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The Awesome Comics crew discuss if Rogue One is better than The Force Awakens. What do you think?

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  1. No.
    It is fine to like different things, but we really have to stop judging things and ranking things 5 minutes after seeing one of them, and a year after seeing the other. It is not a fair way to judge things.

    People liked “Prometheus” when it first came out. That dd not hold up over time. Neither does “Avatar”. Let this shit settle down and then start looking at it with a set of fresh eyes down the line.

    Also, “I wanted to live in this world” referring to Rouge One around minute 9. The miserable world under the boot heel of the Empire? What was the fun attractive aspect of the movie that made you want to live there?

    • Plenty of people didnt like prometheus when it came out.And the people who liked it then mostly like it now.Time rarely changes someones opinion of something.Another watching,or reading/hearing a new piece of information sure,but thats not really tied in with time.Time only increases the likelihood of such a thing happening,but doesnt make it certain.

      • “Time rarely changes someones opinion of something.”

        I disagree with this sentiment vigorously. People can feel different about things in hours, days, weeks, or only after years. Just look at how many people are bitching about TFA. Backlash is everywhere and poorly thought out, “This is the best thing ever… this week” editorials keep popping up online. It sickens me.

        Immediate gut reactions always skew more positive.

  2. I like them about equally. The Force Awakens is my second favorite Star Wars movie behind Episode 6. The acting in it is solid. I don’t have the problem with CGI like everyone else does. I didn’t have an issue with the familiarity of the story. The action scenes were great. The 3D was super disappointing. On the other hand, Rogue One was really good, a 90 out of 100. The battles are great, the 3D was great (unlike the crap 3D in Episode 7), and all the supporting characters are great. The leads are boring for the most part. The first 20 something minutes almost made me fall asleep. The early music was too soothing. The Darth Vader scenes were so awesome. My favorite characters were the Empire robot and the space samurai. (SPOILERS) The ending kind of took me by surprise because I thought they would all die except for the main girl who I thought would have a broken leg or something.

  3. I never thought Star Wars was that good, i think the Fore Awakens is terrible and im expecting people to wake up to that fact just like they did to episode 1. Rogue One have A LOT of problems, but at least it is an ok sci-fi movie and those are few and far between.

  4. Hmm, it’s a tough call as I enjoyed them both. I think I might give the edge to Force Awakens though, as I found its lead characters to be more likeable/interesting. Jyn was completely dull and boring. I swear she had the same neutral expression on her face throughout the majority of the film. I really liked the supporting cast though, particularly the two asian guys, and K2 the droid. And honestly Rogue One didn’t really pick up until the latter half of the film, when they actually attempt to steal the plans, so yeah, I think Episode 7 takes it.

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