Is Weird the New Brilliant?

Entertainment is getting stranger, but it’s also getting more profound. Is there a connection between the strange and the inspired?

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    I thought we were getting Rocky and Bullwinkle

  2. I can’t wait to see Doug’s reaction to the singing fish toy.

  3. So you are doing the third Titanic Movie after all. A part of me should get after you for this, but I’m always a little happy when you decide to tackle a sequel you originally had no intention of doing. (And for those wondering, the other examples include Never Ending Story 3 and Care Bears Nutcracker, the latter of which was on his NC episodes he’d never do)

  4. There was a THIRD animated Titanic?!

    What does it have now? A breakdancing sloth with a ukulele?

  5. I am quite proud of Doug for finally acknowledging that My Little Pony is a good show if you actually take the time to give it a chance and look at what it’s trying to tell you. And, to be fair, all those other shows deserve the praise he gave them, too. BoJack Horseman, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, The Simpsons, South Park, and of course My Little Pony…even if some of them aren’t your cup of tea, it’s good that animated shows are trying harder to give us something more emotional and intelligent rather than…well, Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go, or other crap like that. I would say that being weird has ALWAYS been brilliant, in its own way. Just ask Weird Al Yankovic!

    • Screw you! Uncle Grandpa is awesome (keep talking crap about TTG though)

    • Hey! I like Uncle Grandpa! It’s weird and surreal, but it’s clever.

    • Try My Little Pony, can’t get into it. While not the worst show to watch with a little girl, is not a show I would watch by myself.

    • Sometimes it’s not the show itself we don’t like but rather the fans who worship it like crazy and try to shoehorn it into other peoples’ lives like a religion. By doing so it sort of ruins the experience OR chance we’ll ever give it a go.

      That’s the beef I have with the MLP franchise (among many others) and the fact it’s not something I’d enjoy even with a watch. I’ve seen reviewers get bored doing so. Like right now everyone’s gone mental with ‘Game of Thrones’. Good on you, but please don’t act like I’ve insulted your ancestors when I say I don’t watch TV.

      At all.

      • The Real Silverstar

        Yeah, it bugs me when I casually mention that I’m not into a particular show, then some hardcore fans come streaking out of the blue acting like they’re on a mission from the Cathode Gods to convert me into being a fan. Hey, *you* like this show, great, it’s just not *my* thing. Why is it so hard for people to just accept that not everyone has the same tastes?

        I especially hate it when folks hit you with this nugget: “Anyone who doesn’t like this show just doesn’t get it!” That is hands-down one of the most condescending epithets a person can throw at you. Most of the time when someone says, “You just don’t get it!”, what they’re really saying is, “Well, you’re just stupid. My mouse-like brain can’t register the idea that everyone doesn’t worship this show the way I do, so therefore anyone who doesn’t must somehow be tragically out of the loop or mentally deficient as a human being”. No, YOU don’t get it, jackass. I understand it fine, I just don’t *like* it!

      • The funny thing is that the show is so well know BECAUSE of the large male audience.

        I watched the show and after the first “WOW” that someone made a good MLP series i found it to be rather generic. I mean if you saw a cartoon in the 90’s you watched an episode of MLP. The very first episode after the two part intro was the “I have two tickets for a party but six friends! Who should i take?”.

        There is allot of cliched episodes as well as just down right insulting where it is almost implied that if you are not a pony you are the devil. Heck one of the side characters, Spike, is a dragon and his entire species is portrayed as barbaric and stupid and the only reason why he is good is because the perfect pony master race has raised him.

        • well, in recent seasons MLP has actually been rectifying the issue of the Ponies seeming like the only good race. We’ve now seen good dragons, as well as good members of other races too.

          I will agree, though, that there are some cliche episodes in there too. They like to retell classic stories with an MLP flavor quite often, but the series also has many great episodes. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than a lot of other stuff out there like Teen Titans Go!.

    • He never said it wasn’t a good show. He just said it isn’t his thing, and I doubt his opinion has changed on that.

    • He never said MLP was a bad show, he just wasn’t into it as everyone else was.
      That doesn’t stop him from saying it’s a good show though.

      Just look at me, I didn’t like the Godfather but I think that’s only because it was too well written. And by that I mean there’s something about it I’m not seeing but there’s something in it that everyone else does, and if everyone else see’s something I don’t then it HAS to be a good movie, just not the kind of good movie for me. But who am I to tell people it’s a bad film?

  6. So what is the point of this? Superficially weird/stupid media turning out to be surprisingly well written has been done since Ancient Sumeria.

    • Love all the sheep downvoting instead of addressing

      • I think a lot of the editorials don’t have a deeper point or great meaning to get at. Sometimes it’s just there to say “Hey, isn’t this an interesting trend?”
        Honestly, if he just wants to talk about stuff he likes, there’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of youtubers do just that. If that’s not what you watch the Nostalgia Critic for, fair enough, but it’s not a problem for people who just want to “hang out” with Doug for 10 minutes or so.

      • “Love all the sheep downvoting instead of addressing”

        Self important and condescending as always, eh JohnFaa?

  7. Is he purposely ignores rick and morty?

    • Rick and Morty has lately been on a decline though.

      • Wouldn’t say so. If anything, imo it’s by mile superior to any other western show I’ve seen and which has been mentioned so far.

      • Nah, it’s just between seasons. I wouldn’t call it a decline. What HAS been on a decline, though, is Adventure Time, let’s be honest.

        • +1 for Rick and Morty. It’s hard do “be on the decline” when you literally haven’t aired anything in almost a year(and IIRC won’t until summer 2017?).

          -1 for Adventure Time. The show, as Doug mentioned, started off as lighthearted weirdness and progressed into exploring deeper themes. At this point the evolution has continued into just exploring different things. I’m actually more excited to see where it goes next than wanting it to return to some mythic form that was whatever season people think was the best.

    • The Real Silverstar

      I wasn’t aware that Doug was contractually obligated to reference Rick and Morty. Silly me.

      Guess what: it’s his show. He can mention whatever he wants to mention.

      • Jeez, defensive much?

        Most of us are just thinking that it’s weird Doug hasn’t mentioned it because it’s the kinda show that’d totally be in his wheelhouse. He doesn’t have to talk about it, but we can’t really see why he hasn’t.

        • I’m wondering if he just hasn’t seen it yet, that could also explain him not mentioning it. I’d never even heard of it until last spring (thank you GF fan artists doing xover pics/comics on tumblr! :D), then finally watched it last summer, I’m definitely glad I did!

    • Actually, he’s aware of Rick And Morty and is watching it as a fan. He admitted this on his facebook.

    • He also didn’t mention Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall or Star Vs the Forces of Evil(mewnipendance day, that is all). Not every awesome-wierd modern show is gonna get mentioned.

  8. The Rocky and Bullwinkle review got scrapped? Like the War of the Worlds Old vs New?

  9. Yeah, the next movie is going to hurt.

  10. ah yes, the editorial everyone should have gotten last week instead of just a stupid “i’m sick” video that shouldn’t count as a Vessel exclusive.

    Anyway, this was a great video

    • The “I’m Sick” video was fully viewable on the same day for everyone. It wasn’t supposed to be a Vessel exclusive, it was just there as an announcement for why there wasn’t a new video for Vessel subscribers, and then posted again for anyone who didn’t watch it because it was in the spot the early access videos normally go.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Um, yeah, that stupid “I’m sick” video wasn’t a Vessel exclusive, and he made that video as a courtesy for his fans so they wouldn’t be scratching their collective wondering why there was no NC for that week. The man was sick for 3 weeks, he didn’t have to do that, but he did it out of respect for his audience. I’ve gotta say, some of the comments I’ve been reading here are some of the biggest examples of people acting like petulant, ungrateful 6-year-old Little Lord Fauntleroys with a false sense of entitlement that I’ve witnessed in recent years. Normally one would have to visit a day-care center to witness this level of immaturity.

      • the problem wasn’t that he got sick, that sucks, but keeping the editorial an exclusive instead of having it be viewable by everyone non vessel subscribing is lousy. nothing would have been lost, and the entire release schedule wouldn’t have had two empty weeks of no NC for non Vessel subscribers.

        But i’ll admit I did sound harsh so I apologize. It just felt like “why not have this viewable by everyone this once”

        • Actually, there would have been the same wait for a new episode regardless. It would either be two editorials in a row and then nothing the next week, or (what we got) an editorial, nothing, and then another editorial.

          The only way to avoid a blank spot in the schedule would be if the regular episode were available today for everyone. As in, no exclusive for Vessel subscribers. (If you don’t like the exclusivity, I may just agree on that point, but it’s a different issue)

          Remember, the subscribers already went through the same drought we got, it just happened for them earlier.

          • i think it is like, i get why he is doing Vessel, but to have the “im sick” video as the upload for last week for everyone including the vessel subscribers is underwhelming to say the least. Oh well, I don’t mind waiting. I’ll admit i got really salty and cynical even though i really do like this video. just felt off when the last week’s big upload was a video EVERYONE could see that wasn’t any big woop, and then go right back to exclusive videos….

        • The “I’m sick” video was able to viewed by everyone, though. It wasn’t a Vessel exclusive.

  11. Holy shit! Even in a video that in no way could possibly be about DC, he finds a way to make a DC sucks joke.

  12. The Cartoon Physicist

    Actually they’re yellow because Matt Groening wanted to mess with people and get them to change the colour on the TV.

    Anyway, awesome editorial. One of the most intriguing.

  13. Great Editorial as always Doug
    Also, finally acknowledging MLP, it’s a miracle.
    Also, it’s best you don’t look up the whole wage controversy about Sausage Party, it puts a huge damper on what was honestly a good movie.


    I’ve never watched that Horse show and I was never able to get into Adventure Time. I’ve seen a little bit of Steven Universe. FYI despite the gems looking and voiced by women aren’t they suppose to be gender because that’s how they’re able to get away with the LGBT stuff. Also I wonder if he’s seen Regular Show. That’s a terrifically funny show. I also wonder what NC thinks about the recent Disney shows Sofia the First, The Lion Guard & Elena of Avalor.

    • The recent Disney Junior cartoons aren’t all that weird. It’s just fairy tale princesses, pirates and talking animals. That’s pretty standard issue stuff for cartoons. Those shows are (arguably) entertaining (although I don’t care for Jake and the Never Land Pirates and I still haven’t seen Elena of Avalor or The Lion Guard), but none of those are weird enough to be singled out for their weirdness.

      Also, no love for Miles From Tomorrowland? I kind of like that show, myself.

    • Would seem so, but actual LGBT characters have been seen in Clarence and other CN shows, so the gems being a cop-out seems bizarre.

    • I’ve actually watched a lot of Disney Junior thanks to my nephew, and ironically, I enjoy them. The Lion Guard is epic.

  15. I’ll never forget the day I finally got my mom to understand that not all animation was Spongebob and Sailor Moon. After we sat down and watched Spirited Away she was like ‘oh, OK now I get it’. Since then I have gotten her into other animations. We even Netflixed (shut up spellcheck, that is TOTALLY a word) most of Death Note! We didn’t actually finish it though, mostly kuz L was our favorite character, so we started to check out after he died.

  16. I don’t think it’s because they’re weird so they’re brilliant, I think it’s more because they’re weird which gives them more creative space to do what they want, in shorter terms. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE TITANIC REVEIW! I’ve asked for that so many times. I guess the nagging worked.

    • I think it’s more that they aren’t so direct. Like when you see straight dramas that try to teach you things, you can’t help but find them preachy. Like they’re just telling you how to live your life, period.
      But when something starts a little distant from reality it allows us some room to think about the lesson and infer it for ourselves. Instead of some teary wife telling her husband “Your drinking is tearing the family apart!” We instead get characters with problems similar to ours. Maybe an addiction. They show us why they do it, but also why it might be bad. We can feel for ourselves if it was worth the trouble or not.
      We compare ourselves willingly in other words, instead of being forced to examine ourselves.

  17. I’m not sure about the part with MLP, my friend and I watched 3 seasons of it just to get what was so good about it and honestly we were bored by it, still can’t see what got men around my age into it this much. (plus grown men being this “fanatical”, let’s put it like that, about a girl show doesn’t feel right)
    I personally enjoyed District 9 though, but to each their own.

  18. Yeah I kinda agree, but when Lauren Faust left, I left as well. The series is not…degraded and just barely makes sense. Also, YOU’RE GOING TO REVIEW THE THIRD TITANIC ANIMATED MOVIE!? GOD WHY?! THIS IS SUICIDE!

    We finally get to see a review of Tentacolino

  20. So after watching this video I have to say…
    I haven’t watched ANY of the shows he discussed.
    Not Avatar, not Steven Universe, not Bojack, not Adventure Time… South Park I only ever watched three episodes, and MLP I only watched 5 at pressuring from a friend.
    Frankly, they just never interested me. And even AFTER I’m told all this stuff about how amazing and awesome they are… it still doesn’t interest me. Hell I barely heard about them until suddenly everyone said they were the best thing since sliced bread but never really got into why. People rarely ever mentioned the plots or anything about them, and what clips I saw never made me want to go out and watch it.
    Call me crazy, but maybe I also don’t watch them because they sometimes seem overhyped. I’m going to get flak for this, but EVERYONE kept telling me that Firefly was the greatest show ever. Eventually I finally watched the first episode (the one with the one guy playing with the dinosaur toys) and…. well it was alright, but it didn’t interest me enough to keep watching. A sentiment I share with MLP, which I watched at pressuring from a friend and came out with a similar opinion. This happening to me twice has just often left me looking at whatever show that people start screaming “Best Thing EVAHR” and just go…. “Really? I mean it doesn’t look BAD but… what I’ve seen hasn’t made me want to go out and watch.”
    I don’t know, maybe I’m just rambling or something. Just… kinda wanted to put those things out there. For some reason. I’m strange like that, I guess.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Never be ashamed to be you.

      I’m the same way with a lot of things; so-called “genre-busting” shows, like Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Avatar: TLA, are popular and have legions of devoted fans, but for whatever reason, they just never pulled me in. I was just kind of bored with all of them. MLP is OK, there are some things I like about it but I’ve never been a hardcore or fanatical fan of it, partially because I’m not a big fan of all-animal societies in fiction; I prefer it when there are humans and the animals are more or less actual animals. (I’ve never seen Bojack Horseman, so I can’t comment on that.)

      However, shows like Looney Tunes, Regular Show, Rocko’s Modern Life, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs (well, mainly just the Warners and Slappy shorts, and to a lesser extent Pinky & the Brain and the Goodfeathers; I’ve never much cared for the other segments) or Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse I can watch all day.

      I’m not saying that animated shows can’t be dramatic or melancholy or whatever, but those types of shows just aren’t my thing. Gimme a good, zany, fun show anytime. My favorite types of animated shows have always been the ones which embrace the big dopey silliness of cartoons and just run with it. Same deal with live-action shows like The Aquabats’ Super Show!. I loved that, and I haven’t seen most of the so-called critically acclaimed dramas like Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul; stuff like that just holds no interest to me, but to each his/her own. If everyone felt the same way about everything, then life would be boring because there’d be no variety.

  21. I’m really glad I finally started to watch Bojack Horseman.
    It just felt very mature, and I don’t mean because it has drinking, swearing, and sexual innuendos in it,
    I mean because it MENTALLY feels mature.

    Some people argue Sausage Party, Family Guy and South Park’s use of mature humor would ironically end up being Immature, but whether you like that style of humor or not we can all agree that Bojack Horseman is possibly one of the very few adult cartoons that deserves to be called “an adult cartoon”.

  22. I love Boojack Hourseman, personally is one of the best series exclusives Netflix has to offer, Dough, now you you will have to do a Vlog of Boojack

    • The Real Silverstar

      It’s Bojack, not Boojack, and Doug, not Dough. The man’s not the basic ingredient for bread and assorted baked goods. Also, no, he doesn’t. You want a vlog of Bojack Horseman episodes? Get a camera and start making ’em yourself.

  23. I’m surprised. An episode about great, thought provoking cartoons and we got My Little Pony, but not Rick and Morty.

    Sigh, I can’t wait for the next season…

    • Doug probably just hasn’t seen Rick and Morty yet. Heck, he’s like a year behind on Adventure Time after doing a long haul to catch up on it.

      He didn’t mention Moral Orel either and that’s like the epitome of what this editorial was about.

      Man only has so much time, can’t watch everything that comes out.

  24. I think I know what you should do for your next cartoon review session. It’s a seemingly simple show called RWBY from Rooster Teeth. The 4th volume is coming out this October.

    Volumes 1-3 have short episodes filled with action and represent the beginning arc to set up the world.

  25. WEIRD IS BEAUTIFUL., no matter what., whether it’s a tv show or movie that downright bizarre with zero plot or narrative., and I still would love it.,,.

  26. I believed is because weird allow us to dispense belief unlike realism which makes us question and expect harsh reality, because just like the matrix said people associate difficulty with reality rather then paradise. While you might not like the Matirx, the reason why it works is because it is just a flashy action movie, and while it does talk to dead about the concept and the character are okay at best, the world is legit interesting which is why audience loved the matrix. The rich lore it can have, and the possibility is intriguing which is why it works even though the character are pretty much replaceable (although to be fair the same can be said about Luke from Star Wars).

  27. No, weird isn’t the new brilliant. It just so happens that these works are written very well and then the people behind them decided that they want to give them some more identity by adding some fantastical elements to them.

    I also wouldn’t call Steven Universe to be a weird show.

    • I’d definitely call Steven Universe weird lol I really love the show and the characters, but imagine it as a summary if you knew nothing about the series:

      “The adventures of an unaging hybrid teenage boy who hangs around with 3 aliens who knew his mother who gave up her physical form to become him joins their rebellion army to help maintain peace on the planet earth. Watch as he learns and grows mentally from his experiences exploring mysterious temples and relics from the past, hoping to one day cure corrupted aliens and organic creatures with his magical healing saliva and helping to encase them in impervious magical bubbles until his true potential is realized.”

      If that isn’t weird, I don’t know what is. o_o That’s one of my favourite things about the series – it’s unapologetic in taking whatever route necessary to tell the story it wants to tell. And that’s something a lot of the series on that list have in common, they’re not confined to normal logic.

      Just food for thought!

      • Okay, first of all Steven does age. That’s pretty much what his one beard hair was meant to show. He’s just very short.

        Secondly: I grew up with (and still enjoy) stuff like slacker beavers (I still think Regular Show was inspired by Angry Beavers), cojoined cats and dogs, cats hunting cockroaches with disastrous results, psychic Orcs and kamikaze Goblins, Gauls beating the shit out of Romans, a Cowboy shooting faster than his shadow, sci-fi shoot’em’ups with fuzzy aliens and tiny robots and two different Duck characters by Disney being superheroes. One of them being Donald fighting H.R. Giger inspired alien ducks in a cyberpunk Duckburg aided by an AI, an android time cop from the future and an native American from an alternate timeline (yes, that was a thing and it’s currently being reprinted in English by IDW). Also, you wouldn’t believe the things that I’ve seen playing Spore… ’twas mostly dick though.

        Steven Universe, by direct comparison, is realistic, relatable and down to Earth and it’s logic is pretty realistic when it comes to things like releationships and stuff. It also makes sense internally so I can’t call it weird. If I couldn’t make sense of the shows basic concept, wich is a slice of life fantasy/coming of age story, then I’d call it weird.

        Basicly, there is much weirder stuff out there and I have an extremly high weirdness treshold.

  28. 8:25 – 8:51 You forgot to mention “The Cell”
    “Ask me what it means!! Ask me what it means!!!!”

  29. This makes sense on why I’ve been seeing “weird” shows. The only odd “weird” shows I like are Steven Universe and Avatar. Although, I don’t read too deep into this them. I just like good visuals. On “weird” movies, I like Kung Fu Panda and Pixar but I don’t read too deep into them. On books, I don’t read too much into deeper meanings. To be honest, I prefer not to look for deeper meanings. Also, for next week, OH MY GOD! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THAT DAY! MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE! ^.^

  30. As someone who just saw Sausage Party, I can say I’ll never look at food in the same way again. But of course my friend and I decided the only way to get over the shock was to go and eat something ASAP…as long as it didn’t have red filling or sauce. Also, yay, Doug finally acknowledged FiM! I did not see that one coming.

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