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People seem to love it or hate it. Is the sequel to one of the biggest Christmas hits ever a good follow up, or should it have been left alone?

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  1. Makes me wonder why Doug hasn’t reviewed the first movie yet… it’s a good movie and I’m curious about his opinions on it!

  2. Wait. Monkeybone came after Balto. In the Balto review, she’s clearly shown to be with Aunt Despair, and then dropped off with Chester. In Monkeybone review, she’s with Aunt Despair’s kid, and they’re both called over at the end.

    So, is she not the same kid from Monkeybone review?

  3. Please review Reindeer Games next Christmas, if you think Nicolas Cage in a bear suit punching a woman is funny as hell, wait ’til you see Ben Affleck in a Santa outfit tackling an old man.

  4. that electrocution scene still disturbs me. every other trap i can take, but not that. Marv was the more childish one. he didn’t deserve to be punished that bad. Harry was the bigger threat and he got the more tamer traps

  5. I’m one of those people who do not hate Home Alone 2, except for that tiny, pointless celebrity cameo, which I will not mention yet.

    At least Buzz has matured better that Donald Jr. and Eric Trump combined. …I just spoiled it just now, didn’t I?

    10:48- Just to get this out of the way: BUSHWHACKED!

    12:35- Now that his cameo has been shown, may we please explain why his cameos in movies and TV shows are fucking pointless?

    14:17- (Raises hand)

    Duncan’s Toychest is classier than KB Toys and Toys R Us combined. No wonder it’s fictional.

    This was the very first Tim Curry movie I ever saw, and it IS one of the most memorable performances in Home Alone 2.

    I love most of the traps in Home Alone 2, because they are so damn brutal.

    Yeah, I also remember loving Christmas Crunch, but I haven’t had it for years.

    39:57- No, no, no, Mark Hamill. It’s “Go away!” BTW, I also love The Last Jedi, because I am not someone who rants like The Nostalgia Critic for a whole 26 hours and 10 minutes.

    • For your Trump question, whenever they use anything he owns for a film or show or whatever, he ALWAYS demands for a cameo in them. Since he owned the hotel they shot the film in, that’s why he’s there. Now I just remember there being a meme since last year that whenever he popped up in the film, it would cut to Kevin screaming in fear as he runs away from him.

  6. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this movie, and this is the first time I noticed the guy who Kevin bumped into is Donald Trump. I feel like I failed a test.

  7. I remember when they were advertising that voice recorder cassette player like crazy when this movie came out, mostly as their official movie tie-in merchandising.

  8. For those of you who didn’t know, Donald Trump was the Plaza Hotel’s owner at the time of the movie’s release.

  9. This movie is amazing; I love it even more than the first one! The scene in the hotel where Kevin tricks all the staff with the “Angels With Filthier Souls” movie gets me laughing to death every single time. I love it. This one is just a lot more fun than the first. Yes, the first one has a bit more “heart” in it, I feel, but this one just has a lot more active, comedy, and fun in it. But both are still classics and great movies. Anyone who hates them…well, I question their sanity.

  10. My family has watched a double feature of the first two Home Alone movies for a few years.

  11. I’ve never seen any of the Home Alone movies. Also, Donald Trump was really in Home Alone 2?! The heck? Was this when the Apprentice was out? Lastly, Vimeo was not kind to me today. I had to refresh the page like 3 times when I usually never have to.

  12. “Catch me lucky charms assholes!”
    I have never laughed so hard at one of his jokes, that was amazing! Hahaha

  13. I’m not gay but hearing Tim Curry talk makes me cream my pants.

  14. Holy shit, that’s Blake Good aka 03BGood! How the Hell did he get chosen?!

  15. I don’t like it as much as the first one. And that’s because they fall into the same trap so many comedy sequels do: Doing all the same stuff in the first movie, with the only real changes being cosmetic. Now there’s nothing wrong with playing around with a formula, but you can’t just hit the same notes over again. Even the funniest joke in the world just doesn’t get as big a laugh from you as the first time you heard it, and diminishing returns are in full effect for Home Alone 2.

  16. Oh boy…if he ever reviews “The Last Jedi”, you can bet there’ll be a “Shut that door!” dub for Luke Skywalker.

    One thing that always stood out to me about this movie that was a contrast to the first…law enforcement. In the first movie, the Chicago PD was portrayed as inept, lazy, uncaring idiots for a lot of it. In this one they were far more effective. It was the cop in Florida who got the idea to track Kevin via credit card purchases, and it’s the NYPD member who gets the mom to get the idea of where to find him in New York City.

  17. I thought that Critic getting Angry about the cereal would lead to the Last Jedi review in some way.

  18. Did you, a Chicago native, just compliment a New York pizza? I’m pretty sure you just broke an Illinois state law, as well as three different peace treaties.

  19. Not gonna lie, I like this movie. Does it hold a candle to the first? Absolutely not, but so what? It’s Home Alone! Nothing wrong with that! I wouldn’t call it the best or worst. I’d say it’s a fine watch and I don’t mind it at all.

    Can’t wait for The Last Jedi next week, especially with Chris Stuckmann returning!

  20. …Am I the only one who thought the funniest part of the movie was Joe Pesci angrily swiping at the pigeons with a newspaper?

    Also, I’m very glad that someone else was as disturbed by young Macaulay Culkin as I was. Even as a kid something about his eyes freaked me out.

  21. I was expecting a callback to An American Tail after Kevin and the Bandits nearly ran into each other a number of times.

  22. This was actually my first Home Alone movie. And I love it to this day. Happy Holidays.

  23. Doc: So, tell me, “future boy”: who’s president of the USA in 2017

    Marty: Do… y’know what, I like it here.

    • Donald Trump? That sexist, money grabbing jackass? Ha! Then who’s Vice President? Steve Jobs! I suppose Ivana Trump is the first lady. And Bill Gates is the Secretary of Treasury! Ha!

  24. I loved this movie, but nice to see it dissected like this lol

  25. Skull Fracture with Epidural Hematoma: Marv is Dead.

  26. Always found this movie a joy to watch.

  27. Tamara is extremely good at playing a drunk middle aged woman. Spooky.

  28. My favorite Home Alone movie.

  29. Did you just do the “Shut that door” joke again? I just melted! XD

  30. Wasted opportunity with not commenting on some of the traps used like the nightmarish electrocution scene or the toilet dunk.

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