Hellraiser – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tam-Tober Fest continues with a horror classic, Hellraiser.

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  1. Yep, the first two are by far the best.

    In a somewhat related note, a couple years ago I was working on a Barbie animated movie as storyboard artist. Barbie’s little sister, who’s name escapes me, was really into puzzles. I had to draw a frame of her sitting in the back seat of Barbie’s van surrounded by a bunch of puzzles and games. Among them I snuck in the lament configuration. No one ever found out, heh heh.

  2. I’m actually disappointed that you didnt do this one movie at a time. I realize that they are a lot of movies, but we really just get a VERY short reaction for each movie because of this.
    Just comes off as a waste of a first viewing review series opportunity.

  3. The book was decent. A sort of character drama about extra-marital affairs, with interdimensional elves (or some such) appearing to muck about.
    The film did a pretty good job of it. No Oscar material, but fine.
    Haven’t seen the other 8.

  4. There are nine of these?! O.O I’ve never seen any of them.

  5. Gotta be honest, as soon as I saw this on the stack, I was excited to see what you thought of this.

    It’s understandable, but you mixed up the movies quite a bit in terms of plot; the second one is where the doctor is using patients for experiments, gets put in a torture box in hell, then becomes a cenobite himself and kills all the others. The third has the origin of the Lament configuration, as you said, but also… a space station puzzle box? Dafuq? And somehow Pinhead is in 18th Century England despite having been made into a cenobite during either World War I or II…?

    Also, you said on 7 “Finally has a female lead we’re following” except the first, second and third were all focused primarily on a female protagonist.

    It probably would’ve been better had you seen these on different days and had separate videos for them instead of all in one night with drinking.

  6. I like the Epic Comics expansion of the Hellraiser lore. Reading those really clarifies what the rules are for the cenobites, and how badly the movies past Bloodlines had gotten them wrong.

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