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The Awesome Comics crew share their thoughts on Logan and ask, is it the best X-Men movie yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I haven’t seen Logan but I’m not going to. I don’t know if I can handle it both in gore and emotion. ? Plus, I’ve never even heard of Shane. Also, wait, what? No more Awesome Comics? Well, bye for now. ?

  2. In my opinion, I still say that X2: X-Men United is the Best X-Men Movie.

  3. The Real Silverstar

    Personally, I find the X-Men films to be a confused, convoluted mess. Not only can Fox not decide on a single timeline and continuity (I thought Days of Future past was supposed to unite the 2000 and First Class timelines into a singular continuity while simultaneously retconning X3 out of existence, then the next movie is another prequel to 2000 with the First Class characters…why? In addition, Apocalypse was supposed to be 10 years later, but none of the characters have aged a day? A decade later and Quicksilver is *still* a teenager living in his mom’s basement?? Plus I can’t stand to see Quicksilver without Scarlet Witch; it’s like Sonny without Cher), but the portrayals of the characters are all wrong (especially in the First Class films) and they all take themselves too darn seriously; in every movie it’s like “There’s a war coming…” Is there ever *not* a war coming? These are movies about people born with genetic magic powers, lighten up. That’s basically my issue with the X franchise in general; I like some of the concepts and elements of X-Men, but too often the execution leaves me cold.

    As for Logan, it just looks too bleak and dark for my tastes.

    -Also, so this is the last Awesome Comics Show? Is it being scrapped or just retooled? I had noticed the episodes were getting a tad sporadic and the regulars started variously missing shows, around the same time Walter started doing those Top 5 list videos. Oh well, I guess I’ll see these folks in whatever they decide to do next.

    • Fox focuses on making good individual movies, whether the succeed or not is another matter but they dont really care about the connected universe continuity. Which is fine. X-men source material is likewise a convoluted mess as well. Just view each film as sort of an elseworlds.

  4. Yes. Yes it is. Logan is incredible. That said it’s also radically different from the other films and it’s emotional intensity means most people probably wouldn’t rewatch it as often as other entries. Days of Future Past, First Class and X2 are the series best blockbuster action entries, Logan is a western drama.

  5. 16:55 – “A FAAAAAMLY PITCHA!”

  6. I truly wish I saw the same film as everyone else–but what I saw was an average action film. While I enjoyed the way it played with several of the tropes of the action genre, and some of the action was good although still the same cut and edit heavy action we see in every super hero film these days. Seriously, western directors need to learn to pull the sodding camera back and stop choreographing fights in the edit room, but I digress. Anyway, the film seemed to constantly push the action to the detriment of any sort of character or dramatic progression.

    In a sense, I feel people are simply blinded by the spectacle of violence in this case. They have been clamoring for a more graphic, violent Wolverine related film for a long time. Now it’s arrived and people are failing to see just how paper thin the rest of the film is in terms of character and drama.

    Characters don’t grow, relationships aren’t fully explored, the actions of the characters seem more screenplay than character driven, and the ending was just corny from the painfully obvious metaphor of the final encounter to the near cringe lead up to the ending credits.

    Given the setting of the film and the more distilled style, I suppose I was expecting something a little deeper–something challenging. What I got was a rather shallow action film–average, maybe a little bit above. I get it though. The comfort of a Big Mac will always be preferred over the delicate perfection of sushi.

    • Maybe you were expecting a little too much going in. A lot of the emotion came from being fans of these characters for all these years and seeing them come to their end and knowing that without a doubt this is their true finality as characters who were beloved. I completely disagree that this was a fast food movie, it was more of a nice juicy steak, looks and tastes great something you can really sink your teeth into feeding your body even if it’s not a perfect piece of art. Sushi has a lot of empty carbs too, so there.

  7. Maybe the show didn’t get more clicks because its not listed on the main menu, did you ever think of that? If you can’t find the show you can’t watch, just a thought. Loved the show and interested in what’s next. Logan was a great send off and truly the end of an era.

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