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That’s right, there’s a Pure Flix Columbine movie.

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  1. Snorgatch Pandalume

    So the paragons of morality at Pureflix decided to exploit a real-life tragedy in order to push their faith on people, singling out one particular victim as more important than all the others because she happened to be a Christian, even though being a Christian was incidental to her being the victim of an indiscriminate massacre. Even if the exchange between Rachel Scott and her killer actually did happen, he most likely only asked her because the stupid little punk saw himself as the hero of his own revenge movie and thought it sounded cool. Asshole.
    What pisses me off most about this flick (apart from the fact that it exists) is that its title is yet another example of the siege mentality of fundamentalist Christians–that they think society hates Christianity so much and that Christians are so persecuted and put-upon that there would be any REASON for anyone to declare proudly that they weren’t ashamed of being a Christian. Its like they have this massive chip on their shoulders that they’re daring people to knock off. Saying you’re not ashamed of being a Christian is like saying you’re not ashamed of being from Indiana. Why would anyone think you WOULD be ashamed of it? Who the fuck would even care?

  2. I just heard that Pure Flix is making another God’s Not Dead movie that’s suppose to come out this year. God help us all in 2017; both in the movies and in real life.

    0:19- Jesus Christ. I’d rather be watching The Babe Ruth Story than this film.

    2:34- Speaking as a Christian myself, I can already tell by this movie’s premise that it’s gonna be VERY eyebrow raising from start to finish.

    6:43- I’m just gonna go ahead and say that NO ONE acts like this when I’m in church.

    8:07- That’s also the same reaction when Trump was learning about Hitler.

    11:13- Of course Pure Flix blames the video games for everything violent. WHAT A FUCKIN’ SURPRISE.

    13:07- Already better than the Movie Movies spoofing movies that were recently released.

    15:00- I don’t know, Brad. I’m too iffy on calling a woman a “hot pussied little whore.”

    17:38- Why are there such a thing as characters who hiss at people who are of a certain religion. Regardless, people of certain religions are STILL people.

    19:40- Please don’t remind me of something worse than the movie Top Dog.

    “I’m Not Shamed,” huh. Well, Pure Flix, you SHOULD be ashamed.

    25:26- …Um? …Thanks?

  3. lilith_ascennding

    All things considered, this is way better and subtler than I initially thought this film was going to be. Yeah, it paints the shooters as two dimensional bad guys who were “corrupted with violent video games” and there’s still that good old fashioned “Jesus, bro!” and saccharine bullshit that Pureflix loves to use, but overall, it actually treats its heroine like a real teenage girl and it tries to give her a life outside of church. So, I’m glad they didn’t exploit Columbine as much as they could have. I might honestly watch this film if it pops up on Netflix.

    • I actually feel a little sorry for the lead actress. She does manages to make Rachel Scott feel like fully realized person rather than a cardboard angle on earth. Despite all the hokey visual effects and mopey background music that seem intended to suggest she’s exactly that. Her psedu-rap about her faith was just painful, but I know that a lot of teens sound stupid while trying to sound cool as they struggle to assert themselves (and I include myself at age)! Besides even when her lines don’t sound natural she didn’t write them. I’d hope that she could survive a script this shallow and didactic to do better things.

  4. Fuck dumb Christian films trying to make films simpathetic using bad acting and exploitive and sensitive subjects. I know this shti happened and it was upsettingly tragic but this film delivered the event in the most horrible way!

  5. I used to argue about Religion on Youtube all the time. There are ENTIRE COMMUNITIES on Youtube thsat hate eac other and argue about politics and religion all the time. (It was fun untill all the infighting started)

    Anyway, Atheists get in trouble at least as often as Christians. Youtube doesn’t have an anti-religious bias, it has a “please don’t sue us yes Mr. Lawyer sir may I suck your dick again Mr. Lawyer sir?” Bias.

  6. Wait…. your name is Steve?

  7. As soon as I heard the suggestion that youtube of all places (probably largest VOD sharing site on the planet that ANYONE can add to) had an anti-religious bias, I had to try something. On searched for “Sunday Service” and set it for single videos. I got a result of 16,100,000! A search for “Church Services” got over 22 million!

  8. “All the world’s a stage” was and is a quote to a long monologue penned by William Shakespeare in 1599 to his romantic comedy play As You Like It.

  9. I knew right away that I smelled something ripped-off from Public Domain Shakespearean vibes, not bad for a Russian-American.

  10. Sheesh yikes I play Wolfenstein: The New Order and I’m not even gun crazy much for massacring people down like they were Nazi stormtrooper attackers. Well maybe Anti-President Trump violent protesters could be gunned down a bit.

  11. Rachel you’re gonna love me, I think you could’ve or the actress portraying you could have loved me and I you, I’m relatively harmless and a faithfully philosophically spiritual gentleman, a little chubby but a gentleman. You know that Michael Moore made a documentary about the massacre called “Bowling for Columbine” in 2002, You know this Snob.

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