Hocus Pocus Re-Review – Disneycember

For the first time ever, Doug looks back on a past Disneycember review. Was he originally too hard on it?

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  1. Alright, I’ll let my disappointment over how the Nostalgia Critic Review for this go now. THIS is the kind of information I was actually hoping to hear. I think maybe it was attempted to be shown in the Nostalgia Critic review, but I didn’t really get it.

    As a big fan of Hocus Pocus, I appreciate this. THANK YOU! πŸ™‚

    • And with that, I think you speak for the majority of the audience here.

      I get the strong feeling this was made in an attempt to assuage the backlash from his initial review.

      Although I can appreciate the fan-service, I do hate to see you backpedaling. It’s a disservice to your credibility as a critic.

      Again, I enjoyed this review even it does seem like a little bit of a suck-up. I understand Hocus Pocus isn’t anything oscar worthy but it’s definitely a tradition that get’s most of us in the mood for the holiday.

      We all have our guilty pleasures. Personally I’d say the Ernest movies are on par with Adam Sandler movies/Happy Madison productions. To each their own. πŸ™‚

      • “Although I can appreciate the fan-service, I do hate to see you backpedaling. It’s a disservice to your credibility as a critic.”

        Really? That reads like “you’re not allowed to change your mind” or something.

  2. A third Hocus Pocus video? LOL. I still haven’t seen this movie. Anyways, Sarah Jessica Parker is awesome. QUEEN. That is all. πŸ˜€

  3. I knew I had to watch this! It may seem pointless, but it’s something different from you. I personally just find this film okay. There’s really nothing too bad or good about it in my opinion. Still no mention of the Nostalgia Chick’s review? You’re generally against reviewing stuff she’s already done.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Why not review McFarland, USA I hope you do do it for by popular request video otherwise guess I’ll have to wait till next year!!!!

  5. These three are really a lot of fun to watch. ^^
    They’re so over the top. It’s great! πŸ˜€

  6. Well since the idea of “Re-Reviews” are on the table, I’d highly recommend DOING A RE-REVIEW OF THE GOOD DINOSAUR, SERIOUSLY! If you wouldn’t mind…

    • And I guess while he’s at it, “The Force Unleashed”. When I watch the Disneycember reviews, I’m up for a few minutes of him summing up his personal thoughts of the movie, not him and Rob spending over half an hour exchanging opinions and coming to a consensus…That’s what “Sibling Rivalry” is for (even though I can see why they did this).

      Also, for the “Popular Demands”, I’d like him to do “Frankenweenie”. I’ve been waiting a while now for him to review that movie and give his personal thoughts on it…Me personally, I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I acknowledge some pretty dumb scenes…(Still better than Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”.)

    • I was about to say that seems unnecessary, but then I remembered that the members of Spillcom did that all the time back when they were a thing, where’s they’d release a video review to give their brief thoughts and an audio review for those who could handle listening to them talk for a longer period of time while also providing more insight on their views. So yeah, I’d actually like to see Doug make a shortened review of these films instead of just leaving it with the Vlogs.

  7. Yes, join the Hocus Pocus side, join usssssss……
    But in all seriousness, this was a really good review and I’m glad that you could look past the cheesiness and accept that it’s not meant to be Oscar-worthy material but a fun Halloween story. That’s honestly where all the enjoyment for the film comes from. The acting is so hammy and over the top that you can’t not enjoy it. At the very least, it’ll take you forever to get the songs out of your head, and it will definitely be impossible to forget Bette Middler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s performances as the Sanderson Sisters.

  8. Doug Doug Doug, you still don’t get it. What you call Virgin Shaming wasn’t shaming at all, its used as a means to show Peer Pressure, everyone is on him for being a Virgin, but in the end he’s the one who wins and saves the day and does things he wouldn’t have been able to do without being one. Granted the movie is a bit hokey but it’s actually really fun and the Main characters aren’t really the kids, they are the Witches no matter how much it’s said otherwise and no it’s not because the actresses who play them steal the show it’s because the film focuses more on the Witches than anything or anyone else, they are at the center of EVERYTHING from beginning to end and when they are gone the movie ends. The Kids, outside of having the whole Peer-pressure thing going on are only there to act as foils for the witches and in one case for themselves. You also have to admit, there are some pretty funny and clever for kids movies of the time scenes like after the witches loose their brooms and have to find something else to ride.

  9. I still remember my mother snickering at the Bette Midler song sequence and saying something along the lines of “Its’ Bette Midler in a Disney movie….of course she’s gonna sing!”

  10. It really is a good “Popcorn flick” Halloween movie that I have a tradition of watching every year. The witches were good comic relief and as a girl I had a crush on Thackery (though I will shamelessly admit Danni/Thackery my OTP for the win).

    But I think what really made this movie for me was the fact that it’s a movie loosely based on the Brother-Sister/Siblings Relationships. There’s Thackery and Emily, Max and Danni and then there’s the three Sanderson Sisters. Especially as a kid I could relate to this movie in a way since my Step Brother who is a few years older than I am reminded myself of Max in some aspects. To see Max go from a jerk to risking his soul/life force for his sister is really gratifying at the end and there are some similarities between Max and Danni with Thackery and Emily. Though Thackery wasn’t necessarily a jerk to Emily he still risked his life to try to save her. And though the sisters could be a bit of a pain to each other, I’m sure they would still stick together as much as possible in the end. Afterall, if Winnie was really so selfish about obtaining youth, why would she share the life force from Emily with Sarah and Mary rather than absorbing it all herself?

    So even if there is some corny writing with a little too much emphasis on virgins, it does have a bit of heart to it if you untangle through the knots.

    • thatchickwithlonghair

      I’m glad someone FINALLY mentioned the sweet sibling relationship because we don’t have many of these from these type of movies and I was like “does no one even care about this?” I felt like I was the only fan who LIKED the main characters of the kids….and it was because of their heartfelt interaction mixed with their sibling schtick that made me like them. And I thought they had pretty funny moments too.

      That’s a cute OTP. XD

    • You know I was reading this and it reminded me of another movie with three witch sisters who steal the life force from others for youth–Stardust.

      (INCOMING STARDUST SPOILERS. Seriously if you haven’t seen this movie, please do, it’s hilarious.)

      Now I haven’t read the book so I apologize that I am unable to make the comparison to that, but in the movie Stardust there are, like I said, three witch sisters who steal the life force from others (in this case, the heart of a personified star) for youth. But in the end of Stardust, two of the sisters are killed and the third pretends to be so heartbroken over it that she can’t fight the heroes anymore, which turns out to just be a trick to trap them, and then she says that she’s happy to not have to share the star’s heart with her sisters.

      My point is, I can’t really see the Sanderson sisters doing this, and that’s really cool, honestly. XD Heck, I’d take a prequel movie about how they got their powers over a sequel, though I guess a sequel is happening anyway for some reason…? *shrug*

  11. Doug, I really think you should give Matilda a go.

    I know you were going to do it before but canned it due to outrage, but your review of both Hook and Hocus Pocus have really demonstrated to me that you know how to pick fun at and make good points about movies that a lot of people love. And I think it’s because you learned to recognize why people still love these movies, even with their problems, and you respect that.

    A really think a Matilda review would be fantastic, especially if you got Mara Wilson on board. πŸ™‚ Would love to see it!

  12. I remember how the trailer called the three witches The Evil One (Winifred), The Sexy One (Sarah) and The Hungry One (Mary) πŸ˜› And yes it is a guilty pleasure to me.

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