Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – Tamara’s Never Seen

Here we go! Tamara finally watches a Christmas classic, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

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  1. My opinion: Home Alone 2 is essentially the exact same film as Home Alone, only the setting changed. Kevin even completely unlearns all the lessons he learned in the first film, so that they were of little to no value to him through this adventure. If you don’t like the first Home Alone, you’ll dislike the second.

    • Agreed. As a kid I might have liked it little more for all the New York at Christmas time scenery, but even that it was probably the first time I felt like a sequel was just following a checklist of of what they used in the first movie. What ever one might thinks of the first Home Alone, at it was somebody unique idea and it managed to find a bigger audience than could of ever expected. This was just playing off of expectations, right down to characters pointing out where we are “again.”

  2. I’ve seen the first one so I’ve certainly never seen the second one. Wow, Tamara got a little more heated than I expected. I’m a few years younger than you so I may or may not enjoy it.

  3. 5:16 I do remember even as a kid wondering “who gives a full size person floatation device as gift.” LOL
    I mean were supposed to believe this is a kids bath toy, that dare things isn’t in a tub! You were wondering how Kevin makes this stuff work, I just wondering how he gets this stuff!
    7:34-:57 That’s actually a very good point. Especially when you consider she pretty much saved his life from the crooks. I’m yes it’s nice gesture to show he won’t forget her, but she’s still alone and you’re not! At least Marley from the first movie reunited with his family at the end. Frankly I must more moved when Kevin

    • Ignore that last part. I was going to finish another sentence about the toy store scene being more touching, but in hindsight they both seem about equal parts sincere/equal parts strained.

  4. I definitely loved the first two Home Alone movies as a kid. A couple years ago I rewatched most of the first one on TV and I think it still holds up pretty well, but I’m not sure about the second one.

  5. You go girl (woman cuz you’re an adult!), I love your “Never seen” Series…….. so much fun, thanks for the fun and keep up the great work!

  6. Batman-Credit-Card

    You´re a god damn jerk Tamara 😀

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