Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers – The Cinema Snob

Michael Myers is back for some kind of revenge!

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  1. I thought maybe I should copy and paste this from The Cinema Snob’s website: http://www.thecinemasnob.com/the-cinema-snob/halloween-5-the-revenge-of-michael-myers

    “On an important personal note. You may have noticed a lack of Jillian on the site or online in general recently, namely the Jem and the Holograms review. Jillian has been going through some tough times here recently, and there’s only so much that I can get into here, but what I can say is she’s been going through some very severe medical physical issues.

    We’re doing what we can to help her, and part of what will help her is to get her out of her current living situation, which involves some pretty terrible and health affecting shit. You know it’s serious if we’re doing something like this, but there’s a donate button on the front page of this site, and if you can spare anything to help out Jillian, even a little bit would be appreciated. Thanks a million, from myself and from Jillian. I’ll keep you all updated too. ”

    I hope things improve for her

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Well thank god Tina died but not poor talking dog(oh well at least he had the voice of tequila the dog somewhat coincidently;) good episode though I wonder if michael Myers will escape from jail and if so how did he escape from a maximum security prison

    Also snob I’m not sure of you heard but have you heard of this movie called jem and the holograms cause it bombed real hard but only made 1.6 million and it has a 5 million dollar budget and they set up a sequel after the end credits so I’m smellin sequel but I’m not sure when(probably in six years like the Halloween movies did)!!!!

  3. Michael’s mask in this movie was awful. Why didn’t they just use the Shatner mask?

  4. The dog doesn’t really talk in the movie. It’s just a joke the Snob made. The goofy music is real though. Yeah, this movie’s crap. Nothing’s new at all. I didn’t know Laurie Strode was dead.

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