Guyver 2: Dark Hero – Brandon Tenold

The first Guyver movie had some issues, so does its 1994 sequel “Guyver 2: Dark Hero” do anything to fix them?

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  1. Yeah, this movie is bad ass. It’s actually mind blowing how much they were able to accomplish with a budget of less than $1 million (according to imdb anyway)

    The budget does still show at times but the movie packs in so many great creature effects including the phenomenal Guyver suit, wall to wall battles featuring masterful choreography and stuntwork, and a film score and tone that makes the film feel very dramatic and heartfelt.

    A prime example of filmmakers making the most of what they have.

    • Yup. I really like it as a kid even if low budget show up. Still as Brandon said.. less rapping.

      PS: It is impossible to remove Guyver unit as it replace original body of the user. So that zoanoid.. shock.. lied.

  2. Looks way cooler than the first one, that’s for sure.

  3. Great review but a few things. Before they went into the ship, they had people (Head of the dig site included) go in with radiation suits to check for disease and radiation.

    Also the mega smasher (the weapon used at the end of the film) takes a bit of time to charge up, heck in the last film he tried using it only for his control metal (the large metal orb on his forehead) to get removed before it could go off. As for why he used it, it was a mercy killing. He was giving him a faster death vs the long agonizing one he was experiencing.

    One final thing, that wasn’t Lisker, it was just another employee with the same zoanoid type. In the Manga and anime we often saw this.

  4. To be fair to the end of the final fight, in the first movie, tearing out the core didn’t kill him, so vaporizing him with an energy blast makes sense.

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