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People seem to love it or hate it. Is the sequel to one of the biggest Christmas hits ever a good follow up, or should it have been left alone?

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  1. I’m about to get to the point where I’m going to stop watching these videos as long as I have to put of up with that stupid Stardust ad. I could care less about reactions to crap. I don’t even like reaction videos on Youtube why would I care about an app that is nothing but the very thing I hate?

  2. Well, I guess Daniel Radcliffe is a bit of an exception as a child actor, he became a huge star, but since working on the harry potter movies got him more focused in his own inner circles, his acting only improved.

  3. So much for acceptance and tolerance. Every time Doug attempts a political joke it both falls flat and manages to insult more people than most of the things he claims is offensive. It doesn’t seem particularly wise to attempt to appease the SJW audience with irrelevant (and ignorant) “Trump lost by 3m votes” liberal pandering. Your first objective is to be funny and informative, which for the most part this review was. So it’s a shame that, once again, you feel the need to push your beliefs onto others, almost entirely without justification or context and always without balance or opposition, while demanding everyone else shows unity and respect.

  4. Watched this all the time when I was a kid. I still own the VHS. I admit it’s not as good as the original. You still call this a guilty pleasure. Well, you might too. This was fun.

  5. Honore de Ballsack

    Pigeons are disgusting, I don’t care how many times you saw Mary Poppins.
    how come nobody else slipped on the beads?
    I was expecting you to make a reference to the guy getting smothered (eaten?) by crows in We’re Back A Dinosaur’s Story.

  6. You know, I grew up on so many shows and movies doing the 4th wall breaking with looking at the camera, I actually got a habit of looking into nothing in similar fashion, usuaally where I imagine a camera would be.

  7. -I do not agree with the people who hate this movie it is a very good movie it is the next three Home alone movies that are crap
    -The first movie is a classic and this is a good squeal
    -There are plenty of good stuff here witch makes it a funny movie and a good one
    -Tim is very fun here and i did hoped you would make a transvestite joke wondered how it will be
    -The TV scene is my fav scene and the funniest one in the whole movie
    -She was emotionally damaged that made her work worse so she has a illness emotional one
    -Its just Cereal

  8. Oh Critic this latest review of yours has way too many inconsequential nitpicks, oh and leave our and your current President of the United States in your rather tasteless jokes alone, of course Donald Trump you obvious not-so-Liberal Democrat dangerously insulting nitwit. Also you skipped the part where the McAllister family is already at the airport in Miami saying “Give this to Kevin” and the mother and Kate screams “Kevin” and faints, yeah why didn’t you make a nonsensical, obvious stupid joke about it that could be surprisingly funny.

  9. So what did I or we the Internet audience learn here? Tim Curry who’s British and an obvious God-send voice, accent, or the way he pronounces words which I’m sure is just an accent for most other millions British (Including Scottish, Australian, New Zealander, Welsh, of course English, and Northern Protestant Ulster Irish though hopefully they won’t be UK citizens forever) people everywhere. And the traps in this very movie should’ve brutally killed about 100 people or at least 50, seriously Marv gets fucking electrocuted to the point of being a skeleton, I mean what the flying Fuck Kevin!? Seriously Critic you missed or overlooked a few key scenes.

  10. You played the Can-Can from Orpheus in the Underworld operetta overture by Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880) in the background, yes it was part of an overture music to this comic opera, not a Parisian Moulin Rouge whore dance at first.

  11. And you also played the opening chords of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture with the opening segment, O Lord, Save Thy People is sung a cappella by a choir instead of being played by cellos and violas for some unknown reason or maybe the reason was it sounded soothing to use as closing this episode, I’m sure you know that.

  12. I remember Home Alone 2 much more than the first…

  13. Also the blonde woman who slaps Marv appears in the first movie aswell.

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