Gravity Falls Vlogs: Time Traveler’s Pig

Oh hi, Waddles!

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  1. Nothing more crazy can come? Nope, it’s actually after “Dipper Goes to Taco Bell” where nothing can get more crazy. Even if there’s Mable/Waddles, it’s not as crazy as “Dipper Goes to Taco Bell”

  2. Doug, the creator of Gravity Falls used to be a writer for Adventure Time.

    • No he wasn’t. But he and Pendleton Ward both worked on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack as well as attending CalArts together along with a few other Gravity Falls/Adventure Time/Regular artists.

  3. I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

    It’s comments like at the beginning of this vlog that make me seriously suspect that you two want to completely ruin the show for the rest of us.

  4. Waddles is a character because Alex Hirsch’s sister always wanted a pet pig.

    The Triangle Eye is always watching.

    Go back and look for Blendin in the first 3 episodes. He’s in there cleaning up time anomalies.

  5. So, Doug missed all the Blendin’ cameos.

  6. Here’s an secret you may have missed, as you see at the end Blendin is collecting the junk from the past episodes, and If you go back to dipper’s suspect board in episode 3 you can see Blendin’s face is up there with the other town folk.

  7. That does it. Someone get Robbie a Waddles plushie.

  8. Huh, maybe I just understand cartoon writers too well, but as soon as I heard them mention a futuristic laser cannon, I immediately knew where that was going. No second viewing necessary.

    If you go back and watch the first few episodes again, you DO see Blending standing in the background of a few scenes, from when he went back to pick up all the stuff the kids dropped, so they WERE preparing for this episode the whole time. It’s pretty brilliant.

    • “Huh, maybe I just understand cartoon writers too well, but as soon as I heard them mention a futuristic laser cannon, I immediately knew where that was going. No second viewing necessary. ”

      Same here. As soon as they said it I waited the whole episode for it to happen.

  9. Okay guys…. using the word “hipster” like that isn’t cool. It’s become a misused term like “style” or “awesome”. You may be unintentionally insulting people who do like Wendy.

    • I like Wendy and while I do agree that they aren’t seeing that there’s more to “Hipsters” then they give them credit for I admit they have different taste in characters than most people do so I’m kinda okay with it.

  10. Why does Rob keep calling him Zeus? He’s not a Greek God.

  11. Time baby is foreshadowed in Irrational Treasure. If you pause at the part where Dipper reads about the president, it talks about time baby, and have several funny jokes.

    • That’s where it says Giant baby frozen in icburg in Antarctica. Should be good as long as it doesn’t melt. Like that would ever happen. I believe. Been awhile since I looked at the quote.

  12. The guy who voiced Blendin is also the creator of Rick and Morty and in fact there is a little cameo for Gravity Falls in an episode of Rick and Morty.

    Highly recommend Rick and Morty even though its way more adult than the stuff you guys typically review.

  13. Doug, you do seem to like looking for secrets, so I think it would do you good to look up Gravity Falls secrets on Youtube, there are several channels that specialize in finding the secrets of the show, and they do a very good job at it. Personally, I like Vailskibum 94, he does a good job, but there are plenty of others, you should go look them up.

  14. So if you get to read this, every scene Dipper and Mabel run through during this episode the camera is pointing away from them in the actual episode. However you do see Blendin in all the shots he travels to in the actual episode.
    I was a little surprised you guys didn’t mention the Oregon Trail joke. Otherwise, I’m glad you guys are doing these, I love this show so much.

  15. Actually, in the background for all the previous episodes they revisited scenes in their fight, while not animated, Blendin Blandin can be seen standing in the background. Maybe looking for those anomalies?

  16. The reason Dipper has fallen in love with Wendy isn’t just because of young love, it’s because she made boring events fun (like watching over the Mystery Shack for example) and when Dipper did something he thought would get him in trouble Wendy said “That was awesome.”

    It’s because of the quality times they had prior to “The Inconveniencing”. I mean remember when she gave Dipper the Golf cart keys even though it’s obvious she didn’t believe the “save my sister from a zombie” part? And when they talked about “Being bribed” in “Headhunters”? Those were stepping stones to Dipper developing feelings for her even before he realizes it.

    That is how you should have a first love, not just because the girl you liked was pretty.
    I mean it’s not like it was “Love at first sight” or anything.

    • You make very good points on all fronts, I agree with pretty much everything that you’ve said. I would like to add, if I may, that I think that at least part of the attraction of Wendy, for Dipper, is that she never treats him like a little kid the way a lot of people her age would. Wendy treats Dipper with the same sort of respect that she would give any of her friends that are her age. She never looks down on him or disregards him because he’s younger than her. That’s not a small thing, especially for Dipper who is pretty sensitive about being treated like a child.

      Honestly, I always liked that Wendy and her friends were always so willing to let Dipper and Mabel hang out with them and always treated like just another part of the gang and never like a pair of tag-along kids. It actually makes them rather distinct from the sort of teenage stereotype that you would expect to see in a show like this.

      • Thank you, that means a lot. 😉

      • This comment thread is quite good, many a salient point made…

        I feel as if Doug should have figured this out by now, subtle though it may be, given that he is up to date on the series and his occupation being the appraisal and critique of entertainment media…

        Perhaps he is trying to keep information about Wendy’s character growth and the development of her relationships with the other characters quiet for the moment, for the sake of the other guy, uh, Robbie right?

  17. And now we’ve come to the episode that cements continuity for the series. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t find a 15-pound pig like Waddles cute. I know about time-travelers from the 3000s, but from 205,000 years in the future is new to me. Unfortunately for Dipper, it doesn’t occur to him that Wendy’s black eye was an accident… And not to be nitpicky, but wouldn’t Mabel have starved to death spending the next month banging her head against the totem pole as she moped about Waddles?

  18. Unfortunately it’s not really until season 2 that the creator and writers start utilizing Wendy more as a character. So sadly she will feel like a background character for awhile. I’m glad they’re taking the steps though for her and hope they keep doing more.

    It’s been mentioned, but I hope the Walker brothers catch that Blendin appeared in the first three episodes, and that the Time Baby was mentioned in the document in the previous episode.

    I agree with Doug on Waddles though. He’s a cute pig but there’s not a lot of personality in his character.

  19. To be honest, writing cute animals as characters is probably harder than it looks. Since they don’t talk you gotta base their character on their actions. So I can kinda see what your talking about with Momo and Waddles.

  20. ThatGuyInTheHeadband

    My favorite episode

  21. This was actually my favorite episode for a good while. A great mix of hilarity and pathos that works for me a lot more than most of the “mystery” episodes of season 1. The background elements are great fun and all, but there’s little connectivity between any of them to make it feel like a larger narrative. That comes into play in season 2. Meanwhile, the relationship between Dipper and Mabel, the twins and Stan, and even Dipper and Wendy feel very heartfelt. As mentioned above, Dipper probably likes Wendy in no small part because she does treat him like an equal, rather than like a little kid. Outside of Mabel, she’s probably his best friend in all of Gravity Falls. That kind of relationship building is where the show’s biggest strength lies, and the episodes that play off that strength are inevitably the best.

  22. I actually figured that someone would fire a futuristic arm laser at the dunk tank by the end.

  23. there r suff in the background the time travelersi in the background of tourist trapped (the sean where dipper n mabile r at the mystery shake with the gnome monster(it happens fast)) n the legend of the gobblewanker( at the pear with the crowd just before it panes away)

  24. i dont think wendy is actually a hipster. i can see the millenial in her but not the hipster. she is k, i like her a little more than you do but i see your point. also, dipper is a 12 year boy, his obsession is pretty normal.
    about the pig… its a pig. his character is being a pig. i actually find that to be pretty funny. the comedy comes of what mabel does to him and that works great in my opinion
    also, this is my first comment in one of your videos after watching you guys for like 5 years (never bothered in creating an account) (sorry if i made mistakes, im from argentina and my english writting is kind of bad)
    so anyway. yay! first time!

    • Yeah, I really don’t get the whole “Hipster” thing they keep trying to push. It’s not like she bases her enjoyment of things on how many others enjoy the same, or tries to be deliberately retro or anything typically hipster-ish.
      The only thing I can really think of is the whole “Ironically dresses like a lumberjack” stereotype, but she comes from a *Family of lumberjacks,* so it makes sense (hell, those skills come into play pretty prominently in season 2).

      As for Dipper’s interest in her, I figure it’s because she’s one of the only characters who never talks down to him and kinda accepts him as “one of their own:” Like how she lends him the Golf Cart keys, and her and her friends don’t treat him like some annoying tag-along.

  25. A lot of creators have come out of Flapjack, and now a lot creators are coming out of Adventure Time. Which show is going to spawn more shows next?

  26. Even if you don’t care about Waddles (how dare you–I mean, it’s fine), seriously wait until you see “Little Gift Shop of Horrors.” Waddles at definitely his best.

  27. “Sir, I must have that pig!”
    “Ah, ol’ fifteen poundie. So how much you guessin’ he weighs?”
    “Um, fifteen pounds?”
    “… Are you some kind of witch?”

    Momo and Waddles are just a lemur and a pig. I don’t see why they need to be anything but obligatory cute animal sidekicks. Despite my minor criticisms of the overuse of the Dipper/Wendy subplot, I do think they have some good chemistry. From their early interactions, I can see how Dipper’s feelings would progress to this point.

  28. Blendin does appear in the background in the first few episodes. Sometimes its a blink and you miss it, sometimes, most notably for me is the Gobblewonker episode when you first meet Old Man McGuckett Blendin is in the background picking up one of the items Dipper and Mabel drop while going back in time, cleaning up the anomalies left behind. He’s in one shot but not the next. He also appears when Dipper and Mabel are fighting the gnomes, he’s in the crowd when Stan is revealing Wax Stan. I know this episode shows it, but it is still in the other episodes. He also appears in the finale in the background briefly.

    I love Waddles, I love that he’s just a dumb pig who doesn’t do much but he means so much to Mabel in spite of that.

  29. Appa has a ton of personality!

  30. Running With Scissors

    1. Waddles isn’t just there for cuteness factor. Dipper and Mabel are heavily based on Alex Hirsch and his sister Ariel as kids, and Ariel had always wanted a pet pig. So, when he modeled the character after her, he decided to give her one. Funny how that works, isn’t it? How you (as a general term) can think something is just a marketing ploy or lazy writing because you don’t know the whole story, but in reality it is a very sweet and intimate gesture? (Actually, it really does seem like something a grown Dipper would do for Mabel.)

    2. You can see Blendin in the background in episodes one, two, three and twenty.

    3. I can see what Dipper would see in Wendy. For one, she treats him with respect and takes him as seriously as people her own age, unlike a lot of teenagers would. Second, she is laid back and cool, and a good person to hang out with, which, knowing my little brother and his friends, kind of automatically equals attractive. (“Gah! She’s so awesome!”) And third, she’s rebellious. She can make things exciting and fun and doesn’t mind breaking the rules, which of course is going to have some appeal. Wendy is also kind of based on a girl Alex liked as a kid, and she’s a lot like a lot of girls boys Dipper’s age nowadays do seem to develop crushes on.

    The writers on this show, especially Hirsch, do not write their episodes based on what will be popular with kids, and they don’t say to themselves, “This is getting pretty immature, let’s add in a little wink towards the adults to keep their attention.” They just write what they think is funny or what they feel fits. And since no one is perfect, we may end up with sone imperfect characters and trope-thick story lines. But it’s not in the name of the chart, and nothing in this show really is. In fact, you know the hipster-millennial demographic you may think they’re catering to? Have you seen a picture of Alex Hirsch? They aren’t being marketing towards, they’re writing the show. So naturally they are going to write teen characters based on what they remember from being teens, and they’re going to make jokes about how they were. I find Robbie pretty funny only because he reminds me of someone I know, and watching this show with him slams it in his angst-oozing, eyeliner-covered face how annoying it is. But the important thing I’m trying to say is, this show is NOT made from charts. Maybe not every decision made is a good one, but it isn’t made for any other reason than the creators thinking it was the best thing to put there. There may be flaws, but at least those flaws exist for an at least redeemable reason.

    • 1) Doug’s big complaint though seems to stem from Waddles not having much of a personality though. Like other characters the Walker brothers don’t like, the issue stems from a lack of distinctiveness or flair outside of fulfilling an obligatory role.

      I will agree with you on the last point though of Wendy not being made “because of the chart”. Hirsch was definitely pulling from his own childhood or from the basic story of crush on the older girl when writing Wendy. Unfortunately they just dropped the ball first season by going to the plot line too many times and not having Wendy be a character outside of being the object of Dipper’s desire. Thankfully season 2 has been doing a better job. But I could see the Walker brothers having certain issues with say the season 2 episode that focuses on the teens given what they said about them in the vlogs. And other than the assumption of the characters being made because of the chart, I think their criticisms are pretty valid.

      • I think perhaps that the brothers are very Producer minded than story minded. Everything has to be spelled out in it to make perfect sense. I noticed a lot when doug reviews he tends to try to find a reason with everything instead of sit back and enjoying it. And that is a problem especially when it comes seeing it on a whole.

        Honestly I could reason that for season one Wendy, it is like you said Hirsch is pulling in a lot from his childhood and the girl he probably did have a crush on. Now given that in the begining for such a thing to happen you are not obsessively going to keep track of Wendy’s complete behavior. Because this is a story told in views of Dipper and Mabel. Wendy is that cool girl from afar and we didnt know much about her. So how do you carefully write a boy who is getting to know this girl even though she is older and not let dipper become a creep about it? Its a fine line.

        Season one is certainly a try out season to not have much character definition and the brothers are expecting a lot because they know that there is a second season. First seasons for cartoons are a risky buisness. Aside from budget of production, you are not going from a writers standpoint give away everything in the first season if the show isn’t going to pan out.

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