Hillary’s America – Midnight Screenings

Ladies and gentlemen, the first movie we’ve ever walked out on.

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  1. ALL embrace God-Emperor Trump!

    • The only God-Emperor I will EVER even consider embracing is a fictional character. His name is Victor Von Doom, and despite having “of Doom” in his name, I would STILL rather vote for him than Drumpf.

    • Nicholas C Casillas

      The likes and dislikes to this comment confuse me… Are the likes for Donald, or mockingly against? And are the dislikes the inverse?
      … I shall refrain from casting my vote until this is clarified.

  2. Hmmmm I am disturbed that they do want to support Hilary Clinton, they should be supporting that they hold off the election for another year until we can find more qualified people

    • Well… given that isn’t actually an option in the really-real world, Hilary is the lesser of two evils.

      • Agreed. We only need Hil for 4 years, and hopefully by then the other party will have a decent candidate up for the challenge.

        We can’t survive 4 minutes with Trump in charge.

        • Nicholas C Casillas

          Though I hold no political views-and I cannot even vote-I am a fan of history, and from I’ve learned about American history, the country has servived far worse than either of the two main candidates of 2016. Remember the election of 1924? Where the two main candidates where an assumed drug dealer and an actual communist? Perspective help when going through tough times.

          • Neither of those were remotely as bad as Trump. Both have intelligence, and didn’t refuse to learn what they don’t know. Neither had verifiable mental disorders that result in a lashing out any time they are attacked. Neither had access to nuclear weapons, let alone asking why we can’t use them.

            A drug dealer is smart. Communism is merely a political view that we don’t agree with. Neither of them were verifiably incompetent.

      • Picking between two evil, and picking one because it’s lesser, is still evil. USA will survive Hilary, but other countries won’t.

        • Then democracy is evil, because that’s always what happens. You always choose the lesser of two evils. No candidate is going to be with you on everything.

          And you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about if you think yet another Democratic president who believes what Democrats believe will hurt other countries.

          And it would be impossible for America to do well if other countries do not, and vice versa.

    • That’s not an option. There are only 2 choices and a non-vote is a vote for Trump.

      It’s like going to a restaurant where the only choices of food are a loaf of white bread and a bowl of dog shit. Yeah, you’ve had it before and it’s kind of bland, but if the only other choice is dog poo, you’re eating that bread.

    • Nicholas C Casillas

      Why? Though the two main candidates may seem rather unqualified, there have been much worse people who’ve sat in the chair.

      • I would argue that Hilary is more than qualified. She’s controversial, sure, but you simply cannot logically deny that she has experience, a record of getting things done, and has even reached across to the other party in the past.

        It’s kind-of amazing that people are even having to stop and think about whether they want that or the guy who has LITERALLY never done anything like this before and almost constantly shows how ignorant he is of what he’s even talking about.

    • How in the fuck isn’t Hillary Clinton qualified? I think she’s corrupt as hell, but how is she not qualified? She got her law degree from Yale Law School, participated in politics when she was First Lady, served as a Senator, served as Secretary of State, and she’s not qualified? She has experience in domestic matters, foreign affair, and lived in the white house for eight years as the First Lady. Sure she lacks military service, but so do many candidates and it’s not a requirement. I don’t understand this insanity I keep seeing regarding her qualifications.

  3. Do the Trumpty-hump! *dances*

    • Humpty Drumpfty, crap all he said
      Humpty Drumpfty shot in the head

      All the of the people, the women and men,
      Took turns urinating, defecating and masturbating on his lifeless corpse and only then did he help “make America great.” The End.

  4. If D’Souza possessed the courage of his convictions, he would back Johnson.

    • The Libertarian party doesn’t have the financial infrastructure or media channels to distribute D’Souzas propaganda in a way that would make him as wealthy as pandering to the know-nothing republican base.

  5. I don’t know to what extent this is apropos of anything that was in “Hillary’s America”, but it may interest anyone who is familiar with the old States’ Rights argument to know that it is, in fact, demonstrably false.

    Numerous southern States’s legislatures passed declarations in which they declared their reasons for succession. The most prominent reason was the argument that the maintainance of the institution of slavery was a Federal obligation- guaranteed by the Federal Constitution- and that by allowing new states to determine themselves whether they would keep or abolish slavery in their states, the federal government was attempting to abrogate that responsibility to the South’s detriment.

    This article gives more detail:


  6. What the hell is it with that lame attempt at a gotcha, anyway? It’s like they’re proud they failed history.

  7. send irving. Send Irving. SEND IRVING.

  8. This review shocked and horrified me. Not because this film actually exists; it’s somewhat surprising, but not really, whenever these things turn up, since propaganda as a tool never really goes away, and we’ve seen stuff like this ’round these parts before. No, I am scared to my core over this, because if a reaction of walking out on the movie occurs to THESE people, if a movie can REALLY get that bad, it’s a sign that the political rhetoric in the USA is at its absolute zenith. We have never known rhetoric this bad if a movie encapsulating a side of it is THIS terrible.

    Even should Hillary win (which of COURSE I am hoping for and more expect than don’t), I do not expect Drumpf fanprats to take it lying down. I am really scared of what’s to come, regardless of November’s results.

    • “it’s a sign that the political rhetoric in the USA is at its absolute zenith.”

      You mean nadir. A zenith is a record high; a nadir is a record low.

      • Nah. The rhetoric is at an all time high–as in there’s way too much of it. We want to get rid of the political rhetoric and have rational conversations.

        • Dromedary Meat Cactus

          Zenith refers to “high” quality or position, not “high” quantity. The original poster was judging the quality of the rhetoric not the amount, as clearly stated in the sentence that follows: “We have never known rhetoric this bad… THIS terrible.”

  9. Talking about the movie makes me laugh at how ignorant the movie is.

  10. Truth and fact no matter how unsavory or how much one doesn’t want to acknowledge it or accept it is still truth and fact and walking out on it no matter how opinionated or what it is being used to promote or denounce is an act of close minded nonacceptance of reality. Hitler and the Nazi’s were Socialists, Stalin was a heavy handed Socialist who named his brand of Socialism Communism, same thing with Mao, and it was Socialistic ideals that destroyed Rome, as well as creating yet another USSR like situation and yet the Progressives want that very situation everywhere in the world because a world that isn’t that way is so unacceptable that they would be willing to mass murder everyone that gets in their way in forced labor camps. This is Reality, this is Fact, this is truth whether someone likes it or not.
    People say Hitlery is the lesser of two evils, but those people don’t seem to know very much about her, how she not only denied but actually removed security from Benghazi knowing the attack was coming, how she watched the attack and went to bed with a smile on her face (those other so called Banghazi’s have been debunked as either having 0 casualties or being terrorist attacks without warning while Benghazi had 3 months of warnings cbefore it happened), how she is in direct violation of us title code 18 section 101 article section 2071 which bars her from holding office ever again all because she wanted to hide illegal activity from FOIA, not to mention the hundreds she’s already killed. While Trump isn’t a very good person he at least doesn’t have half the illegal and scandal rap sheet Hitlery has, if he did he would have been lynched before he could even think of running fro president, so why does the worse scum sucker get a free pass? She shouldn’t, it’s unfair, it’s discriminatory, and it’s unconstitutional.

    • The “National Socialism” of the Nazis was far-right, not far-left.

      As to the rest, the use of the word “Hitlery” pretty much denies your argument any credibility.

    • NOPE.

      This is nonsense word association propaganda that has been fed to you by fraudulent partisan media. The current official title of North Korea is “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” but it is neither democratic, nor a republic.

      Pulling the word “socialist” out of their name is not some clever insight, nor does it represent the far-right fascist government that relied on the unification of private wealth, industry, and authoritarian brutality.
      You are truly ignorant (I didn’t call you stupid, but ignorant in that you lack factual knowledge) and most of your post is a wall of debunked talking points and whining about the Hillary Clinton boogey-man as some justification for your fantasy world view.

      Finally: The great Benghazi fishing expedition is over…get over it. there were 13 embassy attacks and over 60 dead Americans as a result under previous President George W Bush, and you did not care then, you do not care now, and you don’t care about the deaths in Benghazi in any way beyond exploiting them as a callous political bludgeon.

  11. I don’t vote at all so I have no opinion on this movie. I don’t even know who the elephant and the donkey is. LOL. I can’t even imagine walking out of a movie though. The last time I felt like walking out of a movie was Fan4stic and even then, I stayed. You guys were so pissed! O.O

  12. Lolololololololol

    Wow, a bunch of liberal sjw retards walked out on a movie exposing Hillary Clinton? What a shocker. Go look at france, Germany, or Sweden and see how well your moronic, suicidal progressive policies are working out.

    • Dinesh D’Souza is a hack and a fraud who made the same film about Obama years ago, and all his dire apocalyptic predictions fell absolutely flat.

      At best, his bizarre fixation on Obama as gaining some sort of “anti colonial” attitude of America through what can only be described as genetic osmosis is laughable conspiracy theory fodder.

    • >SJW
      >Team Snob

      • Yeah, that’s right, just throw around the term “SJW”. Because why offer an intelligent counterpoint when you can just resort to childish name calling like a schoolyard bully?

        Frankly, I wouldn’t even dignify a propaganda filled movie like this by even giving it a view. It doesn’t even fall into the “so bad, it’s laughable” category. It’s just ignorant, hate spewing garbage that’s not worth anyone’s time.

  13. Even as someone who would rather vote Hilary over Trump, if I were American that is, this is a terrible idea for a film and it might do more harm than good for the democrats. Are Americans really that into politics that they’d go see a film based on a political party? Given that political debates were held in Las Vegas, American politics already make zero sense to a Canadian. If Canada had a city like Las Vegas we certainly wouldn’t have political debates there, and Justin Trudeau: The Movie certainly isn’t a thing.

    Ok Americans, do the right thing and vote Clinton, but it sounds like you should stay clear of this film, although the very idea of anyone seeing a film like this baffles me so what do I know?

    • As a Nevada resident — where Las Vegas is at — I can tell you that we do not like politicians. Due to the workings of the wonky Electoral College system (and the fact that we swing wider than David Bowie’s sex-life) we are a major battleground state, attracting presidential candidates form all the political parties. Mind you, this is the only state in the country to allow prostitution, and it is such a highly regulated sector, that brothels are cleaner than any hospital or (actual) meat-packing plant. Our honest, hardworking ladies are the cleanest sex-workers in the country, and we take pride it that! Then comes election season, where big name whores comes crawling out of that cesspit called Washington D.C.With only themselves to set the rules, they will &^$# any sugar-daddy with no regard, while they casually spread syphilis to everyone’s brains! We also see them as the biggest welfare-queens in the country, as they sit around all day on the government’s dime, while contributing *nothing* to society, beyond %$&#ing everyone over! We would tell them to “Go %$#& themselves!”, but we honestly want them to do a whole lot less that that! =P

  14. You lot been pampered. The worst you can come up with is Hillary & Trump?


    Ship them over here, they’d be an improvement. Either one. Or both.

  15. 50 years ago this sort of film would have had some form of supporters or fans. If you were both the youngest there and everyone else was an old white guy that means that indeed the only ones this appeals to is those from 50 years ago, See every generation or two, parties, political organizations, base trend setters etc need to either update their appeal or die off. That someone can make a sincere, non-ironic film about slavery and the KKK being democratic conspiracies and only be appealing to old white people is actually most inspiring to me, it means eventually this sort of crap will actually die off with it’s generation. The public zeitgeist is at it’s turning point and since ultra-conservatives, by their very nature, can’t appeal to a changing world this sort of thing likely won’t survive that turn.
    My deepest sympathies to anyone who sits through this.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Yeah, at the end of the day this sort of propaganda isn’t worth getting angry over, since the only people who are actually fished in by this sort of rhetoric are oldsters and the uneducated who subsist on hate and fear and whose mindset never left the 1950’s, so in the end those people will just die and take their bigoted ways with them. The world is constantly changing, you either learn to adapt to these changes or you simply won’t make it.

  16. The only ‘states rights’ thing that caused the civil war was states rights to keep slavery. just look at the secession declarations the states had. They all said they were leaving to keep slavery intact.

  17. This movie did look bad when I first saw the trailer for it. All more the pity. There is a much better film out there to tear down Hillary, and that film is Clinton Cash, on youtube right now, for free. There’s also Hillary: The Movie, and to a lesser extent, Blocking the Path to 9/11, which documents how the Clintons used their power to ensure that The Path to 9/11 miniseries would never air again or ever be released on VHS, DVD, or Blu-Ray, much less streaming.

    Just watching any of those 2 main documentaries would be enough to make any reasonable person to never vote for her, or Bill, ever. As for Trump, there is a good chance that he will fuck things up, but there is also a chance he will manage to bring things about for the better in the long term, while there is no chance of that whatsoever. That being said, they both suck, vote for an independent party. They may not win, but if they get enough votes, voters will take notice, and will hopefully think, “Maybe next election I’ll go for the more rational thinking independent party members.” The independent nominees should be a part of the political debates.

  18. Nicholas C Casillas

    “A young Republican has no soul.
    An old Democrat has no brain.
    And a man, measuredin his years, has both.” That was something my father told to me. I hold nothing in terms of a political opinion, though I am against blatent bashings of and vulgarity towards fellow human beings. We are all just as wrong as everyone else, and as correct as everyone else, but we all try, and strive to do what we feel is right… I just want people to remember that.

    • Yeah, but it’s not true. It’s just another version of the idea that people turn conservative when they get older. But they don’t. They remain exactly where they were. Society changes around them.

  19. Someone who cares maybe

    I mean, when you say “You broke the law, you get punished”, I guess Hillary is excluded. As a Johnson supporter, I say screw bot Trump and Hillary. I’d rather my vote get “wasted” then support a crap candidate because they are slightly better than the other.

    • She didn’t break the law. What is with people not understanding that? She was clumsy with top-secret information. But such never results in any sort of prosecution.

      By that position, Trump broke anti-discrimination laws when he kicked black people out of an apartment to get the rent higher. He broke the law when he didn’t keep contracts and offered pennies on the dollar.

      And if you don’t vote for or against anything, then you’re saying you didn’t actually care.

    • Nope, facts are key here.

      They had years and years of show trials and hearings and partisan talking heads on TV telling you that she broke the law, and that makes you “feel” like she broke the law and it reinforces your bias against the democratic party and the political left.

      For all the time and money they spent on these “get Hillary” investigations, they came up with nothing illegal, but succeeded in making people “feel” like she did.

  20. The Third Reich or Nazi German Josef Goebbels was a Propaganda Media Minister, not a filmmaker you sort of idiots in that regard, the woman Leni Riefenstahl was for the Triumph of the Will (1934) and Deutschland Olympiad (1936), she was also a dancer and photographer and actress I just researched on where else Wikipedia and I never would defend her memory because I’m Russian and Jewish.

  21. And FYI The Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China maybe are the ones politically bullied by “Uncle Sam” these days, as in we or our Federal Government is bullying and denying Russian people’s and government’s all kinds of rights in their own country, The current Ukrainian government is a Neo-Nazi-like Murderer of their own people and Russian-speaking peoples, go research that, but Donald Trump is the only one capable of bringing true domestic and more importantly foreign stability or half-peace at least, anyway I need him, I need his money or financial aid for my own artistic ambitions and to cool and ease tensions with my beloved Russian Federation and her great President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin who only honestly wants peace and prosperity for his people and neighbors around his nation even though I was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, still Crimea is always ours deal with it everybody.

  22. Dinesh D’Souza: “Trump isn’t racist”
    Trump: ““I have black guys counting my money. … I hate it. The only guys I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes all day.”

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