Is Weird the New Brilliant?

Entertainment is getting stranger, but it’s also getting more profound. Is there a connection between the strange and the inspired?

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  1. Finally BoJack getting some love. The first 6 episodes of “meh” are totally worth it.

  2. Bolack horseman is ass doug. calm down

  3. I think using surreal or fantasy imagery to discuss complicated issues that have a profound effect on people is a pretty old deal, as you mentioned in your reference to certain books.

    A book that retold the rise of Stalinism and the suffering of many people would be difficult for many people to read and digest but a book about a popular farm animal uprising turning into a brutal authoritarian regime? A reader will recognise the events but the unreality of anthropomorphic animals acting out politics would create the distance needed for the reader to look at the situation with fresh eyes.

    Animation has that freedom to create basically any imagery it wants but also needs if it wants to well, illustrate issues in a new and consumable way.

  4. A testament to just how good Steven Universe is: just SEEING the scene of Pearl weeping to her memories of Rose had me in tears again. It took a lot of brow beating by my friends to get me to watch that show because I wasn’t a huge fan of the designs and now I feel fucking stupid I waited so long.

    Also Pearl is best gem. THIS IS NOT OPEN TO DEBATE. lol

  5. Espresso con Panna

    Hope you’re feeling better, Doug.

  6. Your mods still suck, Doug. And your site sucks to have no appeal process or no unbiased admins to deal with bad mods. :\ please fix this problem.

  7. Wonderful
    Some of these are really great
    Never heard about the horse one

  8. What douse Wall-E means talk about it?

  9. Love Channel Awesome.

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