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Musical March (in September) begins again, with a movie that is NOT the word!

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  1. I remember hating the character of Johnny with a passion. You basically take Danny Zuko, remove the charisma, remove the guts, and here’s your Johnny. This is definitely apparent in the scene where he ckickens out befor the motorcycle gang. Danny wouldn’t have hesitated taking them all together, even if it meant being bruised in the process.

    Grease 2 had a couple good ideas here and there, but the finished product is too lackluster and unfocused to make it a decent sequel.

  2. Cinnamon Scudworth

    “Funny Michelle Pfieffer interlude here. When I was working at a phone company about 10 years ago, Pfieffer called our customer service, angry, that her calling card had been canceled. Apparently she was away making some movie and whoever was handling her bills, had’nt paid this one in about 4 months so the service was turned off. She was understandably furious, as she needed to use it, and when she escalated to a manager, and pulled the “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” crap, he cleverly replied, “Weren’t you in GREASE 2?” Needless to say, she hung up on him.” –

  3. GUHHHHH I hated the first movie,…but DAYUM, could it get worse?

  4. As most people know, it’s basically the same plot. I think a big problem is that despite the dress, it feels 80’s and not early 60’s. I’ve always figured these T-Birds were freshmen when Danny and company were around and just kind of took the name to ride on the coattails of their reputation.

    The thing with the T-Bird song at the talent show is that it was the earlier song about picking up women at the supermarket, so they didn’t play the whole thing again.

    The “let’s bone” songs really lacked the subtlety of the ones from the original,. Even Greased Lightning.was less obvious. I’d say Cool Rider was the only decent song in the whole film, although I’m ashamed to admit I like the bowling one too.

  5. Can I just point out that ghost-Michael in that one scene looks pretty much exactly like the T-1000 from Terminator 2? Like right down to the exact same reaching-out pose in that scene where he gets frozen by liquid nitrogen…

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