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Before Ryan Reynolds broke box office records, he broke comic fans hearts with this CGI bore. Nostalgia Critic looks at what went wrong with Green Lantern.

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  1. Gotta admit, I wasn’t sure about that Deadpool subplot at first, but the payoff was brilliant. Mostly because I’ve known guys like that.

  2. Did you seriously just call Deadpool timeless? Yes, in 50 years, when they are judging the all time great superheroes, they’ll talk about Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Spider-Man, and the guy who constantly spouts internet memes.

    • There actually IS such a thing as being “so dated it’s timeless”. Star Trek: TOS AND TNG (60s and 80s), Scooby-Doo (60s), Sonic the Hedgehog (90s) and the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game series (2000s). The Deadpool movies as an enduring monument to where we were in the 2010s? There are worse fates.

  3. Where’s the quality wheel? My computer can’t play 1080p smoothly 🙁

  4. God this movie was ass. Still. I LOVED the scene where Cartol could tell it was him. If she’s seen you naked she can tell its you LOL!

  5. Director’s edition of Nothing but Trouble…. well at least you mentioned the movie. (Half check mark on list of movies want to see reviewed.)

  6. I personally enjoyed this movie. It was the only DC movie at the time trying to have something like fun and being somewhat close to the animated movies.

  7. Add a funny cab driver, enough romance scenes that do not move the story forward to make one of the hottest actresses in hollywood boring, one good action scene, a opening credits sequence that any youtube producer couud write, and that deadpool is the same one i see when I watch the movie.

  8. *looks at box office*

    I guess his green…

    *puts on sunglasses*

    …didn’t make enough green.

  9. It’s actually a pitty they screwed up Green lantern, I would have liked to see blake lively in a Star Sapphire costume, also Sinestro.

  10. Honestly, it took me untill about halfway into this video to figure out where you were going with Deadpool.

  11. I love when the Critic sets himself up for an obvious punchline but instead lets the silence hang awkwardly. Genius misdirection & it’s always hilarious.
    “Many of you might be wondering why they showed him sip that drink in such a weird way………..”

  12. I really did enjoy the Deadpool movie, but the frat-boy humor came dangerously close to overdoing it a few times.

    Fortunately, it always managed to do enough other stuff right that you could look past it. Even though it was a set up for a skit, I could see someone being unimpressed with the actual movie Deadpool.

  13. This was an interesting review for me. NC clearly did NOT like Green Lantern at all, yet I quite enjoyed it myself when I saw it at the cinema. (Don’t think it was one I picked up on DVD, though.) Wasn’t spectacular, granted, but I certainly did not hate it like most seem to.

    (But then again, I enjoyed the Star Wars prequels, but found Force Awakens to be merely a moderately enjoyable piece of official fan-fiction. (Since, for, me, the best parts of Star Wars was actually the Thrawn trilogy and X-Wing novels and TIE Fighter), so what do I know?)

    Now, what I DID find very interesting was a few days before I went to see it, I had the opportunity to catch Green Lantern: First Flight, a DC animated film on weekend and compare and contrast essentially the same story. The animated film was actually a good bit darker; it’s not evey day you see somone impaled with blood and everything at half-past ten on a Saturday morning on a children’s channel in the UK. (I do wonder if they actually watched it all the way through or just thought “ah, it’s a DC cartoon, it’ll be reet!”) With hindsight, I suspect that the animated version was probably the better version of the two.

    But… I did actually laugh at a lot of the humour in the movie and that carries a lot of weight with me. (I’m sorry, but the bit with them addressing how little the mask covers cracks me up everything…!)

  14. Dead Pool was a good movie, but I really can’t stand Ryan Renolds. Not a fan of the whole, smarmy douchebag shtick.

    Never saw GL because well, it looked terrible. I recall there being a lot of positive buzz before it came out though. IGN even claimed it would be the next Star Wars. Ha!

  15. I find it interesting how nearly *every* human character in this movie had “daddy issues”, while the mothers were portrayed as being unimportant to the point of non-existence. Either the director had some psychological baggage to work out or he just had no clue how to write for women.

  16. I remember back when I did Mystery Shoppers way back when this came out, I got a call asking to do a Theater Audit and they said they will pay for my ticket, all I have to do is do a headcount of the theater patrons for a particular movie theater, and one of the perks is you got to say and enjoy the movie, however, the movie they said I was to attend was “Green Lantern” …..

    Suffice to say, I turned down that offer.
    Its never the good movies you want to see when you do those Theater Audits for Mystery Shopper. -___-

  17. I honestly thought that someone was just finally being honest about how Deadpool looks to someone born before 1980… I guess I just never got the character and probably never will…

    • Ironically, Deadpool first became popular (not sure when he was created) in the early 90s when people born around 1980 would be in prime comic book reading age.

      That’s why he kind of looks like a Spiderman clone… Thanks to Spiderman’s popularity at the time attributed to reknown Spiderman Artist and Spawn creator Todd MacFarlane.

      • He was created in the 90s; I thought he didn’t become popular until the new millenium, so people born later. (He wasn’t popular under his original creator.)

  18. Hey Doug! Thank you SO much for the Charity Shoutout towards Mexico. As you may have read in other comments by fellow Mexicans, yeah, it did hit us pretty hard and we are doing everything possible to rebuild and stay strong in these times. It really sends a positive message, and it means a lot. It has been pretty crazy these past few weeks. I have been a fan of the show, since practically the beginning. I like your videos and the way you work. (I keep hoping that, eventually, you’ll make a ‘Freddie the Frog’ review). Thanks again!

  19. Ha! Your Bad Cosplay Deadpool is right on the mark. They don’t just show up at Cons. They also troll Marvel role play chat rooms and my God, they’re terrible. I was in one recently that actually had to put a “No Deadpools” rule in for this very reason.

  20. Asshole Cosplayer Deadpool reminds me of how some idiot D&D players think Chaotic Neutral characters are supposed to act.

  21. I’ve forgotten how ugly the CGI is. I thought the villain was Peter Dinklage for some reason. Still a step up from “Pixels”. I have run into Deadpool cosplayers. They’re quite nice! Not going to make your “It” review, I’m afraid.

  22. I love Geoffrey Rush, what’s he doing wasting his time in this nonsense?

  23. -You know i am not a fan of the Lanterns and this movie is not quite good but i do not get the hare on it its not hat bad
    -I liked that DeadPool cause he was cool and did not talked so much
    -I don’t get why you are complaining about the rings explanation its quite accurate
    -You are complaining that Hal is not using the ring for selfish things you do know that that is not allowed you do know the Lore of the Lanterns right?
    -You really marrying your two Characters

  24. Why were you a tiny playing Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture as your background music?

  25. Ta ra ta ta ta, ta ta ta, ta ta, ta ra ta ta ta, ta ta ta, ta ta. At 8:30 timing Who are you with that eraser on your head and what have done with the Nostalgia Critic?

  26. Here’s how I would have done it different;

    *Do NOT make fun of the francise you’re actually in and have the official license for. Movies and TV shows that do that are usually the worst versions.

    *Star Sapphire. Just star sapphire. Star sapphire should be in it. That is all.

    *More variety with the aliens. Look at labyrinth or Men in Black. Each species creature is operated with a different method. Sometiems CG, sometimes prosthetic makeup, sometimes animatronics, sometimes the actors legs are in this bit while his torso is in that bit etc. In this movie, they’re all CGI regardless of how humanoid they are.

    *I’ve seen 3 Green Lantern movies, one was live action, another one was good. Green Lanterns are basically space cops. in green Lantern; First Flight, the green lanterns actually act like cops in space. Sinestro acts like a dirty cop.

  27. Yay for Devil Boner and Hyper Fangirl! I wonder what kind of wedding they’ll have?

  28. you have deadpool… well if you can fall no further!

  29. “It’s ugly, it’s dull, it’s downright unpleasant, it’s and a… mess”
    “they’re not including this version in the DCEU”
    Isn’t that a contradiction?
    Hah! I kill me! 🙂

    Actually, I always thought this movie was okay. It should’ve been great, but was okay.

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