Infra-Man – Brandon Tenold

For my 75th episode I review the gonzo kung-fu superhero flick “Infra-Man” (1975), made by Hong Kong’s Shaw Brother’s Studio!

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  1. Frozen in liquid ice???

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    “Turkish Suicide Squad” – Just give it time, bro. Just give it time.

  3. I saw this in a theater years ago, in an auditorium set up for “Infra Sound”. Sounded more like stereo with the right and left channels out of synch.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Well, the prefix “infra” is Latin for “below,” so I guess that would mean the sound was intended to be of below-average quality?
      Actually, that would apply to the hero of the movie as well. It’s pretty obvious this was a cheap Hong Kong rip-off of the 1960s Japanese TV series Ultraman. Apparently someone thought that since infrared is at the opposite end of the visible spectrum from ultraviolet, they’d just name their knock-off of Ultraman “Inframan” without actually understanding that it amounts to calling him “Lower Man.”

  4. I remember renting this on Dollar Day at the video store ages ago. I loved the fight choreography, which I guess shouldn’t be a surprise from a Shaw Bros movie.

  5. The Movie Explorer

    I ♥ this movie so damn much. Princess Dragon Mom is my personal goddess.

  6. Another great video, Brandon.

    -No relation.

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