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Is this sequel worth all the hate it gets? Well, maybe. Doug takes a look at Iron Man 2.

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  1. I really liked Iron Man 2. Granted I like the first one better but i never really noticed the things Doug mentioned in this review until he pointed them out, and i actually never really heard anyone say bad things about the movie either. Also I am surprised that Doug did not mention the end credit scene this time.

  2. Wonderfully Written

    I think my favorite Marvel movie thus far has to be Guardians of the Galaxy.

  3. I love to hear about these more modern flicks too, but I have to agree with all those who say you’ve passed over a heck of a lot of classic Disney live-action, not to mention tons of TV shows and TV movies well worth a look. I’m sure you’re aware of that, but gotta go with the crowd that I’d love to see you do that stuff too.

    Anyways, as for Disneycember so far this year, I think I agree about the first Iron Man, though the problems it had didn’t bug me much really. The rest was too good. There are things I actually like about Ang Lee’s Hulk. I don’t find it unwatchable by any means. I found the new one much better though, and I actually like it quite a bit. I just am a bit tired of the General/military being the main villain, but then I never read the comics, so maybe that’s how it always is. But, I loved the TV show as a small kid. I wish you’d mentioned one of the great things about the opening of the newer Hulk film is how it pays homage to the old show’s opening. I didn’t have much trouble with the climax in that one either, I just didn’t love the look of the Hulk. Too video gamey for me. I mean, I didn’t think the CGI was very good. Loved the movie otherwise. I think the scientist was going to be a villain, but they just decided not to do another Hulk film, sadly.

    As for Iron Man 2, I have grown to like it a lot after accepting it for what it was. It’s very much just a connection between films, a further push towards Avengers. It’s like watching episodes of a TV show that is prepping us for the Avengers movie. It’s like watching a season of Agents of SHIELD. It has lots of moments/things I like, like Stark’s dad being a Walt Disney type character and little character moments, and it’s the only time Scarlet Johannsen (sp?) really did it for me, personally, since 8 Legged Freaks. I prefer her in Iron Man 2 over any of the other Marvel flicks. One thing that really bugged me though, was that I hated Roadie in this one. I also am just not a fan of recasting, so there’s that. But, I loved Sam Rockwell in this. Rourke was great, but his final attack was more underwhelming to me than the battle in Iron Man 1 (I mean, that was just his first challenge, after all).

  4. TheyCallMeShocker

    My favorite Marvel movie so far is Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Captain America “language” running joke is my favorite part, especially when Nick Fury teases him, which would not have been as funny had Fury not been played by Samuel L. Jackson.

  5. So, Iron Man 2 is pretty much Marvel’s worst movie so far. If that’s the case, it’s definitely a better choice than seeing Batman’s worst movie, or Superman’s or Blade’s or Spider-Man’s or even Fantastic Four’s absolute worst.

    • Better than seeing Fantastic Four’s worst? Hell, the BEST FF movie is still a stinking pile of hippo dung. Come on Hollywood, can we please have a movie that gets Dr. Doom right? That guy is THE Marvel villain.

  6. My favorite Marvel movie is The Avengers that is a freaking great blockbuster movie of all time.

  7. Honestly… I thought Iron Man 2 was okay, not bad, not great, but perfectly okay.

  8. It’s an Ok movie, better than the Hulk movies, Better than Thor, and it at least has some entertainment value that can be enjoyed more than a few times, unlike both Thor movies, Both Avengers Movies, Hulk, Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3, and a few others. Hate me if you will but Marvel really doesn’t make good movies, especially when they realized they could just half-ass things with little to no effort and and still make a ton of money. They figured this out with Avengers, they knew it was rushed they knew it was half done and they knew that aside from a few points that are entertaining the first time and a plot that lets be honest falls the fuck apart faster than a snow ball traveling fifty miles an hour on impact. The INSTANT you begin thinking about the plot it literally starts falling apart. Still Better than Winter Soldier where the plot falls apart faster than a loosely packed snow ball traveling at mach 3 on impact, it’s plot literally falls apart into nothing without even having to think about it at all not to mention it’s just repeats of things we’ve seen thousands of times over and know literally down to the last detail what is going to happen long before we even see it.

  9. InfinitySorcerer625

    Favorite Marvel Movie thus far…hmm…that’s a tough choice as they all have their merits..well, despite it being Cliche to say, I’d have to go with The Avengers! Every Marvel film before it was leading up to this Epic Team-Up and the film doesn’t disappoint. A close second though would be Guardians of the Galaxy for doing justice to characters who were relatively unknown to the average film goer prior to release.

  10. Honestly, if I had to choose my favorite Marvel movie of all time, I would have to go with the first Iron Man movie for a few different reasons.

    1.) This was the first ever Marvel movie that I ever saw in theaters, and was one of the only superhero movies that I was genuinely invested in, at the time. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Marvel’s marketing campaign for the movie, specifically in the executions of the trailers, I might’ve easily skipped over this movie, thinking that it was just another generic Marvel movie.

    2.) Robert Downey Jr. absolutely made this movie. Of all of the actors that have played superheroes in film, few have been able to match the personality, humor, and charm that he was able to give to Tony Stark/Iron Man. Plus, a good supporting cast to bounce off of, amazing special effects, and a solid story can’t hurt, either!

    Finally, 3.) This movie was able to revitalize my hope in superhero/comic book movies. In a time where some of the only Marvel movies that were out were the original Spider-Man trilogy, my hope in the genre (and Marvel Studios, in general) was looking pretty bleak. But, once Iron Man hit theaters, I had never been more excited, in my life, to see what Marvel had next up its sleeve!

    In short, I owe a lot to this movie in saving my hope in superhero/comic-book movies, to the point where it’s now become a tradition to go out and see the new Marvel blockbuster that’s hitting theaters, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    So, with that long-winded explanation out of the way, thanks to anyone who took time to read this, and I’m looking forward to seeing more Disneycember!

  11. Hmm I’d say my favorite movie made my marvel is Howard the Duck 😉 just kidding, I’m gonna have to go with Iron Man or Ant man

  12. I’ll be honest, I’m really disappointed with this one. With all the deep analysis Doug’s done in the past, it’s amazing that he missed the obvious concept of this movie. The film isn’t about leading anywhere as a story, it’s about the internal struggle of the main character. Almost everything that happens in this movie is because of one simple fact: Tony is coming to terms with his mortality. From the Expo, to the fight with the best friend, to Pepper being given the company (which she does still have if you pay attention to Avengers and IM3), all of this is because Tony knows his time is limited and he wants to leave behind a “legacy”. To have him want to do all that just on his own because he wanted to would be possible, but it would be a bit of a stretch as far as his character goes.

    Also, despite what Doug says, Iron Man 2 does lead to something. The problem is that it isn’t one big something, but a lot of little somethings that only appear in the following movies. Tony knows to be more open about his issues, War Machine is out and about now, SHILED is a more established agency with several key characters, and that stinger gives us solid, final proof that yes, this shit is really happening as one of the most inconceivable and unrealistic characters in Marvel will be brought to the series. It takes a second viewing, but this film had a TON of impact on the series as a whole. At the very least, I would say that in the end Iron Man 2 falls under the same flag as the Hulk movie, it’s not that good, but it’s not bad either, and it at least has an impact and effect on the rest of the Cinematic Universe.

  13. It was OK. The one image I can remember from the movie was Tony sitting inside the sign for Randy’s Donuts, when he meets Nick Fury. Was that a plug for the donut shop or just a way of reminding the audience that the movie takes place in Los Angeles.

  14. I didn’t find as many flaws with this one as you did. Actually one of my favorite parts WAS seeing Tony realize he didn’t know everything. I loved watching him kind of fall apart and fall back on vices to cope because that’s what a lot of people do. I actually didn’t mind that the villain was more of a side character because to me this was the movie where Tony Stark developed a bit more instead of just a defeat the bad guy movie. He tested the patience of everyone close to him and showed off that train wreck side of himself that I love oh so much.

  15. Favorite Marvel movie? Either Thor, Antman or both Captain Americas.

  16. i remember coming out of seeing iron man2 in theatre ,
    me & my friends were all like “wow we jus got a glimpse of Mjolnir”

  17. None of the marvel moves have been BAD, so yeah, the hate they sometimes get is just stupid, some are better than others, but it seems Ike if the film isn’t AMASING people end up calling it bad. It’s annoying. Also Doug, your description of Stark’s character? Yeah, that’s how he’s kinda supposed to be; a drunken idiot who barely know what he’s doing. That’s basically Stark, like, 90% of the time.

  18. I think I enjoyed this more than Doug because I am way older than he is and I noticed more of the subtle things, like Howard Stark being part Howard Hughes and part Walt Disney, the Stark Expo being a nod to the World’s Fair and Tomorrowland, the expo theme song being composed by Richard Sherman who is the surviving member of the Sherman Brothers who composed the Carousel Of Progress theme song. I also liked the way Jon Favreau handled the product placement aspect of the movie by making them sponsors of the expo’s concessions. Frankly, I don’t much care for Doug calling himself the Nostalgia Critic. What is nostalgia to him? 1982? I’m 61, and I know a lot more stuff than he does.

  19. I like this one more than the first one. There, I said it. Rourke is an entertaining, if sometimes incomprehensible, villain. Sam Rockwell is wonderfully swarmy as the business rival who only THINKS he’s the real villain. Don Cheadle is ten times the actor Terrence Howard is.
    I don’t think it’s a GREAT film by any means, but I think the first one gets a lot more praise than it deserves. Between the time Stark escapes with the prototype suit and the time Stane openly betrays him, that movie just sort of shuffles its feet.
    Iron Man 3 is another thing entirely. I think that one IS a great movie, but won’t get into why now. Maybe once Doug has his review up I’ll do my thing.

  20. I like Iron Man 2. Of course, I’m very biased. I love Robert Downey Jr.


  21. I liked the 2nd. Definatly better than the 3rd, even though the 3rd was most relevant to the plot and character… despite Tony learning nothing from it.

  22. For me, Iron Man 3 was the crappy one. I didn’t know that movie got hate! Where was I? O.O

  23. The remember the hate for Iron Man 2, and five years later I find it’s more forgettable than hateable. It was a sharp departure from the first one in that it was less about Iron Man and more set-up for pieces. Iron Man 3 was better, although that film also has it’s fair share of problems even though I kinda enjoy it.

  24. I had no idea I was supposed to hate this movie. Guess it’s cause i’m not a hipster film school geek.

  25. Good review as usual. So if this was a sequel everyone hated this could mean there might be a Nostalgia critic review for this film.

  26. What I love about Iron Man 2 is the party scene.
    I was sitting there (first time I saw it) watching a modern DJ in a modern playboy’s mansion playing random techno – which I don’t relate to or care about. Then Tony asks him to ‘lay down a beat’, and I expect more of the same. *yawn*

    Imagine my surprise when he played one of my favourite songs by my favourite band! Yayyyy!!! (<– Kermit)

  27. Here’s the funny thing:
    Tony DID knew, what he was doing. He was searching for an antidote, but it seemed pointless, so he was kinda settling on “Well, looks like I’m dying.” So he:
    – donated a lot of his stuff (Pepper mentions this before her promotion, since he donated stuff she put together
    – put the person he trusted the most in control of his company

    and this is the important part:

    – Give Rhodey a reason to take the armor from him to the military. Nick Fury even said himself, it was way too easy for Rhodes to get the armor.

    He is way too pridefull to just give it up like that, plus he seemed to operate under: “I’d better not make them too sad, if I die, so let’s bee extra assholish, and with any luck, they won’t even notice, when I’m gone. That…or he simply didn’t care about consequences at all. Why did he drive that racing car? Because fuck you, he’s dying anyways, may at least have some fun before it!

  28. Iron Man 2 is my favorite. 3 freaking ruined it. If they didn’t want to use the maderin just don’t use him. the whole fake story is dumb.

    2 was all over sure, but it covered all the lore I cared about.

  29. I enjoyed this. True, it wasn’t as groundbreaking as the first one, but it was still decent. It’s nice to see all these characters back together. The villain is even pretty unique. Still not as good as the other movies, of course.

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