Harley Quinn Animated Series Announced – Orbit Report

Aiyanna and Heather talk casting news for Captain Marvel and Gambit, trailers for A Wrinkle in Time and the announcement for a Harley Quinn animated series on a new Orbit Report.

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  1. Now as much as I love Harley as a character I honestly don’t think she deserves her own animated series; a movie maybe (Batman and Harley out of the question btw) or even a series of shorts, but a full half hour episode series?! Also from the looks of it, it sounds like they’re taking the Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor Harley concept, which honestly isn’t my favorite interpretation of the character since it seems more like they want Harley to be DC’s answer to Deadpool; in fact I’m almost certain this project may well be because of the Deadpool animated series coming to FX.

    Now here’s my personal pet peeve reading into this, it’s just another adult animated comedy! Let’s face it, adult animation (at least in western culture) that is primarily comedy based is already a dime in a dozen, and most of projects are just raunchy and crass just for the sake of being raunchy and crass; even Rick and Morty is guilty of that trope.

    Do you know what animated adult show I want to see DC and Warner Bros produce?! I want to see an adult Batman animated series, similar to Batman Hush or some of Scott Snyder’s stuff, or an animated horror anthology, based on The House of Mystery staring Caine and Able, or an animated Swamp Thing series, or even an adult Superman animated series.

    Animation is a medium, and it should be used to tell a wide range of different stories for different audiences of any age, gender or walk of life, but if you just continue making adult comedies, then you’re only further implying that animation is a genre because you’re just making the same show over and over.

    I don’t know, I’m not against adult animation, or even adult animated comedies in particular, but this project rubs me the wrong way and I don’t exactly know why. Maybe it’s because of the Jimmy and Amanda influence, or because it’s just another adult comedy, or maybe it’s based on my experience watching Batman and Harley Quinn I don’t know.

    But who knows, maybe it’ll still be good, and maybe it won’t be too adult and will actually make things funny. We’ll see.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Spot-on about adult comedies, and it’s not just the animated ones. TV in general has gotten very samey and unimaginative, and the comedies are among the worst offenders. Too many producers think the way to make a comedy ‘adult’ is to fill it with as many crass, vulgar, mean-spirited and shocking-for-the-sake-of-being-shocking material as possible. “Look how nasty and naughty and not-nice and not-for-families we’re being!” I have no problem with adult humor, but I have a big problem when writers just use gratuitous shock jokes as substitutes for genuine characters and story.

      Regarding Harley Quinn, I have no problem with DC transitioning Harley into a wacky anti-hero; often characters who start out as baddies become goodies when they become popular with viewers (this happens with heel wrestlers all the time), but I don’t think Harley needs her own series, especially if she’s just going to be Deadpool with 2 X-chromosomes. Part of the appeal of Harley Quinn’s nuttiness is her contrast to the more ‘normal’ characters surrounding her; without that contrast, she’s not as interesting.

      • But at least in Live-Action there are adult dramas, horrors, thrillers, fantasies, sci-fi and even adventures, but when it comes to animation in particular, every adult cartoon (at least in western culture) is a comedy.

        Going back to Harley, I don’t mind her being an anti-hero, but what I do have a problem with is how they try to make her stories too adult oriented even in “T-Rated” comics like the ones made by Jimmy and Amanda that just straight up copy Deadpool.

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