Inspector Gadget 2 – Disneycember

With everything being redone, can this Gadget sequel possibly be better than the first? Doug takes a look at Inspector Gadget 2.

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  1. At least, G2 looks lovely. -\_(”)_/-

  2. I think this one is much worse than the first one =/

    • I agree. Matthew Broderick at least has a track record behind him even though, yeah he’s a bad actor. Didn’t Gadget get a girlfriend in the last movie? Why is he now lusting after a robot? I personally find this to be the worst Disney movie ever made. I guess you won’t review this as the Nostalgia Critic.

  3. As a kid, I loved the first one. The second one I didn’t like though. I wonder how I would feel about these movies now. Keep in mind I never saw the original show.

  4. Brain might not be able to do as much as a real dog, but some dogs are certainly smart enough to understand ‘go look after this person’.

  5. This might be an unpopular opinion, But i do for the most part enjoy this movie

  6. Inspector Gadget falls in love as soon as he finds out she’s a robot? Tell me he’s not from Japan!

  7. But Doctor Claw didn’t have a claw in the cartoon… he just had metal hands.

  8. I still think this one was far better since Mathew…didnt y to be funny. But French Stewart was funny. Yeah not solid fro mthe cartoon, but they tried a little harder.

  9. The Chief here is Mark Mitchell, who is super recognisable in Australia and nowhere else.

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