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It’s the best known Easter Bunny movie, mostly because it’s one of the ONLY Easter Bunny movies! Let’s see if it’s worthy of the holiday icon’s jelly bean droppings. The Nostalgia Critic reviews Hop.

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  1. First!…..Well that sucks if no is here to see this comment. Oh well, great review ^_^

  2. Just as that opening was getting too long, you got into the review. I did like all the slapping though. I think people getting slapped is so funny. “White Rabbit” privilege was also funny. Lastly, Doug’s wife is a stamp? Who knew?

  3. I always skip your advertisments because I’m a freeloader and ads are evil. But seriously, make a compilation video with all of them and I’ll watch that. It’s obvious you’re putting effort into these.

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