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The cinematic smash that scared millions. Is it as good as people say…or…at least better than the original?

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  2. seeing hyperfangirl with that gun… too soon, guys

    • To be fair, this video was recorded before the Vegas shooting, and was originally released as one of their theatrical events. I don’t think they intended to make any sort of commentary on the tragedy because when they were filming, there was nothing to comment on.

      • I wouldn’t say there is nothing to comment on. This is the first depiction of a theater shooting I have seen since the Colorado shooting in 2012. I wouldn’t say it’s too soon but I would say, it’s perhaps in poor taste.

    • That way you can kill all everything with critique about being “too soon”. Guns in the new Wolfenstein game with nazis in America? TOO SOOOOON. And why is it always TOO SOON from Americans? Why are there never French people who go “Too soon!” about, say, Assassin’s Creed after a few of their number have been culturally enriched again with knives? I’ll tell you why. Because they’re not little children.

  3. This is gonna be great saw the movie just last weekend with a couple of friends so my memory is still fresh.

    And he starts of by doing one of my favorit Batman TAS episodes just wunderbar!

  4. I hope Cartman is paying attention to the end of the review for the charity shoutout. The idea of the review is clever. Having the clowns from the two versions of It playing poker while bragging about which It is better to rip on one of the best Batman TAS episodes is pure genius.

  5. Well, really bad timing for the intro there

  6. Uh, Doug… you know a lot of people actually are afraid of clowns, right?! You even brought it up yourself that no one would trust the new Pennywise.

  7. Alberto Maupome Polanco

    Nice “Who’s on First” routine…

  8. … I think the clown was supposed to be scary and funny.
    As for the kids splitting up at the end… One kid broke his arm and was taken away by his mother. And you can’t really fight against It unless you have as many people as possible. Plus, there’d been multiple times in the film where they were trying to get away from It, enjoying summer vacation, pretending nothing is wrong in the slightest. Even if Bev was able to skewer his head, I couldn’t really say it’s impossible to understand why they decided to split up like they did.

  9. I was waiting for that Fucking Dance to Come up… You can’t talk about The new “It” Without bringing up something That even Tim Curry’s Version Would think “That is too much EVEN FOR ME!!!”

  10. I think for future reviews you should stop bringing up people’s race…and casting them by race. Idk at this point you always mention color and I cringe

    • Spoken like a true white girl.

      • I’m Asian, but thanks for playing

        • Lol, first rule of the PC world (Politicly Correct), you cannot talk, infer, mention, imitate or discuss any topic both direct or indirectly involving race or else you are a racist and/or you are a white middle/upper class elitist.

          Unhappy with overcrowding with your region/country where there are too many people living in one location causing loss of jobs and/or more people on the dole? Well your a racist because i’m sure you said black in between every line, and no you are not allowed to talk about your worries cause your a racist.

          Fed up of people being labelled and judged based on their ethnicity rather than actual skill sets, well you must be white and addon other labels on how horrible you are and how much you deserve to die.

          This behaviour is becoming naive in how people auto-judge and label everything. Half the time people aren’t being racist or discriminative, they are just told they are because it’s wrong to talk about anything that could be misinterpreted as racist, so better to shut up. It’s like that Frank advert about drugs with the slogan ‘it is not illegal to talk about drugs.’

          Sorry Tallfi

    • It’s sadly still a relevant issue, so I think he should keep mentioning it, we shouldn’t get the chance to forget racism’s role in movies until it no longer has one.

    • As long as Hollywood keeps casting characters and actors by their race, it’s fair game Doug (or anyone else, for that matter) to mention it. I’d love to reach a point where race is irrelevant, but unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

  11. What kid played with paper sailboats in the 80’s?

  12. There are Blu Ray discs in the 80s?
    But seriously, that dancing sequence in the movie was absurd, and it made me understand a little why these two girls next to me were laughing all throughout the screening.

  13. “I think it will thrill you. It may shock you. It might even horrify you. So if any of you feel that you do not care to subject your nerves to such a strain, now is your chance to, uh… Well, we’ve warned you.”

  14. After all this time, I finally found the Channel Awesome studio using nothing but exterior shots from the reviews. One plumbing truck in the background was the break I was looking for ! ( Yes I know I could have just used Google all these years, but that would be no fun )

  15. I freaking loved the movie. There are flaws of course. These are just my thoughts. I loved the video and agree on some points. The thing with the leper, is that it’s not just supposed to be scary for us but for the character as well. We see his fear and we understand even when we’re not scared. Not everything in a horror film is about scaring us, but to see what also scares the characters themselves to sympathize with them. Like the balloons in the miniseries. They’re not trying to make it scary for us, but to show how scary it is for the Loser’s Club especially when it represents their trauma when they’re older and It’s presence. Finding balloons out of nowhere when you think you’re alone can be unsettling. Also the weird dance at the end by Pennywise is more to unsettle Bev as It is desperate to instill fear in her now that they’re fearing him less. Though the weird slow motion scenes, no one going to the hospital, and other things I do agree were bothersome. Loved the reveal of Doug being the Joker. Didn’t like the dig to Schumacher since what happened in 95 and 97 was out of his control, everyone should be more aware of that.

  16. 30 seconds in and I regret not being able to go to the live showing

  17. Pretty good review, pretty good film.

  18. “It’s” version of “Who’s on First”, Thank you, just Thank you!!!

  19. I thought he’d bring up that Bev left her father for dead (or mortally wounded) and it was never referenced again. That way she has a perfectly valid reason to get the hell out of dodge when they split up in the end. Still a good movie, even if Pennywise did come off as more of an effect than a character

  20. Huh, the chick playing Richie was actually pretty cute.

  21. HA the joke it’s on the cemetery opening, because there is ONE (or 2) GOOD transformers movies, and it’s of course the animated movies, suck it that!!

  22. Is Rob the miniseries Pennywise?

  23. Clipless, huh?

    For once, I’ll watch, but just because I actually know what the fuck you are reviewing beforehand.

  24. Somebody edit the “meme me” music over the actual pennywise clip.

  25. “Somehow this seems self-defeating”

    I see what you did there.

  26. There’s a small detail that I appreciated in the mini series over the film- In the film Bill is all smiley while making the boat for Georgie and it plays off like “I would love to come sail this with you, but too bad I’m sick” sort of vibe. In the mini series Georgie is clearly bugging a sick Bill and Bill makes the boat as much to get him off his back as it was a gift. That initial “piss off” attitude is something as an older sibling myself can relate to, where I remember being a kid and needing some peace and quiet for whatever reason only to have a younger sibling want to play or what not. Movie Bill was a bit over the top “good big brother” which really took me out of it for a minute. Maybe they wanted to make sure that Bill came off likeable in the movie, but because I could relate to the mini Series Bill more from the big brother aspect (which is an essential part of the character), I really feel for him more as he’s mourning Georgie’s death

  27. “The Simpsons After Season 6” tombstone.

    Oh, how humble. Also, first time I see someone disliking season 6, 7 and 8.

    • Don’t start that mess again. At this point, Doug is probably making that just because people like you bitched about it so much the last time. Just like with the anti-Pokemon jokes, if he’s trolling you, don’t take the bait. Just accept that not everyone shares your views regarding The Simpsons and move on.

  28. Angryatthecritic666

    I’m not gonna lie, this review kinda sucked, he seemed to be mostly dumping on it and misinterpreting certain scenes, I liked the ending though

  29. I loved the opening scene anyway, but loved it even more when my friend said this about It:

    Pennywise is very much in the “cosmic horror” vein of monsters. Very supernatural in ability and its reason for doing things (and how it loses power/influence). Part of why it is called ‘It’, the thing is just so far detached from what us mere mortals can sanely consider. Its influence is sprinkled lovingly throughout the town of Derry, like the background tv sounds in the apartment which start talking about ‘playing in the sewers’ and how ‘the sewers are a fun place”.

    So…this is a cosmic horror monster that resides in one place (Derry), feeds on fear when it is “freshest” (children seeing Pennywise for the first time), but lets enough kids live to become adults and make more children. However, these adults grow up scarred and warped, but would never know why all the flaws they would have otherwise are amped up (6 times the national murder rate for adults, bullies that reach 11 on the 1-to-10 scale, more abusive parents).

    This creatures knows its prey, and watching Georgie’s scene, probably the best one for me, I did think, “What kid would get near that thing?”

    Well. The influence of It is pervasive. It’s everywhere. Maybe Georgie is seeing something different than the audience, something more calm and hypnotic. But the audience is seeing a form that just woke up and is about to take its first kill.

    What I loved was how intently Pennywise watched Georgie, and as the kid started laughing and asking questions, it started drooling. When Georgie got a bad feeling, Pennywise almost choked on its drool and had to try again with what the kid was originally looking for, only waiting until it got close enough to attack.

    The entire movie takes on an abstract sense when you consider how the TVs always played in the background talking about the sewers, or the radio said strange things. No one living in Derry would have any idea what was “wrong” with them, but they are “not normal” and they never see the same things as the audience.

    Makes me want to look into more cosmic horror movies.

  30. So am I the only one who, when the Critic said he knew who would be able to say which was the definitive version of IT and was tearing off his face…

    …was expecting The Dom to show up to do one of his Adaptation Reviews?

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