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Match making time!

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  1. I was kind of surprised how positive this vlog was. It was A pleasant surprise, but surprise unless. By the way, this whole episode could’ve been just of Snapple dancing and I would’ve been happy.

  2. They tell us that the Mushroom Cloud is something that Robbie paints across the town. Dipper mistakes it for a muffin… remember? It was in Robbie’s first appearance, if I’m not wrong

  3. Hey everyone I’m going to turn into an annoying fan girl here even though I’m a dude but who hasn’t done that anyway…..OMG how have you people not known that in the episode where they introduced robbie and all of wendy’s friends and where they went to that haunted store, the one where dipper dresses like a goat, they talk about robbie being the one who spray painted to explosion onto the water tower so its possible to assume that all of the other explosions or how they make fun of it in the episode muffin, that robbie must be the one spray painting everything else, so maybe layer in the story he has a bigger role but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. I actually liked this episode just because of the back story we got on Robbie. Also despite the fact that I usually dislike teenagers (Have since I stopped being one myself), I like Wendy’s friends hell even Robbie at times even though he’s a mega douche. I also really love his parent and hope we see them again.

  5. Welcome to the realm of waiting, Brothers Walker. This is the void you gave us temporary sanctuary from. I must see how you handle waiting for a season.

    Looking forward to the shorts! For those who aren’t aware, all the shorts take place in between seasons 1 and 2.

  6. 01.50 I could see them doing a Christmas episode, it would probably be a flashback episode of some sort but it could be possible.

    06.40 I noticed that one of those teenagers saying that had the exact same voice as bill, coincidence or something more?

    I really enjoyed the jokes in this episode the love god especially I found rather entertaining, although that might just be because he has the exact same voice as Jake from adventure time, and yes the balloon is a good candidate for greatest thing ever.

    I did however kind of have an issue with the plot, love potions tend to have some very unfortunate implications, and I disliked how mabel and dipper didn’t use the anti-love potion to undo what they did.

    I also felt like dipper and Wendy were both rather mean in this episode, Wendy was bizarrely angry over Tambry dating Robbie, and dipper was perfectly happy to abuse Thompson.

    I did like how it tried to redeem Robbie as a character, personally I felt they did a reasonable job in making him a bit more likeable.

    • I would usually agree with you about the love potion, but I really didn’t mind it here. I would have if the potion was, say, something Mabel found in the journal and brewed herself, but it is more or less the in-universe equivalent of Cupid’s arrows. It is basically a divine instrument wielded by an actual love god and the emotions it inspires in people are treated as being just as real and legitimate as if the parties involved had arrived at them on their own. Also, the love potion doesn’t render them mindless zombies who are completely wrapped up in each other to the exclusion of everyone and everything else, like so many love potions in fiction. The only effect we see the potion having is making the two of them slightly more inclined to look past the things they usually find kind of irritating about each other. It is entirely possible that the potion is only responsible for that initial spark of attraction and the rest is all Robbie and Tambry.

  7. Fun
    Its bad that it takes long for the next episode
    I think that Rob is slowly going insane cos of the show

  8. I dunno. That sounded like the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, Doug.


  10. I think if they ever do a Christmas episode, they should discover the Krampus.

  11. The thing that bugs me about this episode (and this is just a nitpick mind you) is Wendy throwing a tantrum by saying “OH THIS IS SO LIKE TAMBRY TO DO THIS!!! Date my ex behind my back, I’m gonna tear her highlights out!”

    Am I the only one who thinks that was out of character for Wendy? I mean first of all Tambry wasn’t dating Robbie behind Wendy’s back, she just didn’t get the chance to tell her yet.
    Second, THIS coming from the girl who not only said “I’m over him, I just wish he was over me.” on “Into the Bunker” but also “It’s really sweet you throw yourself into a grave for me, but MAN time to move on.” in THIS EPISODE!?
    That is not only out of character, it is downright hypocritical and Wendy is supposed to be above that!

    To quote Toby Determined (the ugly frowny guy fyi): “Well your little knees must be sore, FROM JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS! HAchacha!”

  12. I love how the Walkers are casual cosplaying as the pines twins

  13. Doug, since you and Rob are reviewing Gravity Falls I was wondering if you’ll ever get to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    Here’s a link to every episode if you’re interested:

    -Its the agents.

  15. The prevailing theory about the fingers thing is that the more you’re subjected to the truth of the town or the “looming darkness” that’s set to befall it, you gain a finger and lose an innocent outlook on the world. Thompson has 5 fingers, so does Grenda and Lil Gideon. If it were a stylistic thing, (as in, making it easier for the animators) Gideon wouldn’t have five fingers on his tiny baby hands. Like, this is just a theory, but it sounds pretty believable to me.

  16. for me, the words that is in the show, reminds me of Jumanji-riddles sphere :3

  17. I know you guys don’t like Robby but it is likley that he will be important in the overall plot as the logo on his shirt is also on the ring in the drawing of bill, which also has Dippers tree (from his hat), soos’ question mark and mabels shooting star, this theory was kinda verified in the first episode with bill when he calls the three of them by the logo name rather than there actual name.

  18. I watched the Neil Degrasse Tyson episode of Gravity Falls for the novelty. It was interesting to hear him as a cartoon character but nothing spectacular. Then, I watched this episode because the thumbnail led me to think it was somehow along the same line as Adventure Time’s All the Little People. Gravity Falls is imbecilic.

  19. SuperDeadpoolGuy

    Holy crap what has happened to Gravity Falls? I started watching at the beginning at stopped and I think I’ve been missing out!

  20. Hey guys. Great video. Sucks that it doesn’t come back for a few months. I’m actually really impressed with how much I enjoy your Vlogs (I watched all of Gfalls and Korra). My question to you guys is, would you ever do another show during the gaps? Two really great shows that I think would be interesting to get your take on are Rick and Morty and possibly Once Upon a Time (Granted, this show is a bit too much drama and kinda soapy, but alone is worth watching for Robert Carlyle. I think Doug would appreciate it). Once again, great job powering through these episodes. Can’t wait to see more!

  21. I saw a corpse used as table in a Disney cartoon.
    I love the times we live.

  22. Do Vlogs of Young Justice or SW The Clone Wars, please.

  23. You should do V-Logs on the 2012 TMNT show. I would like to see and hear your opinions on the show.

  24. The moral of the story is SHIPPERS DESTROY LIVES!!!

  25. Doug, didn’t you ever notice that the secret agents from Scary-oke appear in every episode. Also Robbie is the one that made that muffin spray paint.

  26. No mention of the puns Stan and Soos made? I thought those were hilarious.

  27. I dont know if you read this but can you please watch “over the garden wall” if not can someone who knows how to get a hold of them please sugest “over the garden wall”

  28. I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place to put this, but I really think Doug would like Steven Universe. Its a show on cartoon network that I personally really enjoy and think needs more attention. The show follows a very complex plot, but the plot is very slowly revealed as the show goes along, rather than being thrown out all at once. The characters are all very well developed and lovable, but have questionable back stories, the animation is just beautiful and the jokes are genuinely funny (rare).

    If Doug is considering watching (and hopefully reviewing) the show, now would be a good time to start, because the show began recently and only has about 40 fifteen-minute long episodes out. (Its also worth noting that the show takes a lot of inspiration from shows like Dragonball Z and great horror stories, so its very odd, like Gravity falls and Adventure time)

  29. there are new gravity falls episodes, and they are really good, when are you guys do a blog about them?, if you have the time of course.

  30. Hey Doug, just a quick bit of info: Goats have wierd eyes, the goat in gravity falls looks completely normal/realistic. (as much as a cartoon can look real, lol.)

    Maybe you already know that by now, but I thought I’d comment anyway.

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