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This week The Horror Guru reviews I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER!

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  1. It is not a complain but more a clarification.. socjopaty is anti-social disorder. Sociopaths aren’t as much crazy as they either don’t understand or don’t give a shit on deep level about social order. Yes, they can went Joker-style nut, but they don’t do that against own wish. As example: modern BBC Sherlock.

    Similarly Psychopaths are people who don’t understand or even feel emotions. One procent of people are psychos and usually they obey law because they aren’t idiots.. they are even respected in work what demand calm analiz. They only went “nut” (though more likely be regular or white collar criminals) if overall situation make that best option.

    In case of serial killers socjopaty or psychopathy usually play some role. But most of them are driven by complexes and megalomania. Mostly murderers are attempts to prove own superiority over social order. Most serial killers have above average intelligence, what is not enough to succeed in life but usually enough to cover own tracks.. especially if local police force is incompetent.

  2. I was obsessed with vampires in school. Fuck normalcy.

  3. If you enjoy reading, read the books. The movie was actually pretty close to the first book, and the books are a good way to continue into the series just in case they don’t make more movies. Plus, none of the books are particularly long. Nothing dictionary sized.

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