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It’s a film so crazy it scared Doug white! Sibling Rivalry takes a look at Hotel Transylvania 2.

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  1. Wow Doug, I didn’t think a movie would make you age this quickly.

    Will you be the old geezer critic now? XD

  2. I’m kind of annoyed that you make it sound like anyone who hates this movie must be a snob. The first movie had some pretty serious issues – sexism (because, of course the first thing a girl wants after leaving her home is marry, you know), a story full of clichés and plot contrivances. I LOATHED the ginger love interest and I felt insulted by the notion that his stupid antics were supposed to be “fun” and we should sympathize with him. The love story felt so incredibly forced, sending all the wrong messages (so young people should just marry someone, because it’s the first potential partner they meet?!)
    The titular hotel itself lacked any character, because the film was too busy with making fart and pee jokes. And while the animation wasn’t BAD, it was certainly not flawless (the mouths just looked …off) and still a far cry from the established animation studios.

    I think you guys have seen a little too much bad movies for your own good if your standards have sunk so low that you call something like this “good”.

    And you have to bear in mind that I sat down to watch this movie AFTER I’ve heard that it wasn’t bad from you guys. So I was totally open minded, despite Sandlers involvement (whose voice acting was quite fine, by the way).

    • “I hate how you have no respect for other people’s opinions, and also I’m angry at you for disagreeing with mine.”

    • thatchickwithlonghair

      You’re being really dumb if you honestly think the first movie was “sexist”. I mean, really? What Mavis wanted to do was “see the whole world”, not “get married”. Then she met someone her own age and she liked him. Romance automatically means “sexism” now?
      I can’t stand people like you.

      While Mavis and Jonathan’s romance did feel a LITTLE forced, I’ve seen much worse. I think you’re underestimating children’s intelligence if you think the movies are “sending a wrong message”. The message was “everyone has a soulmate” but nowhere does it say that “yong people should marry the first person they see.”

    • Wanting to get married isn’t sexist…

    • Also, Mavis didn’t want to go out and get married. She more wanted to go out and explore.

      And, the animation is good. Is it the most detailed animation out there? No. However, animation is all about movement. You can have something with almost no detail be beautifully animated and look infinitely better than a super realistic animation.

      Hotel Transylvania has a lot of good classical animation techniques in it that make it similar to hand-drawn animation. Ever notice how it has smear frames? The characters consistently stretch and warp and have volume to them? Hotel Transylvania’s animation avoids detail and aims for fluid and funny motion.

    • Avatar Fangirl16

      Have you even seen the movies? What Mavis wanted more than anything else in the world was to go out and explore, not get married. And FYI, Johnny and Mavis didn’t even get married until years later in the sequel. So they had plenty of time to realize that they are truly perfect for each other. Please get your facts straight. Also, the animation is pretty good

    • Avatar Fangirl16

      Also, the Walker Brothers said that if you don’t like it, they understand. They were just saying that so many people were horribly bashing when it’s not even that bad, and I agree

    • No seriously. Did you even see the movies? “So young people should just marry someone, because it’s the first potential partner they meet?!” In case you didn’t know, Hotel Transylvania 2 took place seven, SEVEN freakin years after the first movie. It took seven years for Johnny and Mavis to marry. That’s a long ass time. That basically beats every Disney couple. And like I said before, Mavis didn’t want to get married. She wanted to go out and see the world. I’m not calling you stupid, but how the hell could you have missed that?!

    • “Because, of course the first thing a girl wants after leaving her home is marry, you know” Last time I’m gonna reply. Seriously?! Did you see the movies AT FREAKING ALL?! It was EXTREMELY CLEARLY stated in the film that Mavis wanted to go out and see the world. Never once did she say “Dad, I wanna leave home and get married”. Also, the message of the story is that everyone has a soulmate, not that young people should marry the first person they meet, and I’ll say it again so you understand, Mavis and Johnny took seven, SEVEN years to marry, which was in the sequel. That is much more realistic than what you see in most children’s films. In fact, that actually sends a good message. It teaches children that it’s good to wait a while so that you are sure that your boyfriend or girlfriend is the one for you, unlike most Disney films that teach kids that they should get married in a few days or so. But they are cutting back on that. So yeah, please, PLEASE get your facts straight. You criticized the film for something that it didn’t even do. Like I said, I don’t want to call you stupid, but you sure acted as if you were because you missed what was so clearly stated in the film. A small child would be making fun of you. I’m not trying to be mean, but seriously dude

    • First off – most of you out there don’t know what sexism actually means. So sit down. Educate yourself. Until then: STFU.

      Or you just take it from me: Sexism is about gender roles, about forcing people into a certain behaviour or forcing to accept a certain behaviour towards them because of the configuration of their bodies.
      Having a female character and automatically make their whole story line about relationships, marriage etc. is as typical for sexist ideology as it is making a story line about men automatically about action, cars and boobs. And that’s exactly what happens in this flick.

      Btw.: That’s why Steven Universe is pretty revolutionary in this field because it contradicts pretty much every convention we have come to accept.

      Now let me explain why the story here, even if not inherently sexist certainly has sexist elements in it.
      1. Where does Mavis want to go? Out into the world, huh? No, she wants to visit paradise, the place where her dad and mom met… She has the whole world to explore, but the writers made it so she wanted to visit the place where her parents met each other. But, right, this is TOTALLY not about meeting her own future husband.

      2. The whole point of her meeting someone her own age? She is actually 118. So I don’t think an 18 year old boy is going to be interesting. Just a minor point about the film universe not making sense.

      3. Yes, she talks specifically about getting married. After 50 minutes into the movie she starts again with stories about her father and mother. Mother making the first move. When Dracula tells her to forget talking about kissing, she states “At some point I’m going to get married.”
      So, again – her mind does not wander to all the adventures she will have out in the world – NO- the writers made her worried about getting married. Because that is what teenage girls should be concerned about.

      4. I didn’t see the second movie, so I had no f*cking clue about their 7 unmarried years (because that they HAD to marry eventually, is, you know, a given -_- how very modern.). So, yay, they are ahead of Disney when it comes to relationships. So is that supposed to be a big deal? Sticking with, literally, the actual first boy you meet is still fairy tale logic. Which is fine, I guess. But don’t tell me this is a great drama, because it’s not.

      So having said all that – what I hate about the movie is not even the sexism in it. It is at a level which is to be pretty much expected from the mainstream. But what I found unforgivable was it’s conservative story . All the good character design and creative visuals cannot change that. This story would have been lame and tame 10 years ago.

      • Mavis still wanted to go out and see the world, even if it is the place where her parents met. You were going way overboard with all the sexism stuff. It’s not that sexist at all. And, I never said that it was great drama, but it still sends a good message. Look, in the end, stop taking this so seriously. If you don’t like the movie, that’s fine. But I love it

      • True, she did wanna go to the place where her parents met, but who cares? It’s not that offensive. Sheesh, calm down a bit

  3. I haven’t seen either movie and I probably won’t because I’m behind on movies that I REALLY want to see. LOL, yeah, I just heard about Fifth Harmony’s single for this song. Like really? Fifth Harmony? You couldn’t even get Little Mix? D: Also, well… Sid in Toy Story got his just desserts because he ended up being a garbage man so yeah. 🙂

    • Sanitation workers belong to a strong union, make good wages, and have benefits. And get holidays. While having a lot of freedom concerning their personal appearance, such as tattoos. So yes, Sid, the creative little weirdo he is, did end up where he should be.

  4. I don’t think the resolution to Kung Fu Panda was missing the point at all, myself.
    It was more about Shifu finding a new teaching method, learning to think how to approach a unique student. Po remains his own thing. The main development was his mentor helping him learn how to access talent in his own way.

    • I don’t think Kung Fu Panda as a whole is ever meant to be a story about morals. It’s just an adventure of a hero rising from humble beginnings to accomplish great things. Stories can still be good without a lesson at the end.

      • Sure, they don’t “need” one, but I really do believe Kung Fu Panda has one.
        It just seems to make a lot of sense to me, to see it as a Teacher accommodating for an unconventional pupil, rather than making them go through the standardised routine.

        • I suppose that’s fair enough. But I’d still argue the lesson wasn’t the point of the story, as opposed to something like Hotel Transylvania 2 where the lesson is beaten into every fiber.

          • Well, it’s as you say, HT2 beat it in unsubtley. Lessons don’t have to be obvious. They can be a small part, and that’s what the gig was in Kung Fu Panda.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I actually also did feel that the movie took a shat on its message it could have been such a good one but SPOILERS they had to turn into a vampire. I also thought Mel brooks was fine but his posse was the most dumbest thing you could do to create easy conflict and I also felt that Mel brooks could have been cut out but that would be confusing on the plot but who knows they could have done it or not. But I did find this better then the original like this and I felt johnathan really didn’t have any point in this(but hey is the husband so gotta fit him in somewhere) but he was really less annoying honestly. I really did laugh more then the original and I think I’ll probably give the original a second look to see if I like it as much or hate Johnny(like rob did)

    But on a side note I really do hope you guys see the Martian it was a fantastic film with a terrific cast(especially mat Damon) and it was really surprisingly funny let’s say you won’t regret seeing it!!!!

  6. You know maybe it’s just me but the whole ending of the movie actually really makes sense and honestly I think a lot of people aren’t getting this isn’t just some sort of message or point that Dracula has to learn, but Mavis as well. Doug and Rob are tip toeing around the fact that yeah spoilers, the grand kid becomes a vampire which seems to detract from the whole supposed point of the movie. Here’s the thing though: if you wanted a movie to end with the moral that Dracula needs to stop being so over bearing and actually get along better with humanity and not feel he can interfere so much in his daughter’s life… that’s the freaking moral of the first movie. If they just had him be totally in the wrong again, that’s just be repeating the point, which this movie doesn’t do. Rather though pointing out his own mistakes through lying and causing mistrust and what not, it also shows Mavis at fault as well for ironically becoming an over protective and worry some mother who is trying to deny her son any of his monster lineage feeling he doesn’t have it. Which is not only denying part of his identity but also his needs as well as he wanted to stay in the Hotel as much as Drac wanted him and Mavis to stay. Not to mention this movie makes a case for just how lame and PC things have gotten as yeah it’s great monsters can interact with humans but that also comes with the price of people like Johnathan’s parents feeling they are being more overly tolerant when they aren’t, trying to take away any terror from monsters whatsoever from Seasme Street shows and even monsters themselves going the extra mile for safety like the vampire camp. Really if you think about it this movie was actually doing it’s own lesson and yeah it’s a “everyone kind of gets what they want’ moral but there’s a point to it and it’s not just the copy and paste ending from film one again which IMHO makes this an improvement from the original.

    • You know what? It’s funny, I actually didn’t really like the first movie (I sort of felt like the movie just would never settle down), but I gave this one a shot and actually found myself REALLY enjoying it. It was definitely very heartfelt and it was incredibly funny.

      I’m thinking about going back and maybe rewatching the first one just to see if I end up liking it a little better the next time around. I think I may have just let some stuff like Jonathon(not a huge fan of his character either) and the fast pace get to me. I feel like if I just embrace the fast-pace, I might enjoy it a little more.

  7. Speaking of worst animated films of all time, how about an NC Real Thoughts on Foodfight?

  8. What I really enjoy is that it’s genuinely funny, and genuinely heart felt. It’s not a funny movie that awkwardly shoe horns in the lesson about love. The conflict comes from just how much the characters love each other and the mistakes they make because of it. And the comedy comes naturally out of the ridiculous circumstance.

    • Point, when he catches Dennis after throwing him off of the tower you can see the emotions playing across his face. He goes from scared to, to feeling safe and loved in his grandfather’s arms, and finally to thinking the whole thing is fun. Dracula may have been irresponsible but he also will always catch him, it’s a good moment.

  9. Dude, Rotten Tomatoes has a terrible system for ratings, it can be very unfair. Use IMDB.

  10. critic could definitely do an adam sandler month next january

  11. Well… I certainly know what other critics think about the movie now……

  12. I’d love to see NC and Animat debate over this.

  13. Captain Speedbump

    Ummm, SPOILER for the Atop the Fourth Wall Movie! Unless you were talking about some other Lewis’ movie…

  14. I don’t think that Sandler is really the point of contention here. Sony animation has (rightfully imho) earned the reputation of producing generic kids movies. Their projects with Aardman have yielded good results, but that’s more due to Aardman than them. Their line-up includes stuff like Open season and the freaking Smurf’s movies. So yes, compared to the Smurfs Hotel Transilvania might be better but…well, the problem is less that they can’t keep up with Disney or Pixar. The problem is that they can’t keep up with Laika, DreamWorks or any other of the bigger studios…and even some of the smaller ones.

  15. The Mysterious M

    “The bear was fucking messed up!”

    What do you expect…he was sodomized by hillbillies!

    (If you don’t get that joke, google “Deliverance”)

  16. I hate the first movie for multiple reasons but I will only point out the top two. First of all: the fast comedy. I am all for fast comedy, but this seems like it wants to make a joke every .5 milliseconds. It gets really annoying really quickly. The second reason is the story. This is the same story as The Croods, Finding Nemo, Brave, a little bit of Despicable Me 2, and over a million more! It’s the stupid over protective parent story. And I am not saying that I hate any of the law movies (except The Croods and Despicable Me 2 which suck monkey anuses). It’s just that it’s so over used that it gets frustratingly annoying when I see it! There’s my rant. Don’t hate me. Screw Hotel Transylvania.

  17. This? And not Crimson Peak? Seriously?………

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