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Tamara checks out Howard the Duck on a new Tamara’s Never Seen. This movie is something.

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  1. why is it creepy when a human is romantically or sexually involved with a SAPIENT animal? in real life, animals can’t consent to sex and any human having sex with them is a rapist, Howard does not have that problem.

    • The Real Silverstar


      You’re just all kinds of messed up, aren’t you?

    • Humans having sex with animals is bestiality, not rape.

      And how about from now on we keep our furry fetishes under our hats, shall we? I don’t care what you’re personally into, but I don’t need to hear about it. We all have our kinks (i know I have mine), but the thing of it is that most of us don’t openly discuss them on a public forum. It’s none of my business if you want to get “freaky-deaky” with a cartoon animal, but kindly save it for your fanfic and keep it to yourself.

      • why are you so convinced I’m projecting my fetishes? I’m asking why everyone seems to treat an anthropomorphic animal getting it on with a human the same as real life bestiality when the antho animal can consent?

        no one complains about Jenny the human and Vastra the lizard woman from Doctor Who.

        and real animals can’t consent, by definition, that is rape.

        • Again, I don’t care if you’re a furry. I’m not judging you, but that doesn’t mean that I want about hear what you happen to be into.

          And you seriously want to argue about whether or not having sex with an animal is rape? F-ing really?? You shouldn’t want to bang an animal (or watch someone banging an animal) under any circumstances!

          *You’re* the one who posed the question of why sex between humans and anthropomorphic animals is seen as creepy. How is this NOT about you?

          • Seriously, how is someone *not* supposed to think that you’re projecting a fetish when you’re trying so desperately to justify having sex with an animal? “It’s OK as long as the animal consents”??? Really, dude? You don’t think that’s a little weird?

            I’m not going to argue with you about whether or not bestiality is rape. That’s crazy talk. There’s no circumstance when either act is justified. Just drop it, man.

            Like I said before, it’s best to just keep these kinds of thoughts private.

        • The Real Silverstar

          “I’m asking why everyone seems to treat an anthropomorphic animal getting it on with a human the same as real life bestiality when the antho animal can consent?”

          Because it’s still a freaking ANIMAL, you disturbed nitwit. Sane, well-adjusted people don’t want to have sex with animals, not even anthropomorphic ones. It’s a little thing called BESTIALITY. Geez, whenever I think you can’t get any sadder, you prove me wrong.

          • The Real Silverstar

            BTW, saying “I think it should be OK for humans to have sex with anthropomorphic animals, but I don’t consider myself a furry” is like saying “I just cooked and ate my neighbor, but I don’t consider myself a cannibal”. BULL-SHIT.

            The best thing you can do right now is just drop this subject and never type anything of this nature again, because you just get creepier and creepier with each new comment. Like Goldstar said, enjoy what you want, but keep it to yourself, ’cause the rest of us don’t want to hear about it. Ever.

        • I actually find Jenny and Vastra just as odd for that reason.

  2. Yeah…it’s a rough watch.

  3. I am NOT trying to justify having sex with animals. I am saying that in fiction and ONLY in fiction, it’s okay because animals like Howard the Duck can give consent.

    and yes, non consensual sex is the same thing as rape, and real life bestiality is rape on the animal’s part.

    and you guys again ignored my point about no one complaining about Jenny and Vastra from Doctor Who.

    and by saying no sane person wants to have sex with any form of animal, you are kink shaming furries.

    and even professionally released materiel have discussed this issue. like an issue of Swamp Thing were not only was the title character and his human girlfriend defended but it was pointed out that Starfire is technically a feline and no one in or out of universe complains about her and Nightwing.

    I don’t care if Starfire looks human, she is a different species witch makes it bestiality and yet no one complains.

    • and technically, lots of real life human ancestors mated with Neanderthals, witch are another species.

      • Neanderthals looked a lot like what we call humans today; the differences between neanderthals and humans is actually quite negligible, barely noticeable. A lot of fiction likes to portray them as more beastlike, but that actually goes against what we now know about them.

        • Devil's Advocate

          but my point is Howard the Duck has a human mind and can consent.

          and like I said above and below, a lot of other interspecies relationships get a pass like Jenny and Vastra from Doctor Who. and speaking of Doctor Who, he looks human but he’s actually very different biologically yet he was lovers with the human Rose Tyler and the Eleventh Doctor married Marylin Monroe in addition to River Song.

  4. People got PAID to design and construct a living breathing duck with human breasts, complete with nipples.

  5. YES! I’ve seen this movie. I didn’t expect your reaction but I understand. For me, most of this movie is head scratching and kinda bad sleazy. The scientist diner scene and onward I actually do like but it’s not worth having to see the first part. The funny part is that in one of my high school science classes I had a teacher who looked like the villain in this movie. I was creeped out.

  6. As far as the why, yes it was mainly because the comics were just that good. Of course the movie was made about the time that Marvel was firing the comics main writer. Actually if you want to hear of some crazy comics storytelling, look up the story of how Howards creator managed to pull off a Mavel Image crossover where he kidnapped Howard from Marvel to Image. (Yes this really sorta happened, it’s just no one noticed till much later because the Image book ran really late)

  7. Not to be “that guy,” but George Lucas didn’t direct. That was Willard Huyck. Lucas was the executive producer, though I think he was set to direct at some point during production, so maybe it did go down like that.

  8. Devil's Advocate

    I want to say again that I am not in any way trying to say it’s okay to have sex with animals in real life and I never talked about myself, right now, I am talking abut the human CHARACTER in this movie.

    bestiality in real life is wrong. but is is wrong simply because it’s sex with another species or is it because animals can’t consent to sex? if it’s the latter, then an anthro animal that is mentally the same as a human does not have a problem. if it’s the former, then I guess if we ever find intelligent alien life we can’t get romantically involved with any of them and they won’t every be equal to us.

    unless your talking about insest, both in fiction and reality, isn’t consent the only factor in determining if sex with anything is right or wrong? animals in real life cannot consent but would it be wrong if they could?

    and again, professionally made materiel like Swamp Thing had discussed this issue in the context of their own universe and said interspecies romance is okay.

    • (shakes head) Now that’s just plain sad.

      DA, Why do you always do this? Attempt to justify your opinion by confirming that other people share your view? No one cares and just because something that you like is liked by others doesn’t make your personal opinion any more of a fact.

      There’s no such thing as “kink shaming”. That’s something that you made up. If this isn’t an example of Political Correctness raging out of control, then I don’t know what is. If you don’t want to be singled out for your personal fetishes, then Don’t. Talk. About. Them. This isn’t complicated, homeboy.

      And this, friends, is why I don’t recommend that people discuss their fetishes to people whom they don’t know. It’s awkward, embarrassing and people tend to be judge mental. There’s a time and a place for talking about that sort of thing, but a public forum is not one of them.

      • Devil's Advocate

        what will convince you I am not talking about a fetish? I am just wondering why things like this are treated the same as real bestiality if the anthro animal being sapient makes it different? the kink shaming comment was more an off hand side comment.

        and again, how come most cases of interspecies romances don’t get complains? just because Superman looks like a human doesn’t matter, Lois Lane is still having sex outside her species. and again, an actual issue of Swamp Thing said sex with a plant man is okay.

        • Devil's Advocate

          also, another piece of evidience I am not projecting a fetish, my dad, who does not have a furry fetish, agrees with me on this issue.

          and the issue is once again, I am saying it is okay for FICTIONAL humans, to have relationships with FICTIONAL and ANTHROPOMORPHIC animals.

          why is it wrong in the context of a fictional universe considering if mentally human antho animals existed in real life, saying they can’t have sex with a human lover would be discrimination?

        • “what will convince you I am not talking about a fetish?”

          Well, you’ve given interspecies sex a lot of thought for someone who claims to not be a furry.

          Let me answer your question with a question: Why are you trying so hard to convince me that you’re not a furry when I told all the way back at the beginning that I don’t care if you are one or not? Regardless whether this is a fetish thing or not, you’ve been droning on about this forever, which is both weird and pathetic. If you would just shut up about this, that might convince me, but as it is, you’re protesting this way too much. It seems odd to me that someone would spend so much time thinking about inter species sex if he doesn’t get off on it.

          Also, stop trying to make this a moral issue when it isn’t one. No one’s backing you on this. This is an insane conversation and you’re making yourself look more and more desperate the longer you drag this out.

          I think that there’s something legitimately wrong with you, and it’s not the fact that you evidently want to have sex with animals.

          • Devil's Advocate

            I said I don’t want to have sex with animals in real life. I am talking about the human girl and Howard the Duck here.

            and I was making it a moral issue only in the context of fictional universes, again, Superman is another species yet no one complains about him and Lois and an issue of Swamp Thing defended plant man sex and all other interspecies relationships.

          • Just so we’re clear, let me reiterate my original point: having a fetish/kink isn’t weird, but proudly discussing said fetish/kink to strangers on a public forum is. Like what you like, but keep it to yourself.

          • Devil's Advocate

            if I say I am not talking about my own fetishes for so long, then I am not, why can’t you accept I am just discussing this in the context of the fictional universe this movie takes place in? if Tamera mentioned rule 34, I might have mentioned if I have a fetish or not but she mentioned a completely fictional scenario witch is what I commented on.

            you are basically saying I am lying and it is not good to assume such a thing

          • so if the discussion continues, can you just talk about this in the context of a fictional universe and forget weather or not I have a fetish because that is not the point of anything I said.

            I just don’t get why you assume I am talking about a personal fetish when I am discussing two fictional characters, not me and a fictional character.

    • The Real Silverstar

      And *I* want to say again, STFU.

      Do you have an off switch? If so, where is it?

      You are SO annoying. You NEVER stop talking, you just keep yammering on, long after all points have well been made and everybody’s sick and tired of it.

      Why is it so hard for you to just let shit go?!

  9. I’m with Tamara on this one, it should be so bad it’s good, but it’s just bad and really dumb.

    I thought the Duck animatronics and costume were good, but the rest of the effects looked pretty bad.

  10. 1. Tamara, thank you for this show. My (somehow younger than me) GF has a similar problem to yours, as in she too grew up under a rock. So I frequently force her to watch movies I consider classic. She.. well, her mileage does vary.

    So ever since I discovered your show I use it frequently as a test run before exposing my significant other to anything AWESOME YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. Saves me some time and disappointments 😉

    2. Don’t go down the Nerd Lane and don’t review obscure “classics” like Howard. The show is best when you watch the really obvious stuff. Right now, Blade Runner (director’s cut), before you watch the new one 🙂 after this, maybe something less cerebral. You mentioned not having watched Lethal Weapon, which would be pretty good for a back-to-back 4 in 1 review (they are amazing. 30 years of hairstyles and Mel Gibson. But not as different from each other as BttF, so no need for 4 reviews). Or Bad Boys 1, the movie that MADE both Michael Bay and Will Smitg. Or Speed. Yeah. You’ll love Speed.

  11. and basically what everyone is saying is that it’s impossible to discuss something like this outside the context of a fetish. I guess the person who wrote that issue of Swamp Thing was trying to justify their desire to have sex with plants or Steven Mofit was trying to justify his desire to have sex with lizards when he made Jenny and Vastra on Doctor Who.

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