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Before he was everyone’s favorite smashing machine, Hulk had a strangely rocky start. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at this awkward misfire.

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  1. I’m all for depth and complexity in a superhero movie, but here, it’s all done in constantly heavy-handed dialogue through sub-par acting. Introspection is fine, but not at the expense of the story or action

  2. At least cinematic Hulk hasn’t become the king of power creep that his comic version has become. He feels about right in the MCU films.

    I never read a lot of the Hulk as a kid, but I had friends who were into him and during the inevitable “who would win” arguments, I learned of the Hulk’s ever-growing list of convenient new powers that seemed designed around making him able to beat Superman, and unable to be beaten by Marvel arch-villain mainstays.

  3. RayO_ElGatubelo

    The transitions in this movie remind me so much of Kenan & Kel.

  4. Did the well of truly bad movies really dried up? Because this try hard attitude to make the movie seem worse than it really is is pathetic. Only thing left is your jokes and they are worse with every video.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Don’t be that commenter. If any videos aren’t to your liking, just stop clicking on them, problem solved. In any event, it’s possible to express an opinion, even a dissenting one, without being a rude, insulting, condescending prick about it.

    • What’s even more pathetic is your attempt at comment trolling. If you thinks Doug’s jokes and these videos have gotten so bad, then why are you still watching them? Are you a masochist with a psychological need to punish yourself? Or do you believe that this is you your way of “sticking it to the man”? Let me break it down for you: If you click on the video and like it, Doug gets paid. If you click on the video and don’t like it, Doug gets paid. The best way to show your dissatisfaction is to simply not watch. Engage your brain before you engage your mouth.

      And if it’s really so easy to write jokes and be funny while reviewing a movie, then why don’t you show us how it’s done? I’m serious. Get a camera, make your own movie review and let’s see how funny you are, jackass! Anyone who thinks what content creators do is easy has obviously never done it, and you should know I didn’t find your trollish comment to be the least bit amusing.

  5. There’s a wierd paradox.
    I like werewolves but werewolf movies suck.

    The best movies with werewolves in them I’ve seen also have vampires and sometimes other monsters in them.

    I think maybe it’s because Werewolf movies concentrate too much on the human side whereas Monster movies concentrate on the Wolf side.

    I keep getting “What will I do? How can I control myself?” when what I want is “GRRRRRRRRR”

  6. The best Hulk movie I’ve seen is Hulk Versus. Especially the Hulk Vs. Wolverine part.

    Best line I’ve ever heard the Hulk say? “Hulk smash CLAW PEOPLE!”

    Up untill that point, he’d been trying to smash Deathstrike, Deadpool, Omeg Red, Sabretooth, Wolverine and the scientist one at a time depending on which one pissed him off last. But by that point in the movie, they pissed him off so much he got sick of waiting for them to piss him off again and he just wants to smash all of them on sight.

    Technicaly Omega Red has tenticles and Deadpool has swords, but you try telling a rage monster who’s even more pissed off than usual that.

  7. It’s been a while since we’ve had another “Zuul, mothafuka, Zuul!!” gag.

  8. When I watched this moviw back then, it seemed too adult to me. The brightest memmory is the mutated poodle. And don’t tell me this dog’s not scarry.

  9. I think 8-bit Theater did Incredible Sulk better.

  10. Not my favorite review but still better than what Spoony put out this week.

  11. “Also, I don’t think trees are a big focus of comics.”

    I am Groot? (are you sure about that?)

    I am Groot? (was this too obvious a comment to make?)

  12. “If you were adapting a book, would you constantly put words all over the God-dammned place?! This is way too freaking literal!”

    *shrugs* Well, it worked for Winnie the Pooh

  13. This is one of those movies I’m not sure whether I actually like it or not. It had some great moments, I liked Sam Elliott as Thunderbolt Ross, and I get what it was trying to do. (And I kinda dug the comic book page visuals.) I just don’t know if the final film was greater than the sum of its parts, I guess.

  14. You need a There Will Be Blood jar

  15. Daniel Brizuela

    Though it wasn’t perfect, I think Hulk is descent. Ang Lee trying to make a more artistic superhero film is commendable.

  16. At first when I saw him use that Incredible Sulk joke, I was gonna say he was plagiarizing 8-Bit Theater. Then later on I saw him using one of Brian Clevinger’s other comics, Atomic Robo, as a prop, so I guess that balances out.

  17. I don’t remember a lot about this film aside from it being boring and not leaving much of an impact, but I recall a lot of the critics saying Jennifer Connelly was the only good thing about the film. The way you showed it, guess that wasn’t the case.

  18. Honore de Ballsack

    “Treebeard’s porn stash” made me giggle.
    We needed a clip of Beavis and Butthead yelling “FROOOOOOOOOOOOG BASEBAAAAALL!” right after that frog popped.
    the dogs and Sam Elliot were the only likeable characters.
    that’s Hollywood, it’s OK to have no attempt at acting whatsoever if you look hot.
    Nick Nolte’s impression of a crazy homeless guy is pretty convincing.
    Hulk can fly??!!

  19. Blaze The Movie Fan

    This is one of the most boring movies of all time.

  20. lilith_ascennding

    My friends (who are super, SUPER into comic books and superhero movies, by the way) didn’t even know this film existed. I just recently reminded them that this film actually predated the Edward Norton one(s). I was surprised that none of them knew about the infamous Ang Lee version. Still, it’s probably for the best that they didn’t know this film was real. I heard it was bad, but hoo boy, I didn’t realize it was THIS bad.

  21. Great Review I laughed my ass off its the best review you have done in awhile reminiscent of your older reviews which used more memes and sound effects and the cutting commentary of your older reviews I really loved it who thought the Hulk or for that manner Eric Banna could be so funny

  22. Huh. I thought I liked this film

    Turns out I just forgot like 70% of it

  23. The movie might be boring for the most part, but when Hulk finally lets loose with his powers in the third act, it is fucking EPIC – better than what he does in the Avengers and most certainly better than 2008 movie (which also has more boring than interesting parts, an underwhelming final fight and Edward Nortons non-acting).

  24. 25:27
    “Come back or we won’t give you a pointless romance with Black Widow.”

    Uh, don’t you mean “We will?”

    I mean he didn’t “Come back” and the pointless romance with Hulk and Black Widow DID happen, so the “we won’t” part doesn’t make any sense.

  25. I actually liked this when it first came out. There were few superhero movies back then. I really don’t think it’s that terrible even today. I found the psychological stuff to be really interesting. That might just be because I’ve studied it. Was IS he so much better in the Avengers movies?

  26. WTF is with you and people this is a good movie and considering its a Hulk Movie they did a good work with it
    This movie is made to tell Hulk story not Action
    Your argument is its boring cause it has no action IT IS NOT AN Action movie its a story movie on how The Hulk has came to be

  27. “Best in show is down the street!”

    I laughed so hard at that and I don’t know why.

  28. The best part of this movie was the ps2 video game is spawned

  29. Huh ? Honestly, I didn’t find this movie ‘bad’ ? It has been a long while, but still… I don’t recall it being ‘boring’ either ? The second half of it, at least.

    It was, well, ok ? Not big and great like some of the more recent Super-hero movies, but ‘ok’ to watch on TV.

  30. No “you wouldn’t like me when I’m Ang Lee” joke? Or did I just miss it?

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