a show that is willing to let the characters and their relationships grow and change rather than forcing them to remain static. For another thing it feels more in keeping with the general lesson of the episode: if messing around with people’s emotions can have unforeseen consequences and generally should be avoided, how is doing it even more going to fix the problem rather than make things worse? Also, Dipper and Mabel weren’t trying to reverse the spell because it was actively harming Robbie and Tambry in any way, they were doing it because their friends were unhappy that the two of them were together. And really, it’s unfair to Robbie and Tambry for them to be forced apart when they seem perfectly happy together just because their friends are being kind of petty about the two of them being a couple.

    This season they’ve been doing a lot of giving character development to characters who initially were kind of one note. At first Robbie was just kind of a jerk, but this episode showed us how lonely and miserable he really was, and by the end he is a happier person and has reunited with his friends(who it is implied he hasn’t hung out with since Wendy broke up with him). And it makes a lot of sense to me that Mabel started it all. Mabel is such a sweet-natured and happy character that it makes sense that if she saw someone as miserable as Robbie at the beginning of this episode that she would want to help them; and we’ve seen before that she lets go of grudges a lot easier than Dipper does so she would be less likely to hold the past against Robbie. A small moment that I really liked was Mabel zipping up Robbie’s hoodie, sort of symbolically mending his wounded heart.

  25. Personally, I think Robbie would be much happier with Mabel… What? Its only a 3 year age difference.

  26. Too funny when Mabel left the squirrel as payment for the potion.

  27. While this episode was only pretty good, Its the first time I think I’ve seen a stories where two characters are made to love each other through outside means and it isn’t reversed by the end. And I kinda like it, mainly because I think that Tambry and Robbie probably did like each other, but didn’t date because of petty teenager logic, like it being uncool to date someone you were friends with or whatever, and as the other remark, they make a good couple in their own kind of way.

  28. “Mommy, is the floating head going to eat us?!”
    “Yes Charlie! Yes he will!”

    Much like with Pacifica in “Golf War”, I appreciate the character development that this episode provided for Robbie. His parents were entertainingly creepy. Needless to say, I found Stan’s hot air balloon to be the funniest part of the episode.

    I’m not really sure if Mable’s refusal to undo the Tambry/Robbie romance was the right or wrong thing to do. Perhaps she could have instead come clean about the love potion and let them decide if they wanted to continue it.

    With how bad Disney is with releasing episodes, it looks like this will be the last Gravity Falls Vlog for a while. Until then, I am very much looking forward to your thoughts on Over the Garden Wall.

    • I figure there was at least something between them already, even though they wouldn’t say so.

      They do have similar personalities, and Tambry would probably have just walked right out instead of sitting down and having some fries if she couldn’t stand him.

  29. Doug didn’t mention that Mabel shipped Dipper and Candy. Now, don’t act like you can’t see something coming out of that, cause I have proof. This one is more of a theory, but at the end of Double Dipper, after Mabel said for Dipper to meet Candy and Brenda, the door shut closed (maybe it was Candy?). In Summerween, she hugs Dipper for comfort (that’s gotta be more proof!). In Mabel’s Guide to Colors, they worked together at the waterfall for that mirror thing (not so much as proof, but I don’t think it’s that much of a coincidence they were together. And finally, the big one, Mabel shipped them in this episode. You may think it’s something stupid, but have you forgotten that Gravity Falls is foreshadowing a lot of things. I can definetely see this, because they’re both awkward, and the same age. Admittedly, one would say that’s not enough, but maybe we’ll get more Character Development for Candy later this season (or perhaps Season 3, if so), so we’ll just wait and see. But for now I ship them, Mabel does too, and it’s the only Dipper shipping that I can actually see coming.

    • Well now Candip might not be a thing. Apparently, at the CTN panel that Alex went to, he said there’s an upcoming episode where Dipper goes to Pacifica’s house to hunt ghosts or something, and they’ll share a romantic moment or something. You know what, at this point, maybe Dipper should just stay single. With all these shippings of Wendip (they already ended it, remember?!), Dipcifica (Maybe if it’s done right, but I don’t like it), PINECEST (this is just wrong!), and Candip (admittedly, I like it, but sadly, might not happen), just make Dipper single and happy. I’m single and happy (not the best example, but still!).

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